Dearest Little Z at 4 years and 1 month

Hello Little Z!

Well, you’re properly now 4 years old and both getting used to it. I think you’d rather still be 3 though and you keep regularly remind us of how you don’t want to be 4, you want to be 3! I think it may take another month or so to fully get used to the idea.

We’re back into the swing of routine and preschool and what a difference a year makes. I remember this time last year you’d just been potty trained and you’d just started preschool. You would bawl regularly every time I left you and I carried about a big daily dose of mother guilt. The keyworkers would assure me that you had a lot of fun but it took me a bit of time to stop pressing my face up against the windows of the doors. I’d also dread them telling me you’d peed your pants even though they were all solidly immune to it.

A whole year on and you will wave me off and join your little gang of friends happily and talk the ears off pretty much all the keyworkers. I do still have a teeny tiny paranoia about you wetting your pants but that’s because you’d rather challenge yourself to the very last minute as playing is much more fun.

You are full of conversation and stories now and entertain us regularly with a lot of your wise words. You took a big shine to my hire car this month and there was a lot of disappointed waving bye to it when we dropped it off. I have to say I was pretty glad to get my own car back.

We’ve all felt a tiny bit of the January blues and we did our best to cheer up from it so we’ve now booked for a nice sunny break in a few months. You were very excited about sitting on a plane till you realised we weren’t leaving that very second for our flight. You eventually got bored asking when we were leaving and I think you may have forgotten about it. It’s our fault really, we shouldn’t have mentioned it so soon so I’m secretly glad the non stop questioning has stopped. In your words …”Phew! That’s was closer!”

It’s only January and it already feels like we have the year half planned out. There are going to be more new baby cuddles and at least a couple of weddings. I just need to try fit into my dresses. I am happy to say I have now started eat fruit again. It was touch and go there for a little bit during the entirety of December but we waded on through all the cakes and chocolates. We just need to make sure we have a lot of mid week fun trips too. After all, this is the year you’ll be starting SCHOOL!! Let’s not mention that for a few months at least ey? For now we’ll carry on enjoying such trips as the cinema, with mandatory humongous popcorn.

So, until next time. Mmmwah!!


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Things Little Z Says – The Campervan edition

Its been far too long since I’ve done one of these. The long winter days plus the big Christmas break has meant we have been treated to some extra long conversations and wisdom from our now 4 year old. Its been mostly very funny and we usually still fail very miserably at trying to be subtle at laughing very discreetly. We have never used cushions as much as we do these days to hide behind. So here are some of them that I’ve plucked out of the fog that was the Christmas and New Year period….

On sitting in my courtesy car (A somewhat slow Honda Jazz)…
Little Z: Mummy I like your campervan!
Me: Thank you little Z
Little Z: I don’t like your Golf. Can we keep the campervan?
Me: Umm. Maybe.

On realising the Honda Jazz takes a bit of time to get going…

Little Z: Mummy is the campervan slow?
Me: Yes very very slow. Shall we keep the Golf now?
Little Z: No I like the campervan.

On doing the need-to-wee-right-now dance whilst holding his crotch
Hubby: We need to get him out of this constant crotch holding dance
Little Z: Crotch! Crotch! Crotch! Crotch!…. (repeat ad infinitum)

At the petrol station:
Little Z: I need to get Naani a present.
Me: What shall we get?
Little Z: Apple Fruit! (Starburst)
Later to Naani: Naani – I brought you a present. Can I have some?

When “Why” can’t be left out of a conversation:

Little Z: Can I watch CBeebies?
Me: Yep ok!
Little Z: Why?
Me: Huh? Why what?
Little Z: Why I watch CBeebies?
Me: Beeeecause you want to?
Little Z: Ok!

On visiting the new very nice dessert place near us…
Little Z to his uncle: “Shall we go to the Chick stop?”
Uncle looking a bit alarmed: “Where?!”
Me: “Choc stop!”
Uncle “OH! Yes ummm…yes!”

When trying to get quotes on holidays from the Travel Agent:
Little Z trying to talk to Travel Agent: Can I sit on a plane? Mummy tell him can I sit on a plane?
Me: Shhhhhhhhh!!
Little Z: Tell him, can I sit on a plane? Can I sit on a plane, a plane??
Travel Agent: Do you want to call me back?
Me: Yes.

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Parties and Procrastinating

I always say I hate winter. I really really dislike the short days and long nights and how it is just so cold and dreary ALL the time. For about 4 whole months. I usually start my whinging about October time when the clocks go back and will start to ease up on it around end of January when it starts to stay lighter for longer. Then Little Z came along bang in the middle of December and things changed a whole lot. I still do whinge a lot about the dark dark nights but I do love launching myself into party organising for most of December. I think up amazing themes and never do anything about it. But I DO do a very excellent pass the parcel and kids party games and then invite the whole family around (consisting of about 30ish!) around…err…at my mums. My place is never big enough.


If I’m honest I just love everyone meeting and catching up and his birthday is the perfect reason for everyone to get together, talk too loud and way too much and be more than a bit silly. This year was no different and everyone shared their stories (and winter bugs), ate lots and joined in with all games with some very crap prizes. Little Z was over the moon when he won a set of dress up moustaches and wasn’t too fussed about winning anything else for the entire evening. It was the Other Half that pointed out later how he looked a like the Lorax. Everyone else showed a bit too much joy at winning One Direction random tat, including mugs and masks. I didn’t mean to buy so much but they do seem to be everywhere right now in the shops!

Other than partying we had a humongous clear out of Little Z’s toys and clothes which all went to various charities and refuges. There was a twinge of sadness in departing with his millions of little bits. It was very short lived though as his birthday presents have filled up the house again with another generation of millions of bits. Those bloomin minions do NOT shut up! Argggh!


