Delicious cakes I would love to eat!

Have you ever watched 27 dresses? You know the one, where Katherine Heigl is a serial bridesmaid and never the bride. Do you remember the last scene where she has 27 bridesmaids all in their different outfits looking on as the bride gets married? Very sweet ending and such a feel good movie. I watch it every time its on.

Now imagine a bunch of people you know with excellent cooking and baking abilities, all queued up waiting to deliver some delicious cake. Today my consultant insisted my diabetes would disappear once the baby was born. I asked 3 times in different ways. And she laughed and nodded, emphatically. Wow. This means I will be able to cake again. And soon. Which sparked off this a chain reaction of all the cakes and pies I’ve recently wanted to try over the last year but just couldn’t touch. The husband could sense my eyes widen with a million thoughts all at once and interjected with “yeah but take it easy”. And of course, I will. I am allowed a bit of a careful sugar fest though, right? And obviously I wouldn’t eat them all at once. I’d store them all in the appropriate fashion to keep me going through those early sleep deprived weeks. Cake is actually an important baby support tool through the early stages and some even claim it is much needed to keep energy levels up during breast feeding.

So, without further ado, these are all the delicious cakes I would love to eat. Oh and the odd pie and fridge bar too. Because, why not? I’ve linked to each of their recipes if you fancy making them..and bringing me some.

Delicious cakes I’d love to eat #1: Strawberry and Elderflower cream cake stack

Jenny is one of my absolute favourite cake bloggers who I’ve known for a good few years and her posts always always make me lament the fact she lives so far away. It was really hard for me to pick just the one cake and I have no qualms whatsoever about her bringing me more than one. Or five. But I eventually settled for this one on account of my love of cream in any cake and my love for strawberries. Plus it looks huge!

Delicious cakes I’d love to eat #2: Chocolate Caramel Fridge Bars

I’m not a big massive chocolate fan but I do love a good digestive, and caramel in anything is divine. Put them together in a fridge bar and the result is a mouthwatering fridge bar just like this. The recipe is simple but looks like it works so perfectly. Throw in the adorable little assistant cook thats helping out in this post and I think I’d have the perfect time munching away on these whilst discussing the importance of protective hats.

Delicious cakes I’d love to eat #3: Chocolate mud and caramel Easter cake

Easter Cake_2
I know this mentions “Easter” in it but look at that caramel oozing out of the chocolate layers and the topping of crunchy chocolate mini eggs. It’s definitely what I would call an “all year round” type of cake. Such a decadent looking dessert and would be absolutely delicious warmed up slightly I bet so you could dig in with a spoon. It’s not one I could finish in one sitting no matter how hard I tried but looks like a chocoholics dream! Michelle also has a very nice looking black forest gateau on her site which really should be checked out.

Delicious cakes I’d love to eat #4: Devilish chocolate brownies


There is nothing nicer than a chewy chocolate brownie with a nice cup of tea. It’s my go to cake and they’re usually so easy to make too. These are no different and if you read the ingredients in the recipe they’re not too devilish. They do look absolutely lovely though and look like a good cake to try with a little one. Charly also has a much healthier courgette version on her blog too if you’re looking for an angelic alternative.

Delicious cakes I’d love to eat #5: Oreo and caramel cheescake

Oreo and caramel cheesecake

I’m a massive fan of cheescake but I really really dislike coulis on top of it. It seems to be such a popular combination but I end up scraping it all off to one side. I do. however, love Oreo on top of cheesecake. I think the two go together so so well and it makes the perfect combination. So this one made by The Boy and Me would suit me perfectly. A whole (cheats) cheesecake, with a generous mix of oreo and caramel combined into the mix. Perfectly lovely.

Delicious cakes I’d love to eat #6: Dark chocolate cupcakes with almond chocolate buttercream frosting


When you have a queue of bakers bringing you cake then cupcakes must absolutely feature in that collection. And these are rather delicious looking. Jenny has a collection of both healthy and scrumptious looking recipes on her blog and this is one of them. I think it was just the buttercream frosting that won me over completely. How nice do they look?

Delicious cake crumble I’d love to eat #7: Sugar, gluten, dairy free apple crumble

Ok, I know this is not cake but I love apple crumble and this is a very healthy looking recipe that I couldn’t not include. It uses maple syrup in it and I haven’t been brave enough to try it yet but I am going to, and drown it in hot custard. It’s one my best comfort desserts of all time and something I never tire of. I haven’t had it for about a year now so its definitely something I want to try very soon.

