Pregnancy Diary – Week 27. Getting to grips with gestational diabetes

Pregnancy Diary Week 27

This week has been a bit of a struggle when it comes to learning and trying to control gestational diabetes which I now officially have. It feels very much trial and error right now and its a bit of a crafty thing. You can have a few days where you think you have pretty much clocked it and know what is keeping it under control. Then out of the blue your blood sugars yo-yo and you haven’t done anything different. I DID learn that normal jam is pretty bad though, which is fairly obvious really but as I’d managed to get away with it a previous time I thought it would be ok. I’ve been surrounded by Type 2 diabetes my whole life as I have lots of family members that have had it for years but suddenly finding myself with it I’ve realised how little I paid attention to what I should and shouldn’t be doing.

The funny thing is that at the start of my pregnancy the consultants wanted to monitor me a lot because they were concerned I was having a tiny baby. They are now concerned that any high blood sugar levels may result in a much bigger baby and hence want to keep monitoring me. I’ve been taught how to test myself 4 times a day and keep a diary of it all and the course of treatment may change along the way to keep it all under control. So far, it’ll just be diet controlled. I will then be scanned regularly and, of course, with that comes even more juggling.

A fellow lovely blogger sent me this on gestational diabetes and it’s a good read for anyone learning about it. I am really hoping this is a temporary thing and will magically disappear once the baby comes along.

Little Z has been extremely helpful and very interested in all things to do with my little magic looking machine. He even knows how to assemble it all and watched with great interest as the specialist showed me how to use all the gear. What a wonderful thing the NHS is. I was presented with a huge bag of items to keep me going for a while and a repeat prescription for when I would need to stock up.


The silver lining in all of these appointments is listening to the baby almost weekly. The friendly midwife explained to Little Z what she was doing and he looked slightly confused, as our baby is indeed coming from a shop and he knows its not quite ready. He sat and watched as a microphone looking gadget traced my belly until the heartbeat was found. He looked completely shocked and in awe when he was told that was the baby. Then asked if he could have a baby brother when the midwife asked him what kind of sibling he would like. I can’t wait to take him to the scan next week where he will see the baby for the first time.

I’ve also had a huge panic this week around not being ready for the new baby and the Other Half got the brunt of it down the phone when I shrieked we needed countless trips to buy things! Lots of things!! Even though I didn’t quite know what. We just need THINGS! I definitely need to pull things down from the attic very soon to see what we actually have and what we really need. Then we need to buy. Things! II did eventually calm down after having a bit of a lightbulb moment. I could buy a few “emergency” ultra cute newborn items. Just enough for the hospital trip and first few days. That way I am prepared and I have a bit more time. It’s a perfect solution if you think about it and surely the baby should have a nice new outfit for the first couple of weeks? So I’ve finally started perusing and love these little sleepsuits from Mothercare.


I forgot how very cute it all is and how much of a baby trance you can be pulled into. I will probably have to be dragged out of there once I actually make it into the shop.

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Pregnancy Diary – 15 weeks

The first trimester, second time around

The little big surprise

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Pregnancy Diary – Week 26

  This week I had the dreaded glucose tolerance test and I forgot how looooong and boring the whole thing is.  I was contemplating taking Little Z with me but so glad I didn’t now.  He would have been bouncing off the walls after the first hour.  I was pretty tempted to do the same after the second hour.  I think I was ready for a nap but the third and was glad to be out of there by the fourth.  Unfortunately I got a phone call the very next day from a nurse telling me my sugar levels are way too high and that I urgently need to go back in a few days.  I was so surprised, as it was fine in my last pregnancy, I forgot to ask if there’s anything I should do in the meantime.   So I’ve been reading up on gestational diabetes and apparently it can be common and can disappear once the baby is born.   Of course it may hang around for good and, with Type 2 diabetes in the family, it’s something I may be at higher risk from.   So for now I am banned from sweets and naughty sugary things.   It could also mean even more scans.  And more juggling of everything.

The baby seems very happy otherwise, continuing to party the night away and kicking all over the place.  It’s following the same pattern Little Z did and I think that means I tend to give birth to night owls that don’t like to sleep.  Uh oh.   

I am still on the worlds longest nesting marathon.  I have made so much space I probably won’t know what to do with it all but I am really really looking forward to a trip to IKEA soon to buy all manners of storage.  Its my most favourite thing to look at right now.  Under bed storage,  baskets, vacuum pack bags, pretty rectangle boxes, pretty hat boxes, bliss!   If anyone has any ideas on how to make the most of the space in a couple of tall boy style cupboards then please let me know.  That is my current quandary!  Once that’s done I’m starting on the kitchen cupboards.  

