How to attend your brothers wedding

The last couple of weeks were fully taken over by my brothers wedding. My little brother, who’s a lot taller than me, finally tied the knot and, somehow, the “very small wedding” turned into a 4 day affair spanning over two weeks. It was a bit crazy to say the least and I learnt how to avoid the stressed out looking adults like the plague (I.e. My dad). Luckily, calm was restored pretty quickly during it, everyone relaxed and stop worrying about the small stuff and, overall, a very good time was had by all. Little Z was in play time heaven. About 20 adults to play with consisting of uncles, aunties and various grandparents. He always gets a bit confused with all their names and, for ease, they were named “Other Nani” and “Other Nana” very early on.

It was an eventful couple of weeks, and with half of the events being hosted in Birmingham, no easy feat for the faint hearted. We ended up spending the Monday after it all finished in our pyjamas for most of the day watching Room on the Broom and Mr Peabody and Sherman a number of times. It was a lot of fun though and these are just some of the highlights (and lessons learned from it all):

1. The Other Half and I made an agreement that as long as Little Z was in sight and safe we would let him do whatever the heck he wanted (within reason). We fully prepared ourselves for permanent skidding across the dance floor, which did happen on more than one occasion, and trashed clothes by the end of the night. Surprisingly our child ate most of his dinner on some of the nights and his clothes still look semi intact.

2. It will be close to impossible to keep said child away from the sweet and biscuit table. Actually, the same can be said for most adults. Sweet stuff also turns most people into blatant liars as they walk by, mouth stuffed, trying to look innocent.

3. Travelling with 30 members of your family on one coach to Birmingham is a once in a lifetime crazy experience. Both laughter and crazy levels will be at an all time high. It is also surprising how important an issue such as a stuck toilet door becomes for almost an hour of the journey. It did open in the end and no-one actually needed to use it. I’m glad we went on the coach and not the car though as originally intended.

4. There will always be that one adult that stresses about something. Anything! However minute it may be. And it will be like THE WORLD HAS ENDED! They will attract other stress heads within the vicinity who will join in and agree its all doom. DOOM! Things will calm down about 2 minutes later when a logical solution is found to the identified impending catastrophe.

5. I am excellent at running away from such situations and sneaking a cheeky strawberry into my mouth. I would have chanced it with a cupcake too but I think it would have been too noticable.

6. Little Z did in fact chance it with a cupcake, licked the icing off and somehow shared it with the back of my dress. As someone nicely put it “It looks like someone’s sneezed on the back of your dress”.

7. Seating plans have to be the most stressful thing of wedding planning. I never had one for my own one day wedding and personally think they are the work of the devil. Destiny would have me doing about 12 revisions for my brothers wedding. It was still being changed about an hour INTO the wedding. I do believe I have the bestest seating plan ever now and will pass it down through the family. They better use it.

8. The bride and groom floated about on a cloud through all the little hitches and commotion and didn’t notice anything going wrong. Exactly as the hubby and I did many years ago. Exactly as it should be.

9. You realise, through all the greeting of guests, making sure the guests are ok, and trying to stop Little Z escaping into the lift, you actually don’t eat that much during the few days of the wedding. So you stuff your face on the last do, content in the knowledge that you don’t have to fit in your dress anymore after that night. Well…maybe in the future you do. But I’ll worry about that then.

10. We met my dad’s friend, the man my brother and I called ‘The Incredible Hulk’ all the years we were growing up because he honestly looked like him so much. It’s been about 20 years since we’ve since we last met him properly and he’s definitely not as scary as we thought he was back then. He doesn’t look like the Hulk anymore either. No one would believe us that he really really used to.

11. Its so lovely to witness a couple at the start of this next journey, looking blissfully happy and full of joy. It reminds you to be both happy and grateful for all the joy you already have in your own life. Till you get home and realise your feet are killing and grouchily quip “bloomin 4 day wedding!”










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Loud and Proud – 23rd October 2014

It’s that time of the week where you get to link up all your little and big loud and proud moments. Whether it be old or new, tiny or significant, this linky is designed for you to join in and shout about all your proud moments.

