Beautiful Baby Bits and Bobs

I had Little Z over 4 years ago now and I just can’t believe how much baby gadgets and gizmos have changed in such a short space of time. There is so many advanced little gadgets and gizmos out there, some aiming to make life easier and some just simply beautiful, complimenting the even more beautiful baby. Then there are the swishy dresses. I love swishy dresses. Ones that skim a growing bump but aren’t clingy tight are my favourite. And the little baby outfits. Oh so cute! I am going to have a serious problem resisting in this department I think.

With Little Z I wanted everything to be matching and new and pristine and organised. This time we have been given a lot of things by family and friends already and I’ve gratefully accepted them. We have definitely treated ourselves with some lovely things too but there is just so much out there and we definitely have no intention of buying multiple types of the same thing. So this post is not really about anything in particular, its just a little “Oooh look isn’t it lovely” type of post.

The Baby Jogger Summit x 3 Stroller
We definitely don’t need a new buggy. We opted for a Quinny first time round and hardly used it as we drive to most places and never had to do a school run before. It’s in pretty pristine condition and we’ll probably use it just as infrequently. If I WAS a mum that was to use a buggy daily though I’d definitely get a Baby Jogger Summit x3. You can collapse it ONE HANDED. How cool is that. It looks so slick and so compact once folded, like it would be all nice and very neat in your boot and still leave space for something else.

The Jumperoo
This is one my most favourite baby toys ever. EVER! Little Z loved it from about 6 months to over a year old. It takes up a bit of space but its fantastic. It entertains little ones forever and you find that as they use it through the entirety of the teething phase, all the toys get a good covering of permanent saliva. They smile like through it like little committed soldiers though and both mummy and baby can have some happy time.


The SnuzPod
I debated a while between this and the Chicco Next2Me. I love the idea of having a crib attached to the bed. Still safe and separate but providing the connection and closeness without sharing a bed. I never trusted myself with Little Z until he was about 9 months old. So a whole few weeks of comparing the two commenced. One is slightly bigger, one is completely beautiful, one is more portable than the other, one is slightly more expensive. Eventually I decided we are getting this one. Its so pretty and hopefully it connects to our bed.


Monsoon Dresses
I am always slightly fussy when it comes to dresses. I don’t like anything too clingy as it makes me really really hot and I love swishiness. I believe that is a fashion term. Surprisingly I’ve found Monsoon Dresses are very roomy as a lot have pleats at the front and belts so provide plenty of space for bump to grow without the material looking like its going to split. I’ve just gone one size up and it still fits fine because the cut is so flowy. (Obviously you need to try them on in the store!) This is my new favourite. It fits like a glove. And is lovely and swishy. Oh the swish!


Penguin All-In-One
This isn’t something I would ever buy as I’m much more of a sucker for little hoods with ears on them but I think this would top Little Z’s list. It looks so so cute and cuddly. Possibly slightly too warm for summer but then we’re not really having a summer are we? Ideal for anyone that absolutely adores penguins.


Tan Knitted Cardigan
Ahhhhh ears. So cute. And all coloured in Tan so would work for a little baby boy or girl.

Brown Cardigan

BMW Ultimate Sleeping Machine
I got very very excited when this video came out. A cot that gently simulates the motions of a car, gently rocking a baby to sleep. Designed with utter sophistication. Clean cuts, simple but classic timeless design. How perfect. It took me a bit of time to realise it was an April Fools joke by BMW. The Ultimate sleeping machine does not exist. But it should! It would probably become one of BMWs best sellers. Please BMW. Make this for all sleep deprived parents up and down the country. And world!

The Sliding Scale


Popping into hospital the other day for a check on the baby bump turned into a little unexpected adventure that I really wasn’t expecting this week. As these checks usually last about twenty minutes I thought nothing of taking Little Z with me as he loves it so much. There is the “cinema” in the waiting room where he happily watches all the baby and pram adverts on repeat whilst munching on some snack or other. He then watches in fascination as my blood pressure is taken and various gadgets are turned on to let us listen to the baby. He has a very strong love of both technology and anything that involves checking patients over.