Apparently around now is the time pregnant ladies start getting a bit anxious about the future and that’s pretty spot on for me.   When Little Z came along life was full of wonderful things to look forward to.  A new baby to us meant nothing but excitement and cuteness was to follow.  First time parenting is pretty magical and delusional all at once and I think there is no ignorance like it.  You have no idea what’s about to hit you (with all the force of a speeding train) and you simply skip into it joyfully.  Until you find yourself bang in the midst of it sobbing from the sleepless nights.   At the same time the mental and emotional change is overwhelming.  You love this little thing more than anything and anyone else in the entire world.  They pip your other half, your friends, your siblings, your parents, everyone, to the post and instantly become the absolute most important thing in your life. The mother tiger instinct takes over and you would think nothing of scratching someone’s eyeballs out if they hurt your child.   You protect and cocoon them every step of the way and they are your precious.   Eventually you get used to letting this piece of your heart go exploring the world without you.  

So how on earth do you love another baby just as much?   Surely there is a favourite, right?  The history and bonding with your first born.  Can that be replicated all over again? Is it magical and all embracing, overwhelming. Or do you kind of just slot them in and do your best, trying to balance both and be fair between them?   Of course you love them as they’re a part of you but I can’t really get my head around it just yet. Two pieces of you going walkies around the world, just as precious as each other? Or does it just happen and you just have to change your emotional mindset all over again?  Pregnancy insomnia has a lot to answer for, all that thinking time!  For now, I am hoping for a bolt of lightning to just take over when the time comes.   

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Pre-School Parents Evening, What a Difference a Year Makes – Loud and Proud

It was Little Zs Pre-school parents evening this week and I was secretly very excited to see “The File”. Its a big file that the keyworker puts together throughout the year, journalling all their little and big milestones and you can eventually take it away and keep. It’s assessed against the curriculum set for pre-schoolers. It’s slightly baffling to think that children aged 3 and 4 now adhere to a curriculum too and I wasn’t too bothered about that bit of it, I just wanted to read about all the things he has been up to, even though I get told each time we visit.

The file was a brilliant read. It stepped through each month showing such an interesting journey, some of which I’d totally forgotten about. It recorded things like the first time he’d plucked up the courage to ask for bubbles to the first time he found his own little group of friends to the times when he started narrating along to stories and all the countless times he has declared he was a superhero. 


 He has gone from saying he plays with “children” to having proper friends, his first real friends that are not his cousins and knowing things about their life and families. As well as sometimes disclosing a bit too much about them as little kids tend to do. All of his little gang are going to different schools and we keep reminding him of this in the gentlest way possible. He’s now accepted it, I think and hopefully that hole will be filled very quickly with new friends.


He has grown so much over the last couple of years and I love that he is a late leaver. That extra time in pre-school has helped him build up his confidence and he has really fallen in love with pretty much all his keyworkers who are genuinely caring and seem to possess the patience of about 10 saints each. I was sat on one of those teeny tiny kiddie chairs as a handful of children were screaming at probably the highest pitch known to humankind, non-stop. I kept glancing over hoping they would calm down for a few minutes before my ears fell off. Little Z’s keyworker was SO un-phased by it all, including anytime a little one threw their arms around her for an impromptu hug. I want to be THAT woman. Patient and completely un-ratty. I really think keyworkers could rule the world with their skills and calmness and just zen-like aura. They have eyes in the back of their head and are so hard working, juggling looking after children to doing daily and weekly reports on each of them. I’m not sure what they do when they have a day they’re not feeling very energetic. I’m guessing they can’t sink into their chairs and just check email.


As I flicked through his file I could see he’s gone from the shy clingy little toddler that would clutch onto my leg sobbing to the confident boy that now waves me off and goes to find some friends to play with. The little boy who has gone from standing on the side lines to joining in whole heartedly in a game of football and one who will practice his skills at home all on his own. For alot of the skills assessed he is in his age range or a tiny bit higher. For his letter writing he is in the “age 4″ bracket indicating he’s ever so slightly behind the curve, possibly. It is still a challenge to get him to sit down and practice his letters and numbers so that is our summer mission so that he has the best start into reception class and its all a bit less daunting for him.

There is a part of me that worries about how he’ll be when he starts school and having our parents induction almost straight after his pre-school parents evening made the whole day slightly overwhelming. The school is brilliant in its structure and his teacher was so bubbly I am sure Little Z will love her. She is due to visit us at home very soon and I’m hoping that first meeting will be the best first step for him into the next chapter of his life. That chapter has come round way too quickly but I’m very grateful I got a bonus year with him. He seems mostly ready for the big school world and I think we will need to make the most of the next 12 weeks before our next adventure starts.

If you’d like to link up to Loud n Proud then grab the badge and enter your link into the linky below. The link will stay open till Sunday night so you have plenty of time. It would be lovely if you could visit one or two of the others too! Then come back next week when your friendly host for the week will be Suzanne from 3 children and It.