With my brothers wedding finally finishing this weekend we’ve had a somewhat quiet few days. On Monday we literally shuffled about all a bit weary from the excitement of the past few days and watched a fair bit of TV (Oh and all the Olaf moments from Frozen. I think I possess the only child on earth that doesn’t actually like the full Frozen movie. I also don’t know most of the words from the song. This is bad, I know). Everyone was a bit grumpy and we pottered off to bed early for a good nights sleep.

Yesterday was much better and Little Z skipped off into pre-school looking back to normal again. On pick up I was presented with my very first Christmas card of the year, in October. Made by my very own Little Z with his photo on the back of it labelled “Designed By Little Z”. It was SO cute. I had to ask twice whether he’d made it as Little Z doesn’t like art for too long. It gets in the way of running and leaping about. I was assured that, besides the googly eyes, he had indeed created a little masterpiece. One we could order in packs of 20 if we so wished. We’re pretty sure we don’t want the pack of 20 but I will definitely cherish the one he’s made for us this year.


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Dearest Little Z – At 3 years and 10 months

Hello Little Z!

I only just realised it’s time for another post to mark your monthly milestones; 3 year and 10 months. Eek!! That means, with your birthday being so close to Christmas, I need to sort out your birthday very quickly, else no-one is going to make me one. I learnt that the hard way when you were about to turn one. I know I should learn to make them myself at home but I am really really rubbish at them. Plus I think I want a minions cake this year. I mean, you do. Ahem.

You have suddenly had some kind of mental leap this month and developed the art of smartly talking back. Repeatedly. You have an answer for everything and your very sharp memory now means I can’t lie (too much) to you any more. Gone are the days when I could use a shiny object to distract you. It’s like living with some kind of mini spy cum sleuth. You question everything and correct us. Mostly when its do with the Starbursts finishing. i.e. “No they’re not, they’re in the cupboard”. You’ve also mastered the power of whining. Oh my goodness. I reckon I could donate blood by the bagful if ears did really bleed. I know that sounds a bit gross. I really hope this phase doesn’t last too long. I think it’s given me a bit of a glimpse into the teenage years.

It was your uncle’s wedding this weekend and you loved every bit of it. When your auntie got married last year your Daddy and I spent the entire evening chasing you around the hall, making sure you kept your clothes on and trying to coax you out from under tables. We ended up pretty stressed and all bickery by the end of the evening. This year we let you do whatever the heck you wanted as long as you’d eaten and you were within sight. We had a much more relaxing time and you were as high as a kite from all the skidding about on the floors and devouring of various cupcakes. Well, mainly the icing! Surprisingly, you didn’t trash your little suit which I was fully expecting so you might even get one more wear out of it. We just need to persuade someone else to throw a wedding very soon. Especially as you looked so cute in it. You asked to have a go on my camera and then kept trying to direct people to “stand closer together and say cheese!” and then took a good few snaps. I think you quite like photography. You only attempted to half strip this time which was a vast improvement on the full strip of last year. Its been a long 3 days and we spent a lot of the day in pyjamas today watching different movies. The next few weeks are going to be fairly interesting in a variety of ways so I think a few calm days are in order now whilst your uncle and new auntie jet off on holiday. Oooh I would love a holiday right now. Somewhere hot maybe. I’m not sure it’ll happen for a good few months but you never know.

You’ve actually started to eat properly. Mostly. We jokingkly refer to you as our vegetarian as you still won’t eat much meat but you do love fish, usually of the fish finger variety. You still love fruit and veg and will choose that over any kind of protein so its always tricky to get you to eat in a balanced way. Who knows, maybe you have my foodie genes after all!

I finally applied for your primary school place. It took me a while to take the plunge but we finally did it and I really hope we get it. I’m sure we will as it’s not that far away but there are a couple of much closer schools so you know I guess. April is such a long way a way. I can’t believe this time next year you’ll be in the education system full time. It’s all exciting and daunting all at once!! I don’t think your best friend from pre-school is intending to go to the same school as you so its probably going to be a bit strange for you at first. Maybe I could persuade his mum? No? That may be a bit creepy of me though. Hmmm…we shall have to have a think! There are days when I think you’re very ready to go to school but mostly I’m secretly glad you’re a winter baby with this whole extra year before you’re immersed into school life.