Delicious cakes I’d love to eat #8: Lemon Curd swiss roll
Lemon curd swiss roll
I have to admit I got slightly trapped on Helen’s site. I just kept clicking through cake post after cake post and not being able to decide which was my favourite. She is a fantastic baker (and cook!) and her site has some very very nice recipes on it. After much deliberating I finally decided this is my all time favourite from her site. A lemon curd swiss roll cleverly patterned with little lemons all over. I reckon I could eat at least half, if not all, in one sitting.

And I should probably stop there for now. Some amazing cakes from amazing bakers. Any more than 8 would probably send me into some kind of sugar shock but they are glorious aren’t they? If you do have an amazing cake post or recipe then do please feel free to bring me some. Or just send me the link so I can have a good ogle at it.

Leaving work and starting another year off


With my first pregnancy I was so excited to be leaving work for a year.  I’d worked for 9 years straight out of uni and I was in a role at work that needed a lot of commitment.  I loved it to bits but I felt I was ready for a break.  An entire year off work with a cute little baby to raise.  I had never had either before.  It was going to be fantastic.  I was going to go for countless coffee and cake mornings, meet friends and maybe even take up an evening class in photography or baking.  Things I loved but never get very good at.

I remember walking out of the office on the last day with a slightly surreal feeling.  My bump told me it was real but 12 months off work didn’t quite register.   I would come back and just pick up where I left off.

How I miss that blissful ignorance this time round.  Apparently I will be much calmer and confident this time round and the sheer fact that we STILL have bits to get, a crib to build and possibly the car seat to swap with another one.  It’ll come together in the end I’m sure so I’m not worried about that bit.   This time I know a year is a long time.  I won’t necessarily pick up where I left off at work which means I won’t necessarily see the same colleagues again.  That bit feels a bit final.  Although the nature of these places dictates these things and something else will come along to fill that hole.  It’s something you get used to in that kind of industry. 

I know the sleepless nights are coming but I am hoping my semi permanent insomnia post Little Z has armed me, at least a little bit,with a steely shield of round the clock alertness.  And a teeny tiny deluded part of me is still hoping the baby sleeps through straight away.  I could be like those smug mums who brag about it every chance they get and and who are obviously lying.   They are. 

Aren’t they?

It does feel amazingly good to finally put the work laptop away for a bit, as much as I’ll miss it.  It’s one more big step to meeting the new baby and give us some much needed slow days to just potter about.

And of course there are plenty of people to sympathise, usually with something like…

“I wish I was having a year off work!”

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One month to go – The last month of pregnancy


Today it’s exactly one month to my due date. Well, technically speaking anyway. I’m not quite sure how we’ve already arrived at this point already.  It’s definitely been a very very different pregnancy from my first and has felt very slow and long at times.  Having only a bite of cake has to be the most acute pain but one that has a worhy outcome for both myself and the baby.  For now I take photos of them and know one bite won’t take me over the edge of my sugar levels.

The aches and pains have been different and I’ve felt more than my age a lot of times.   I move about slowly and my car is my little life saver, keeping me very much mobile and out and about.  I’ve finished nesting and am worryingly glancing at the Other Half every so often as I’m sure he seems to have started with his own version of it.  On the other hand, I could just sneak jobs onto his list.  

Yet, somehow, it’s flown by in the blink of an eye and here we are, almost at the end.   Ready to have a baby that surprised us all.  

A couple of weeks ago I saw my very lovely and dedicated consultant team.  There’s always 3 of them in the room.  Pouring over the detail of both my hospital notes and all of my diabetic information.   I was a bit nervous about that particular meeting.  It was the one where I had to tell them my decision.  Would I be opting for a natural birth or a c-section?

I’ve been back and forth a lot of times but the little scare a few weeks ago made my decision for me.  It was like watching Zs stats all over again. The same symptoms, same signs, same actions being proposed, same risks.   Saying the words out loud were the simplest things I’d ever done in the end.  I was ready to explain why in a lot of detail.  But no real detail was needed. The consultant asked my reason, simply nodded, understanding why I was choosing what I was, read both sets of history, and wrote down the words “C-Section”.  

It means the due date is now ever so slightly volatile but will be at least semi set in stone over the coming week.    Over the next few weeks I’ll then leave work for a whole year, try to pack in more fun activities for Little Z and hopefully wave him off at the school gates for his very first week at school, provided I’m not having the new baby that week.