Not My Year Off

Pregnancy Diary – Week 24 and 25

  I was very very pleased to read the words “your baby is now viable” this week in all the baby apps.  It means if the baby does arrive a lot earlier than expected then it has a much greater chance of survival.  It feels like such a milestone.   I’ve definitely not been wishing this pregnancy away but I’ve been waiting to reach this point as a sort of reassurance.  

With the last pregnancy I’m pretty sure I had already bought a million and one things and set his room all up in neutral colours.   It was bloody expensive but so so exciting.  This baby is going to be very much fly by the seat of my pants baby.   In the nicest way possible. I was determined last time that I had to be completely 100% organised and I think I bought every baby related “helpful” item known to man thinking I wouldn’t be able to get out easily.   It was my sister in law at the time that pointed out that I wasn’t going to prison and that I could, post baby, buy other things if I wanted to.   I didn’t hear her though.  And just carried on buying.  Ahh how times change.   This time I am still obsesed with nesting.  Next stop will be to deep clean every single kitchen cupboard.  

My back and joints have mostly been behaving over the last fortnight but I’ve found I’ve become much slower.  The bump has had a few growth spurts and we have affectionately nicknamed it “the beachball” because of the way I’m carrying, all out front.  I think I need to adjust my centre of gravity now and remember not to knock into things.  I pretty much just shuffle about and whilst it’s fine I can’t do long work journeys to London anymore.  I was gutted to turn down a Jack the Ripper tour but  I guess it’s probably not the best tour to do whilst almost 6 months pregnant.   

By sheer luck I’ve had a change of midwife and she is absolutely lovely.  I resigned myself to seeing someone who always came across like she’d been eaten down by life and didn’t really want to be there.  As it was all blood pressure and heart beat listening in the early weeks I didn’t mind too much and accepted she was never really going to be overly enthusiastic.  Suddenly having a different, energetic midwife has come as a pleasant surprise.  She’s learnt my whole history including the IVF episodes and it gave me chance to recall that whole period and talk about my wonderful consultant yet again calling him the best doctor we ever had.  She piped up at the end, eyes lit up, “I know him! I’m going to tell him that”.   Err oops.   

I have the dreaded glucose tolerance test very soon and the next few weeks will be filled with more scans to monitor the baby’s growth.  I now know I very much slipped through the net last time.  Not that I cared.  My baby furniture matching got me through and it was a happy pregnancy because of it.   This time,  with countless Little Z new school meetings all thrown into the mix I know we’re all going to be collectively running around right down to the wire.   Right now, the emotion of him starting big school is a lot more overwhelming than a new baby arriving.  As is the thought of juggling two.  So for now I am not thinking about it.  

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Things that 4 year olds do (and don’t do!)


Little Z is now 4 and and a half and I think this has been our most interesting and challenging year yet in parenting.  I thought it would be very much like the 3s, and in a way it is, but wow, the amount of talking and questions have increased about threefold.  As have his little antics.  I always think we now know what his personality is like and he usually surprises us with yet another layer or angle to his character and I think I’ve now realised that this is just something that’ll keep happening.  Maybe right into his 30s and beyond.   

At the moment his inquisitiveness can be both hilarious, and exhausting all at once.  Questions come like a quick fire round, as do his offered of help.  The other day, through sheer distraction from all his observations I accidentally shut the car door on my own foot.  Needless to say there was some screaming and a lot of wincing in pain.  Luckily, a few wiggles of my toes confirmed it wasn’t broken.  It did throb for a while though and I had visions of adding this little injury to all the pregnancy ailments I have building up. 
4 year olds are rather interesting though and through all the challenges they do provide some very good entertainment sometimes.  

So these are all the the things I’ve learned 4 year olds do (and don’t do!):

1.  They’ll potter into your bed in the middle of the night courtesy of the light from their night lamp.  Then politely ask Daddy if he could stop breathing because it’s far too loud and disturbing his sleep.

2.   Again, politely, they will ask if you could “budge up” in bed.  4 year olds obviously need all the space in a double bed for their octopus limbs which they’ll keep slapping you with all night long in their sleep.  

3.  Ask you 57 questions in 10 seconds flat and expect answers RIGHT NOW!  If the answer doesn’t suit they’ll just keep repeating it until you give in and tell them what they want to hear.  They should employ 4 year olds to break down spies.   

4. As an alternative method of crushing anyone’s steely demeanour, they will follow up each of your replies and ask “why? Why? Why? But why?” .  Until you break and give them the two ice creams they’ve been fishing for since about 6am.

5.  They will ask if you need help with unwrapping your birthday presents / blowing out your candles and helpfully unwrap / blow them out at lightning speed before you’ve opened your mouth to reply.  

6.  On the other hand, they’ll be “really tired” when it comes to tidy up time and ask if you “can help me? Please? Please? Please?”.   Complete with big innocent puppy dog eyes.