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CardNest – A review of some beautiful cards

I am terrible when it comes to preparing for birthdays and anniversaries. I actually do remember the occasion and then spend my time running around at the last minute panic buying things that can be delivered within 24 hours. I have also been known to Google places that will do the same day delivery. My hubby is even worse. Between the both of us, we have about 12 nieces and nephews in total so you’d think we’d be slightly more organised.

So when CardNest contacted me about sampling their cards and doing a review I was definitely willing.
I received two beautifully presented pack of 3 cards, attractively packaged with a nice varied selection. I got a variety of birthday cards, thinking of you cards and thank you cards as well as stamps!!! So all the stress is taken out of remembering to send a card. All cards are blank which allows you to scribble in your own personalised message. I like the mixture of classic simple graphics and quirky stylish images. I also liked that you get a little information on who has designed the cards each month. Its a lovely and especially nice that they support budding artists in this way.

CardNest 1

cardnest 5

CardNest 2


CardNest 4

Subscribers to CardNest are topped up each month with three ‘bright and beautiful cards for all sorts of occasions’. As well as those handy greetings, CardNest also delivers cards that aren’t occasion specific to help you keep in touch with the extra special people in your life. Whether you want to just say ‘hello’, tell a loved one you miss them or invite them for the weekend, it’s up to you. Read more about their mission here.

Sign up is ultra easy and you can check when the next posting date is to see when you’ll receive your batch. All cards are designed by their own artists so you’re getting something unique. You can also cancel anytime and aren’t bound into a contract.

It’s just £7.50/month in the UK and £10/month for subscribers outside of the UK, including delivery (first class stamps are an optional extra and available in the UK only).

CardNest are offering an exclusive coupon code which gives 50% off your first month (including stamps!).
Here’s your unique coupon code – this will expire on 7/12/14: *YEAROFF50*

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Eid And Monopoly

Lately we seem to be caught in a regular flurry of friends and family events weekend after weekend. I can’t really remember the last time we’ve had a quite weekend with just the 3 of us. Not that I’m complaining but I do get the feeling that the cold I am now glamorously sporting is as a result of all the running around non stop. This weekend gone was no different as we all piled into our uncles house for a day of eid celebrating. In our family that usually means a day of 6 families getting together, sitting all over the place in the house, eating non stop through the day and nattering until its pretty late. We recently discovered photos of us from over 15 years ago that paint the exact same picture of us doing the exact same sitting about and eating too much. It’s not a bad way to spend the day really!

Over the years the dynamics have changes very slowly as all the children (of which I am one) have gotten married and had their own children. There are now son in-laws, daughter in-laws and little speedy kids (of which Little Z is one) that run about all day long, play with the gazillions of Uncles, Aunties, Grandads and Grandmas and try to put away a few too many Quality streets.

This Eid was the first time Little Z enjoyed a game of Monopoly. And not just any of traditional version of Monopoly. This was the Marvel version. Suffice to say he didn’t really understand the concept of collector edition versions of the game but he did love holding and “spending” the money given to him and throwing dice about randomly. On the flip side, his Daddy threw himself into the game with a somewhat worryingly detailed knowledge on how to play the game. I’ve never heard anyone use the phrase “One of the rules of Monopoly say….” so many times in such a short space of time. By 9pm I, a complete lightweight, was ready to go home and Little Z was more than flagging, ready to spend the night in my lap. The Hubby on the other hand kept asking for “another 10 minutes” as he and his partner in crime, my brother-in-law were in the lead. (I’m pretty sure they were stealing from the bank all night).

Eventually I gave up trying to coax him out the door and settled for a long natter with my cousin. The “10 minutes” turned into 11:45pm and even after what looked like a full bank heist the Other Half and his partner in crime threw in the towel on account of being almost bankrupt. We walked out all a bit weary and I’ve made a mental note never to play Monopoly with the Other half. It was 2am by the time we got home and crawled into bed, ready to do it all again, minus the Monopoly, with the in-laws the next day.


Quality streets




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