So this one month to go is going to be very unlike my first pregnancy.  I’m pretty sure I just slept through that one and watched repeats of Friends and Gilmore Girls.  This one month to go will involve as many lie ins as Little Z will allow, countless cinema, cafe and park trips, lots of stuffing our faces with popcorn and all manners of snacks, and generally cramming in fun, just the two of us.   And of course, lots of cheeky naps as I’ll need them. 

Before life changes all over again. 

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Very Hot Petra and Very Cool Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Patches


In my first pregnancy I latched onto the fact that walking was very very good through the whole thing; excellent gentle exercise to keep fit and healthy through the nine month period. I was having a good pregnancy to the point where we went on a very adventurous trip to Egypt and Jordan. We saw and crossed the red sea, visited Aqaba, the long valley of Moses (Wadi Musa) down to the ancient city of Petra. We’d arrived just before the very hot midday sun but I didn’t mind. It was a place I’d wanted to see forever and the long walk in the heat was worth it. I was 5 and a half months pregnant at the time and it didn’t bother me.



This time round my pregnancy has been a whole different ball game. I’m carrying completely differently, all up front, and back aches started pretty early on. I will happily stand like the stereotypical pregnant woman and rub my own back, and look for the closest place to sit down. When SPD hit at the 14 week mark it meant my joints ached like I’d not experienced before and I stopped any sort of walking or gentle exercise overnight. I’m still very much as mobile as I want to be but with the aid of my car. It’s been a complete saviour for getting me about but long days with drives to drop Little Z off, go to work, pick little Z up, come home and juggle everything else means I feel pretty stiff and achey by the end of the day and lower back pain gradually feels awful by the time evening comes round, with the worst of the pain being in my lower back and down the right side of my back. I’ve never quite figured out why the latter happens but I am imagining my posture may not be the best when driving.

I was curious about reviewing Deep Freeze patches to see if they made any difference. I am more a hot water bottle person and aches to me say get some heat on it. So I was slightly hesitant to now be trialing something that gives off the complete type of effect.

Deep Freeze 2

What are Deep Freeze patches?

The Deep Freeze patches aim to give pain relief and a cooling therapy. They are recommended for sprains, strains, and minor sports injuries. They can also be used during pregnancy and on tired and sore muscles. They come in packs of 4 in a resealable pouch.

They have a menthol smell to them and I was surprised to find exactly how cold they are to the skin right from first contact. Each patch has a removable film which allows it to then stick to the desired area of pain and you can feel the effect immediately; a very very cooling sensation. Once I got over the couple of seconds of cold shock I could feel the tense area relax and the pain ease over the next 30 minutes. The menthol adds to the relief and the patch lasts about 3 hours. I took it off after a couple of hours and the Other Half stuck it on one of his every dodgy ankles and was very impressed. Being an avid (aka, absolute fanatic) footballer he is very sporting one injury or another and he is frequently placing some kind of ice pack on his limbs. You find that you can still feel the cooling menthol sensation 3 hours later.

I would completely recommend this to anyone who is suffering from lower back pain or a strained kind of pain anywhere on your back. I’ve found these have really helped me relax a lot more and has taken away some of the pain I am regularly feeling in these last stages of pregnancy.

(Note: If you are pregnant or diabetic then you will need to consult with your doctor before use).

I’m working with BritMums and Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Patch, writing about pregnancy and muscular back pain. I was provided Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Patch and have been compensated for my time. All editorial and opinions are my own. Visit Deep Freeze muscular back pain in pregnancy for more information.

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How to have a second pregnancy

How to have a second pregnancy

With my first pregnancy I was extremely lucky and got through it like a breeze. I’m not sure if age had something to do with as it was almost 5 years ago now. So I think the fact that I’m slightly older and just a tiny bit more grumpy seems to have made a lot of difference this time round. I know they DO say every pregnancy is different and WOW has it been different. After careful observation of just the one individual (Me), this is how to have a second pregnancy.

1. Start looking visibly pregnant by about week 6 and wonder how that already happened when the baby must be about the size of a kidney bean.
How does this happen? Its as if your body thinks “Ah yeah, I remember what to do from last time” and BOOM, everything pops out instantly. When I finally officially told work one person said “yeah I guessed weeks ago”. Oh, ERRR. Ok.