This particular check quickly involved a bit of intense commotion followed by some surprise jabs and them telling me I wasn’t going home that night as I would need a sliding scale. A what? Having watched one too many movies the first thing that came to me was how it would make a good title to a summer blockbuster.

It turns out a sliding scale is a long slow drip of insulin administered to diabetics after certain situations. They start it off at a certain level and reduce it through the course of it whilst your body regulates itself to the latest changes. The doctor explained that the jab they had given to me would result in knocking out my sugar levels for a while and the insulin drip would help to regulate it all. The only thing was that it would be a 12 hour process; meaning I wasn’t going anywhere that night. On top of that, I would need a second jab in the morning and then another 24 hour drip. And my bloods would have to be monitored hourly. Through the night. On the hour. Every hour. Oh dear.

So started a blur of 36 hours of a slow insulin drip and learning to wheel my drip around like some bad trolley from Tescos. I discovered it takes until the second night to start becoming grumpy and slightly delirious with no sleep but it only takes half a night, I would say around 4am, to lose your temper and shout over to the girl on the next bed who has been on the phone to her friends and relatives ALL night long . She eventually put her phone down and spent the next day snoring away. I did warm to her after night 2 when she had her baby but sadly I didn’t get to see what her baby looked like. In fact, I probably couldn’t pick her out of a line up either.

The midwives and doctors were amazing and I really don’t know how they keep going hour after hour, patient after patient, task after task with all the compassion that they do. It really does take a special type of person and I was very lucky to have a rota of extremely nice ones that kept me laughing through all the countless wake ups. At one point I was told I was their least serious patient but the one that needed the most monitoring. I was half tempted to offer my blood to them through the night for my hourly checks on the understanding they didn’t wake me up. I was’t brave enough to suggest it, but I bet people have in the past. It’s a reasonable offer, right?

Apparently, once the baby is born I will need another sliding scale, depending on what drugs are used. As complicated as gestational diabetes seems to be, I am assured it will go once the baby arrives so here is still hoping.

So this weekend seemed like a very good time to actually pack my hospital bag and stick it in the boot. In all the washing I found Little Z’s 2010 outfit. One of his very first outfits. Sadly I haven’t found a 2015 equivalent yet but the hunt goes on!

(Week 4 of Project 52)

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We’re huge fans of wooden toys and the Wooden Toy Shack is a site you will love to browse and shop from if you love them too. In our house and we must have a gazillion wooden things around the house that have lasted us forever. Little Z’s most favourite is his train track set. I secretly love that one too. Each time we set out building a whole track it’s never the same twice. We then play a game of “catch the car”, it’s slightly strange as I then go chasing his car with my train. It works though and he’s always in fits of laughter.

Recently, one of his new favourite games is to be the shopkeeper and sell me a whole bunch of wooden fruit plus other bits ad pieces. I have to wait whilst he calls out on his intercom for more milk though and then, for the joy of waiting, he swipes all my credit cards twice. So its not that cheap. My alternative though is to buy a very expensive ice cream from him. He used to charge me £20 but that’s now fallen in price a bit.

Delicious fruits for your little ones shop!

Ice Crean

Very nice looking ice cream

The wooden toy shack website is a lovely little journey of discovery. If you’re stuck for what to buy you can browse by category or by age. I particularly like the age search as I’m always struggling to find presents for nieces and nephews. My car mad boy means my mind needs to be expanded on a regularly basis when buying for others. Another little plus point is the next day delivery which is great if you’re always a last minute shopper.

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  I absolutely love family celebrations and Eid is always slightly crazy.  With four big families, 14 children between them, spouses of those children and children of those children it is busy to say the least and gets pretty loud.
The newest gorgeous little addition at just a few weeks old has settled in very nicely and snoozed through most of the day and happily accepted cuddles for the rest.  

It hit me how we will hopefully be in the same position in about 10 weeks time and the sleepless nights will commence.  Of course this time I am owed a sleeper.  One that will sleep as soon as I bring the baby back from hospital, preferably for about 10 to 12 hours straight.  Little Z didn’t really sleep at all till he hit about 11 months.  He’d get up at least twice for months and months and love a feed or a cuddle.  I had no idea how to break the cycle and lucky for me he did finally sleep through around his first birthday.  I know now a lot of it was a comfort thing but I didn’t have the courage at the time.  So we went on with the sleepless for what felt like forever.  So this time I am OWED a good sleeper.  That’s how it works.  Right? 