7.  Same with pulling their pants up once they’ve been to the loo.  “Please will you help me pull my pants up?  Please?” .  Sigh. 

8.  Bizarrely you will hear how they are a complete little angel at preschool and how they’ve got yet another sticker for helping out his keyworker.

9.  You suspect  they are a little in love with their keyworker and your suspicions are confirmed when they say she is beautiful.  You then spend an hour asking what they think of you.  They eventually relent and call you beautiful too.  Good boy.

10.  They charge you up to £50 for an imaginary ice cream from their imaginary shop.  And then charge it on both of your toy credit cards.  Daylight robbery. 

11.  They present you with their Daddy’s Ps4 game, point to the age limit on it and announce “I’m 7 now. Can I play this?” .  Yeah, that would be no.  Nice try.  

12.  Tell you they are very hungry.  But only for marshmallows.

13.  Ask if you’re enjoying your marshmallow and offer to finish it for you.

14.  Ask the baby bump if they had a nice day.

15.  Insist on having Cheerios.  Then ignore them completely and eat all your breakfast all your breakfast instead.

15.  Ask you when the shop will be sending the new baby.  Then look at you suspiciously when you give them a pretty vague “a few more weeks, it’s not quite ready yet”.

16.  Laugh hysterically when you accidentally shut the car door on your own foot. 

5 awesome inventions every parent would love for a child starting school

Over the last week we’ve had Little Z’s new school pack through and letters with invitations for different open days. There are days for him to visit with me, days for him to visit without me, days for parents only, days to buy his uniform. It’s all slightly overwhelming and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about him starting the huge world of primary school.

In some ways he is SO ready to go. He loves meeting new people his age and thinks absolutely everyone in the world is his friend. On the other hand there are some things he still hasn’t quite mastered and I worry whether he will be ok for an entire day. After all, preschool is only a half day session where they pretty much play and laugh for a good few hours before they are all whisked away by their mummies and daddies again. I know deep down he’ll be fine but its not stopped me from pondering how it might be.  So what if there were some new little gadgets in place just to help them settle in a bit more easily and help us parents worry a bit less about how they’re getting on in their day.

These are just some of the awesome inventions I think every parent would love for their child starting school:

1) Shirts with velcro on them
Z can’t quite do buttons yet. Well, he can if you count trying to rip off his shirt Superman style. He yanks his pyjama top buttons with such vigour that they’re loose enough for him to undo now. Obviously that wouldn’t look very presentable on a school shirt. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if, in place of buttons, there was a strip of velcro down the middle? Then they could happily rip them off and happily stick it all back in place again.  That sounds slightly chippendale, I know. But imagine the time reduced in kids dressing themselves after PE. Genius!

2) The Read and Write Magic Pencil.
I was completely in love with this pencil when I was little.  I wanted that pencil! The way it always described how to write a letter, the way the light lit up at the end and the way it just floated in mid air, completely by magic. This was about 30 years ago . Surely they should have invented this pencil by now for kids of this generation. It would definitely get Little Z to sit down a bit more and practice his letters.

3) Tiny people bidets
How perfect would it be to have these little things next to the cute little people loos to keep their little bottoms nice and clean? No more worrying about teaching your child accurate bathroom etiquette or worry about any accidental poo incidents. Every bottom would be sparkly clean and everyone would be happy. Obviously things could go slightly wrong if they got the bidet confused with a loo but, err, hopefully this wouldn’t happen too frequently.

4) A little device reminding them to actually go to the loo.
Our 4 year old still thinks going to the loo in a timely manner is a waste of time. He prefers to hold it to the last few seconds and then do the frantic wee dance. I have great suspicions about whether he’s ever been in preschool or whether he prefers to just hold it in like a little camel at every session.  I’m sure its the latter. A little device just repeating “Do you need to wee?” every couple of hours would be perfect. 

5) A similar device to remind them to finish their lunch.
Little Z will get distracted on a daily by anything and everything when his lunch is put in front of him. It can take him over an hour to eat it all and there will be various excuses about how he no longer likes it or that his tummy is full complete with a show of his belly as he pulls his top up to prove it. I do wonder if the stern dinner ladies of my day still exist. The ones everyone were terrified of and the ones who wouldn’t let you have pudding until you’d finished everything on your plate. I would settle for that over an ever repeating device squawking “eat it all up now”.
I’m sure I’ll think of more things to worry about over the next 3 months along with some super duper invention to fix it but for now I better put in all the millions of calendar appointments into my phone, along with his leavers party, his parents evening, his summer fayre and his next fancy dress. One thing is for certain though, his social life is about a hundred times better than mine right now!

(For actual tips I would check out Stressy Mummy’s post Starting school – A parents guide. Its got some really good tips for worried parents.  

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