2. Look longingly at any surface, comfortable or not, and get very tempted to put your head down for a nap as you feel SO exhausted.
My desk at work looked very very inviting each morning even after my daily ginger ale can and banana.

3. Throw up each morning with your 4 year old standing 2 inches from your face observing and happily imitating you.
I totally and very smugly escaped any kind of morning sickness in my first pregnancy. I stupidly assumed it would be the same the second time round. It wasn’t and each morning my stomach would get a hard painful workout. Luckily mine stopped at the 12 week mark. I really do have a lot of sympathy for those that have to endure it well into their 3rd trimester.

4. Accesorise and smile to hide the very tired, sleepy feeling whilst you try to get to the 12 week mark before announcing the pregnancy to people.

I'm not sleepy...

5. Reach the second trimester and start craving absolutely everything. Eat things larger than your head. Or at least try to.
I think there was a 8 week period where we pretty much tried every single nice restaurant within a 35 mile radius. I spent all my weekends feeling nicely stuffed, then come home and feel peckish about an hour later.


6. Crave sugary, fizzy and carb rich foods.
I did love this period, it was glorious whilst it lasted and I think I indulged in my pregnancy cravings to the max!

7. Have the shutters come down pretty hard on your sugar fest at your glucose tolerance test.
Getting told you have gestational diabetes and that you have to restrict what you eat and when you eat is pretty hard when you’re pregnant and hungry around the clock. I think its fair to say its been a bit of a rollercoaster with a huge amount of trial and error.  


8. Realise how much sugar was actually being consumed.
I think if I had been cut open I would bleed out a sugary treacle type of blood. EVERYTHING has a massive amount of sugar in it, whether it needs it or not. For all the restrictions my skin looks a million times better and it feels a bit like being on one very long detox fast. I never feel full and I do miss cake a LOT but this whole thing has helped me eat a lot more fresh food that’s good for me.


9. Feel the rage and lose all any manner of tact. Or patience.
Do you remember that episode of Friends where Phoebe is pregnant and being very very snappy and brutally honest with everyone around her? I have been like that times about 10. My patience levels hover somewhere around a minus level and I am instantly snappy. I now have the ability to go from normal to demented blinding raging woman in about 2 seconds flat. On those days I should really just go to bed with some Netflix. Please say my patience comes back as soon as the baby is born?

10. Realise you have no time to sit and watch your belly move hourly.
First time pregnancy is very very exciting and fascinating. I spent a lot of time reading books and apps and watching my belly move. I thought I would get to do the same the second time but Little Z didn’t feel the same way and wanted entertaining. Juggling of daily life and entertaining a big ball of 4 year old energy has made my second pregnancy very different. It’s why I don’t mind so much when the baby is kicking about at 3am.

11. Find people become a complete expert in gender guessing and in advising what gender will “complete” your family.
With Z I was pregnant all the way round. This time round I’m carrying all up front. The parenting police weren’t too fussed what I was having the first time. It was our first and therefore either a boy or a girl would be lovely. This time round the gender guessers are absolutely sure just by looking at my bump that I am having a boy / girl. Their gender identification skills are amazing considering they don’t even need to touch me. Then there are the ones who love to tell me that a girl would complete our family and even those that have said “lets hope its not another boy”. Wow. I forgot about the parenting police but I do believe I can hear them putting on their uniforms as I write this, ready to dish their advice once the baby arrives.

12. Think taking your 4 year old to the scans is ultra cute.
It has been so lovely to have Little Z very much a part of this pregnancy. His little face has studied everything and he is very much in love with blood pressure machines. We may have to buy him a real one for his birthday. I never thought I would ever have to convince a child that a human baby will be much more fun than a penguin baby. I think he’s finally accepted that it will be a girl or a boy.


13. Become a lot more savvy with all the mums clubs you can sign up to.
The first time round I think I signed up for every single new mum club going. Everything from Emma’s Diary to Bounty to all the supermarket related ones. I loved the freebies that came through the door and religiously read everything they sent. This time round I think I’ve signed up to one and don’t even really bother reading whatever it is they send. It all feels a lot more relaxed and it makes me smile to spot all the first time mums in the hospital carrying their notes around in the Bounty pack folders whilst mine is stuffed into my bag.

14. Keep meaning to pack that hospital bag once you hit the 30 week mark.
I definitely will absolutely completely do this very very soon. Honest. It’s about 90% of the way there now. I just need to sort some last bits. I’m pretty sure in my first pregnancy my bag was all packed and in my boot by about week 23. Just in case!