Little Z was in awe of the tiny bundle and I think he loved hovering around admiring without trying to touch.  At one point he was most concerned and asked who his mummy was.  I think he secretly wanted to take the balloon baby home more than the real baby.  The balloon baby preferred his new home with the real life new baby.

Of course there was a crazy amount of delicious food, namely biryani followed by cakes, biscuits and gateux.  I was extremely good and only had sporadic bites.  Little Z took it upon himself to devour anything sweet he could get his hands on and then acted like sonic the hedgehog, bouncing off the walls, for the remainder of the evening.

There was a promising amount of flagging just as he was about to get into the car to go home.   He received a sudden second burst of extremely excitable energy as his Aunty presented him with his latest remote controlled car.   We were treated to a lot of happy shrieking until he abruptly ran out of energy and went from ultra shouty to completely asleep within a 30 second period. 

And then we got to do it all again the following day with the inlaws.  Minus shrieking and any more new babies. 
(Week 3 of Project 52)

End of year crazy times (Loud n Proud)

This is the first time we’ve had an insanely crazy few weeks around this time of year.   It’s usually just work being hectic and I watch from the outside as other parents tend to rush about from one year ending school event to another, trying to juggle both work commitments with parental commitments.  

This year, the schedule of commitments just kind of exploded all over the place.  There was sports day, which was just as cute as last year.  Then there was parents evening at preschool, parents evening at new school, end of year party outside, summer fayre, water party, end of year party inside, stay and play session, teacher home visit, and drop off session.  HOW does a four year old have such a fantastic social life?  I would go onto say his keyworkers must be exhausted but after two years of seeing them in non-stop action I suspect they are amazing robots.  Kind of like Mercury man from Terminator 2; completely unstoppable.   Obviously the complete opposite of the violent thing portrayed in the movie.  Else that would just be bad. 

And then just to make sure I lost my mind a bit more there was hospital appointments for baby growth scans, consultant appointments, diabetes appointments, GP visits and midwife appointments. 

Oh and then normal work in between it all!

Throw in the mad obsession to get myself “organised” and it’s no wonder I was almost a screeching hormonal banshee by the end of it.   I *may* have fully embraced the banshee-ness at one point but I did return from it.  Eventually. 

So this week I am pretty proud of the fact that I haven’t gone totally insane.  At least I think I haven’t gone insane and hopefully I haven’t just made myself deaf from all the screeching.

Despite it all there has been more than a few golden moments.  Sports day is always one of my favourites.  Last year we had sports day which was just so cute, watching all the little kiddies running about and having a tonne of fun doing everything but running towards the finishing line.  This year it was just as cute but I could see a huge difference in Little Z.  Last year he ran about the cricket pitch in random circles loving every second of it.  This year he looked so focused and ran straight towards the finishing line and back again to tag his partner, and the concentration went on in every race.  They won some and they lost some but he was so good.   It’s true a year makes such a difference.  And they learn such an immense amount simply through playing.  I am going to miss pre-school a lot.  I think keyworkers could rule the world. 


Its your turn to link up! All you need to do is grab the badge and link up a post of any proud moment, whether it be old or new! It would be lovely if you could visit a couple of others too. Come back next week when Suzanne from 3 children and It will be hosting.

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Pregnancy Diary – Week 29

Pregnancy Week29

I can’t really believe I’ve nearly hit the 30 week mark of this pregnancy.  I think I’m actually 30 weeks at the time of writing. I have no idea why I keep forgetting and the only way I am really remembering is when the midwife or consultant calculates it on their chart.   This last week and a half has felt slightly strange as I’ve had no consultant or hospital appointments, only a straight forward midwife one and it was a fairly boring one which makes a nice change.   I have however learnt how to order a repeat prescription for the very first time ever.   I was almost tempted to whisper the question to the receptionist so no one heard me.  I went through the whole spiel of explaining I had gestational diabetes and then was surprised I had to wait 48 hours to collect the prescription for my huge batch of test strips and needles.  Which is pretty logical really when you think about it but means I have to fit in yet another visit to somewhere in the juggle that has become this pregnant life.  I have become an excellent stabber though.  Gone are the days where I bleed all over myself. It’s now discreetly done within a few seconds and the results noted down quickly.   It’s still an arse, to say the least, but I am hoping I can remain diet controlled and not have to take any tablets for it.  That’s my one incentive not to pop a marshmallow in my mouth, as much as I want to! 