There was also a LOT of procrastinating. I think we did a whole week of it. I can’t be sure as I’m not really clear what day was what and what we actually did. I do recollect random things…like when it felt like we were watching Lord of the rings for most of the day. And the time it felt like we were watching Frozen for most of the day. We definitely left the house to go watch the Penguins of Madagascar and I may have laughed a bit too hard at some not that funny parts. It was definitely less than the OAP couple next to me though who were at risk of wetting themselves from laughing really really hard at pretty much everything. Good movie, worth a watch!

Then there was the various nice drives we went on and the random photos I took of the views. And the tea time at Bettys in Harrogate which was lovely. And the time when Little Z learned the word “crotch” and used it all weekend with a lot of enthusiasm. And the point where we agreed its time to book a holiday.


It was definitely a very good couple of weeks and although I couldn’t tell you what else happened I can tell you it was very nice to have some very slow days filled with nothing and lots and lots. So I still hate winter with its dark nights and short days. But I do love December!


Things I’d Love To Do in 2015

Happy New Year everyone!!

It feels like the longest break ever. Two weeks have somehow whizzed by and it was filled with many late nights, many lie ins, a LOT of food and many family outings and parties. It was pretty fantastic not quite knowing or caring what day it was and I believe I broke my own record one day by “tasting” ample portions of apple pie, jam roly poly, brownies and trifle in the space of about 5 hours. I found I didn’t just fall off the healthy eating wagon. I somersaulted off it in spectacular fashion and landed smugly on my now expanding backside. I need to remember what fruit looks like and actually eat some. I promise to start from Monday.

I fully intended to write a “my best posts in 2014″ but my fingers just couldn’t type anything on account of being otherwise occupied with gluttonous desserts. But as we’re now almost of the verge of routine again (and WOW do we need some in our house), I find myself thinking of all the things I would love to do in 2015. I definitely won’t do it all but its excellent to dream and half the fun is in planning it anyway isn’t it? SO here goes…all the things I’d love to do in 2015.

1. Go to Cadburys world. I’ve never been but my Twitter timeline keeps taunting me with pictures of people visiting it. I need to go and eat and smell chocolate. I don’t even like that much chocolate. I’m much more a crisps person.

2. Find a crisp factory tour. Do they have those?? Imagine going on a big tour of a crisp place and eating freshly fried ready salted crisps? Yumm!

3. Teach Little Z how to read. He will be starting school this year and knows his alphabet phonetically and a very small handful of words but isn’t quite there yet. This time last year we potty trained and it was sobbingly painful. (Mainly for me!). Reading will be much more fun I hope and I can’t wait for him to be able to read his favourite stories out loud.

4. Get Little Z into the school of our first choice. ARRRRGHHH He is GOING TO SCHOOL THIS YEAR!!!! How did this happen?? I am really really hoping his best friend is going to the same school. I need to pin his mum down when I see her at the preschool gates. And then maybe beg her to send him there if he isn’t already going.

5. See the Northern Lights. This is my current holiday obsession. I have watched several, or maybe more…definitely less than 30…videos of it on YouTube and it looks absolutely amazing. Imagine driving to the top of some Icelandic or Norwegian family friendly mountain after sunset, in silence, all huddled up in our very warm gear, watching the stunning lights dance across the night sky turning all manners of colours. I want to gooo! I haven’t quite found a family friendly holiday though.

6. Go to Mauritius. In the event of the Northern Lights not happening I think I might like a bit of nice fun for a week and fly across that way instead. Nice chill out interspersed with visits to botanical gardens and the beach of 7 colours. Lovely.

7. Discover more of Yorkshire. We live on the cusp of the yorkshire dales and it took me until 2 years ago to start exploring it properly. I now love just driving through on a weekend and finding new little towns and pretty villages. We definitely need to do this more this year!

8. Find a new work / life routine. With Z starting school it means we need to re-think all the drop offs and pick ups. And it’ll be like this for the next 10 YEARS! Arrrrghh!!!

9. Cut out fizzy drinks to a complete minimum. I was pretty good this year and cut down from a can a day to a glass a week. Then December happened and I had an epic relapse and may as well have attached a Pepsi IV to myself for 3 solid weeks.

10. Drive around Scotland. It is beautiful and I need to take a big road trip around it taking a million photos with my big camera. I’m thinking Stirling and Glasgow might be good stops. Maybe we need to go back to Edinburgh too though. Hmmmm.

11. Not go mental over PlayDoh getting everywhere. Twitch twitch.

12. Do more stuff like this…


13. Put laundry away properly as soon as its dry. And not create a massive mountain of clothes on the spare room bed. 2 days into 2015 this is going excellently.

14. Squeeze in lots of fun trips with Little Z between my work and his preschool. Because he’s starting SCHOOOOOL in September and then he’ll be in education till he’s at least 16. SIXTEEN!!!

15. Go to Knowsley Safari Park. I think the last time I went I was about 10 years old. I can’t even remember what it was like other than they had one of those big curly slides that was a lot of fun.

16. Do more of this…


17. Have lots of random family outings. We learnt how to just jump in the car and go for Sunday drives in 2014 and even a drive with the most boring view is fun when you have a four year old giving you a running commentary.

18. Cook a bit more. I tend to run to the restaurant that makes my favourite thing to eat. This year I need to learn to make an excellent pie, chocolate bread and butter pudding and beef rendang at the very least.

19. More exercise.

20. Do a mini break in Europe somewhere. Maybe Amsterdam…or Rome… or Spain or…Florence.

21. Find more treats like this…


22. Record more of what Little Z says.

23. Blog for the love of it.

24. Learn to iron properly. Pahahaa. I’m just kidding.

Unsurprisingly a lot of them revolve around jetting off on some holiday or other or some epic road trip. But one can dream! :)

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