15. Take nesting to a whole other level.
I’m really not quite sure what happened this time but I got pretty obsessed with nesting and de-cluttering. I wanted to deep clean every single room. Why? I’m not too sure but its made me feel a million times better and much more organised. I still have a couple of kitchen cupboards to go. But I’ve really calmed it down now. I hope. There’s no second wind nesting is there?


16. Tell yourself you will re-use everything you already have from the first time.
That was the full intention. To reuse everything we could possibly reuse from Little Zs time. After all, babies are really only in clothes for a few months before they move up to the next lot. I then thought it would be nice to buy some token new items. Then a couple more. Then some other bits, just because they looked so cute.

Brown Cardigan

17. Insist you do not have pregnancy brain.
Ok this happened first time too. I can start a conversation, waffle on a bit and forget what point I was going to make mid way through. I may have also started to do something and forgotten why. Fortunately my memory did come back a few months after having Z so this time should be no different. Hopefully. But yes I do not have pregnancy brain. Or whatever it was we were talking about.

18. Hope to get to 39 weeks.
Having chosen to have a section this time I know it could be anytime after the 36 week mark. I won’t really know for another couple of weeks but getting to 39 weeks plus a few days would be fantastic. A lot of it depends on how the diabetes pans out over the next month so there are a few more weeks of being ultra strict to keep all my levels in tact.

19. Plan to be the Augustus Gloop of cake post pregnancy.
At least for a little bit. I am already making a mental list of what I really really miss. This includes eclairs, any cake with fresh cream in it, pizza, nachos, ice cream, chocolate feast, basically everything I’ve not been able to eat for the last few months. If you’re coming to visit me then please don’t bring lucozade. Bring cake. Or ice cream.

20. Hope to fit two little kiddos in one lap.
This is why your hips expand, right? So you can fit two little ones onto your lap all at once for lots of hugs?


Learning to eat out with gestational diabetes


Since being told I have gestational diabetes it’s been one long journey of trial and error, learning what my body can and can’t tolerate.   Diabetes can have a mind of its own whenever it’s heart desires.  You can have the most boring mundane repetitive diet day after day and it’ll all be fine one day and spike high the day after.  For what looks like no reason whatsoever.    

I’ve learnt my body can tolerate between 20-30g of carbs during breakfast and about the same for lunch.  My evening meals are much more forgiving and that’s the one time I feel like I’ve eaten properly.   I may as well be on a long adapted fast and cutting out all sugar means my body has had to detox itself suddenly.  I think it’s affected my energy levels a bit more with the added third trimester tiredness so any activity with Little Z is involving a lot of sitting down recently.  

I am definitely eating the healthiest I’ve done in a very long time but I’ve lost the confidence to eat out, because, how do you know what’s actually being served to you? What I really want to ask is “can you tell me how much sugar and carbs is in this?  Is it diabetic friendly?”.  

I’ve learned that having a good protein based meal and then picking a small carb to go with it works really well.  No sauces though.  People seem obsessed with putting in sauces.  Cream based or dark sauces are mostly ok but you can get caught out every once in a while, usually because someone thought it would be a good idea to put some sugar into it. Or they’ve thickened it up with white flour.  Oh and salad.  Lots and lots of fresh salad is good.   Then, if I’m lucky, I can have one bite of cake.  

This week is probably the first time in about 8 weeks that I attempted it for lunch, when I’m supposed to have a “light” meal. And I didn’t do too badly!  It didn’t give me the perfect reading afterwards but that’s one more lesson learnt and I probably shouldn’t have got chips, no matter how small the portion.  I did much better at my leaving meal when I opted for the fish with new potatoes at a delicious looking pizza and pasta restaurant.  Calzone has now been added to my post baby food list.  

The good news is that it’s only another 6ish weeks to go before they tell me that it’s all magically fixed itself and I can dive face first into a very large cake.  Preferably covered in a tonne of fresh cream.  I would also settle for a profiteroles tower.  Or even a chocolate cake, covered in frosting.  I’m not greedy. 

For now though, halloumi on a bed of fried tempura was very delicious too! 

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Petit Fernand – Fantastic Stick On and Iron On School Labels. A review and giveaway

As Little Z starts school this year it’ll be the very first time we need to buy a uniform and PE kit and everything that comes with that. That includes a school bag, water bottles, crafting top, and all sorts of other bits and pieces. It’s all a bit daunting till you start shopping and this will be the very first time that we have label it all!