The baby is doing well and is kicking regularly.  It’s very similar to Little Z where it’s wide awake at night but it seems to be the only time I get some quiet moments to actually listen and pay attention to movements properly.  I’ve also made a baby list, at long last!  I just need to go out and buy it now and organise it all.  We definitely need a crib and car seat which are pretty crucial really.  Who know things would change so much in just 5 years.  There are so many options out there.  I think I love the idea of having a crib that attaches to the bed so think that is definitely going to have to factor into our choice.  

I am getting a lot slower and more shuffly now which I guess is understandable.  I find myself doing lots in the day then feeling the effects of it in the evening.  I know I do need to start thinking about putting my feet up a bit more but I just need to finish a tiny bit more organising. With my wonderful storage.  And maybe put a couple more shelves up. Which would give me so much more space.  And then clear out one more cupboard, possibly.   I did buy these wonderful things this week.  I really am not into floral things whatsoever but they were so pretty I just had to.   I am considering getting another box.  So I have a nice neat 8.  Because that’s normal, right?

Let's Talk Mommy

Missing Cakes. Learning more about gestational diabetes

I’ve now been official diabetic (of the gestational variety) for 3 weeks now and I’m really starting to miss cakes.  It doesn’t really help its Ramadan and coming from a massive family and friends circle of bakers we are being given desserts like the delicious looking cupcakes above, very bery regularly.

I’m not sure I ever realised the different challenges the different types of diabetes brings.  Having some people in the family with Type 2 I’ve always known the basics; glucose levels must be within a certain range and it can be controlled by diet, tablets or insulin.   Type 1 is a lot more difficult and has its own challenges, peaks and troughs and it’s a much longer journey to master. 

What I’ve learnt about gestational diabetes in the last few weeks is that the thresholds are slightly stricter as the baby is taking nutrients from you.  So blood test monitoring has to be done before food and an hour after food, first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  I have 5 daily ones to do and it’s fair to say its still very much trial and error.  What can work fine food wise one day doesn’t always the next and some days a “bad” breakfast can set up the whole day to be annoyingly high.

I’ve learnt keeping portions small and filling up with “good” snacks works much better than 3 big meals.  It does mean I am consuming pretty basic food and I feel a bit sorry for this baby getting mundane tastes as a result whilst Z was treated to gourmet feasts around the clock.   But then the alternative is to throw total caution to the wind and eat whatever the hell I like. Thats not an option when it’s likely to make the baby suffer so we go on with the boring good foods for a little while longer.   

The advice from other sufferers has been a bit of a lifeline.  Hearing about the journey of others and their tips has really helped shaped my new diet and whilst you really do have to remember that everyone is different, you sometimes discover something else you can add to your safe foods list. 

I’ve learnt most fruits are actually ok as long as you don’t go overboard.  I went overboard with watermelon this week. Must definitely not do that again.  Carbs can tip you over the edge, especially when you’re trying to guesstimate how much your shop bought lunch weighs just by looking at it.   I didn’t appreciate the strong connection of carbs with diabetes.   Surprisingly, chips, pasta and rice seem to be ok for me.  Bread is the killer. Which means toast is on ration. 

I’ve discovered over the last couple of weeks that my glucose tolerance is much better in the evening and I can even have ONE glorious bite of cake.   So I continue to plug the husband with treats and gratefully accept all the cupcakes that come through our door.  I’m also mentally making a list of all the foods that I’m going to consume once the baby has arrived and I’m tested postnatally.  I may possibly dive head first into a whole freezer of chocolate feast ice lollies.  

(Week 2 of Project 52)

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