Petit Fernand offered us personalised school labels to review and it was very perfect timing and a bit of a relief as I had no clue what kind of things I needed. The Petit Fernand website is so easy to navigate and gives you lots of examples of the types of things you can order. I ordered a combination of Iron on labels for all of his clothes and Stick on Labels for things like his water bottle. (You get 10 for £3.00!)

I actually regret not picking their School labels pack as that has a brilliant combination of everything you would need including stickers to place on the inside of shoes. I now know for next time. Of course the labels can be used on more than just school items. Sunglasses, toys, books, pretty much anything you want to label!

PetitFernand School Labels

You can design them using a variety of fonts and place a little logo at the beginning such as a smiley face or a star or flower, picking from a huge number of things. Little Z picked a football and I picked the font I liked and our order was placed. Simple! They arrived within 48 hours and I was ready to go.

Personalised stick on labels

They come all nicely organised into the different sections in a book with very clear instructions to stick them on and a care guide on how long to wait and how to wash them. Everything is straight forward and clear and even simple enough for someone like me, who tends to skip over instructions of any sort and dive in head first. The labels go on so easily and within a small time you’re all labelled up.


personalised labels

I would thoroughly recommend them if you are looking for personalised labels, both sticky and iron on. If your child is starting school I’d suggest looking at the School pack and considering whether they are enough for you. It looks like the perfect combination with a mixture of a few types and ones especially for the inside of shoes. On my next purchase I will definitely remember to include those in my shopping basket.


Petit Fernand are giving away a £30 voucher to spend on their site to one winner. All you need to do to enter the giveaway is answer one simple question in the comments section below:

How many value packs do Petit Fernand sell?

Fill in the Rafflecopter to say you’ve completed your comment. You can also complete the other optional criteria for bonus entries. The competition will be open until 00:00 on Saturday 29th August 2015. A winner will be selected at random after this time and notified via Twitter and / or Email. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note: This competition starts at 00:00 on Monday 10th August 2015

Terms and Conditions:

This competition is only open to UK residents
All entrants must be over the age of 18
A winner will be picked at random after the 29th August 2015
The prize is not exchangeable for cash or any other alternatives
The prize will be provided by Petit-Fernand and will be a £30 voucher for one winner

Disclaimer: This is a review and giveaway. We were provided with a voucher to trial the personalised labels.

Free competitions at ThePrizeFinder

– See more at:

The Little Man in the Big Room

  One of the things we had to do before the baby comes along is move Little Z into the big room that we’ve used for the past 6 years as a spare junk room.  I think it’s fair to say it was a pretty big mess with all sorts in it.  Extremely convenient though to chuck everything in and use it as a make shift launderette on days when I just couldn’t be bothered putting freshly washed clothes away.  Which became, err, part of normal routine.

Little Z has been more than happy on his little bed, or in our bed, sprawled out like an octopus whose limbs double in size and slapability through the night.  We ended up getting used to our nightly bed invader and never really put our foot down. 

Mission “Move Little Z to the big bedroom” carried with it a deadline of “Before new baby comes” and so began lots of cleaning, decluttering, wondering why the heck we’d kept certain things for so long, arguing about how we just can/ can’t keep that 20 year old denim jacket and slowly turning it into a fun bedroom with a huge double bed for a little boy who loves football.  Bribery works wonders.

Last night was the first night and thankfully he absolutely loved it.  The love was so deep I couldn’t get him to come downstairs till gone 10am this morning.  He has popped in various times today to “have a bit of a rest”.   His covers are a bright blue and green and covered top to toe in footballs.  If I’m honest, they’re not the best feeling comfort wise but for now they are doing the trick.  I must look to swap them with better ones really soon.  That leaves us with his old room to turn back into a nursery again and our transition is then complete.

It feels like another big milestone for our littlest man who will hopefully soon turn into a big brother that loves his sibling.   He is already turning into the most caring little boy always reminding me to take my medication or to do my blood test or patting my back and asking “are you ok now Mummy?” whenever I have a hormonal moment.   Of course that just makes me sob more and I have no idea how such a little person holds so much compassion already.  But he is rather lovely and I hope that care for others just continues to grow.

I’m now 33 weeks.  I think the soppiness and hormones are peaking.

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