A Trip to London – With a Four Year Old

We booked an impromptu trip to London last week that coincided with a work trip. We didn’t really have much planned besides meeting up with friends, but London is always a lot of fun and about 2 years since we’ve taken Little Z into the centre so we knew it would all be very new to him. I always realise I miss London as soon as I arrive. Going from weekly visits to annual visits is a bit different and obviously means you have to prioritise what you’ve going to do when you’re there. Little Z was a bit disappointed there was no plane journey involved and it took us a bit of time to explain that there were mainly differently types of holidays. He now knows the words “road trip”.

We found ourselves at the science museum and wandered about for a bit in the mental heaving half term crowd. It’s probably definitely better on claustrophobic nerves to go on a non-school holiday. Little Z and my friends son seemed to have a brilliant time though playing with all the interactive bits and mainly dashing about the big computer hall. Despite working with IT kit on a daily basis I found myself ooh-ing and ahh-ing over aged devices and snapping away on my iPhone. Its definitely my favourite bit of the whole place.

It was only right we followed our hard work at the museum up with a very very long lunch with one of my best friends as well as hours of too much chatting. We’ve been friends since we were about 5 or 6ish and its strange to watch our sons together, to see that we were roughly that age when we first met!

I started the following day with a very nice facial and a gentle lecture from the therapist about I should really really use eye cream. Uh oh. Does this mean I’m officially old? She looked slightly shocked when I said I used absolutely nothing on my eyes. I could see her steadying herself holding the massage table. She will be glad to know I had now ordered eye cream. I will use it every day. And rejuvenate the delicate skin under my eyes. Every day. Honest.

With that we made our way to the Disney cafe after a helpful little tip from a lovely Twitterer and oh how she was right. Its a little gem tucked away on one of the floors of Harrods that not many people seem to know about. The centrepiece is the Big Ben and Tinkerbell from Peter Pan and all the walls are surrounded by Disney cartoons and characters. Little Z was presented with the Mickey Mouse ears from Fantasia and he even ate a full Mickey Mouse shaped pizza. It’s not the cheapest but not extortionate if you consider you’re paying London prices. The toy hall not far away was a lot of fun with lots of demos and displays. I had to drag both my Z’s out of there a a couple of times.

London 2015 collage

After a bit of deliberating we decided we would finally go on the London eye. Little Z just looked forward to the tube trips for the entire trip and loved the escalators and being lifted down the stairs by his Mummy and Daddy swinging him down holding an arm each. It was lovely to find a kind Londoner giving up their seat for him every single time and he would dive on thinking it was a standard thing and then pretend to sleep like his fellow passengers until it was time to get off. I, on the other hand, was utterly impressed that contactless cards can be used as a ticket. I felt like a very enthusiastic tourist visiting for the very first time. I didn’t take my camera out though to snap it. Much to the husbands relief.

By the time we got to the London eye, after tickets and queuing, it was dark and I wasn’t too sure if it would be as good at night time. I was wrong though, it was so much better. The way London is lit up at night time is beautiful and the landscape is amazing. The old interspersed with the new and everything still complimenting each other even in its all its busy existence. Its also always nice trying to spot your old workplace from a very great height. Little Z loved the views and I’d recommend it for anyone with a 4 year old and above. It’s tempting to buy a fast track ticket but don’t do it! The normal queues move very quickly and are a lot shorter than they look. You also get on the eye with just as much speed. (I also heard its buy one get one free if you buy them online and can present a national rail ticket. As we drove it didn’t apply to us but well worth checking out. Google is your friend).


st pauls london

london science museum

london eye2

London Eye

london eye 2

big ben

As with all mini breaks, the weekend went by way too quickly but we have agreed not to leave it so long next time. Little Z experienced his first lot of blues about 5 minutes after we left the hotel declaring he didn’t want to go home and wanted to go on another holiday. He has decided our next destination should be Manchester. Mainly as I think that’s the only one he can name.

Loud n Proud – Where’s my noodles?

Welcome back to Loud n Proud!

Over the last week we’ve had a few very nice days in London. It was all rather hectic given it was half term and I think every single family in a 50 mile radius decided the Science museum would be a splendid visit. Little Z wasn’t bothered one bit by the crowds and enjoyed playing and running about with my friends little one of the same age. It was a brilliant few days jam-packed with lots of visits around the centre and one I really need to write up.

One thing I failed to notice completely is how Little Z would look very alert and pipe up in restaurants whenever the waiter came to take our order. “Where are my noodles?” was asked very promptly when presented with his mini starter. He wasn’t interested in tiny little starters. He wanted his big boy noodles! A visit tot he Disney cafe resulted in the same type of thing. Sat up, alert and ready to reel off what he wanted, he placed his order of “Chips and that’s it!”. The waiter chuckled and asked if he’d like anything else. After a second of thought he slowly added “pizza?”.

“Well, he has no trouble knowing what to order does he?”

Its not something we’ve noticed but the waiter had him spot on. I looked on a bit in surprise realising this was the first time I’d seen him do this. He was very pleased when presented with his Mickey Mouse shaped pizza and actually even ate most of it. So this week my little proud moment is that we think Little Z has become a pro when ordering food. And maybe a semi pro at eating…some of it!


So now its your turn.

I am your friendly host this week and the rules are very simple. Link up a post that features a little (or indeed, big!) proud moment. Whether it be something your little one has discovered or achieved or something you yourself have done that’s made you a little proud. Then grab the badge and link up to the linky below. The linky will stay open until Sunday so you have plenty of time. Then come back next week when Suzanne from 3 Children and It will be hosting.

Not My Year Off

Ordinary Moments – “Hold my hand!”

We’ve been in London the past few days, one of my most favourite places on earth. We used to visit every few months but that’s changed since Little Z arrived and this is only his second ever trip to the big smoke.

It’s fair to say he’s absolutely loved it and we have a very large number of smiley photos capturing all out visits and family moments. I’m trigger happy but my hubby is like a paparazzo most occasions so captures a lot of nice moments. Like this one…


He’s a bit crazy about snapseed and photo editing apps so everything is edited and highlighted and contested and warmed up a bit. I’m more of a lazy shoot and upload kind of girl.

Being a paparazzo he also captures a lot of the behind the scene moments, like this one, caught about a minute before the one above.

“Hold my hand Z!”
“I don’t want to!!!”
“You have to. It’s dangerous. The road is there.”
“I want to runnn!”

About a year ago I would have turned a deep red, embarrassed at having to deal with a mini tantrum in public. I now don’t really care and have the “kids will be kids” attitude. I was about to start dishing out iPad/ Cbeebies removal threats when the hubby spotted we were in the ideal location for a snap.

Hubby: “Ok stop fighting. Say cheese both of you!”
Little Z: “Cheese Daddy!” (With a picture perfect smile).
Me: Huh.


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Dearest Little Z – 4 years and 2 months

Hello Little Z!

Well we are well into the “Fours” now and with it has brought a million and one ponderings and questions about the world around you. For some reason you have become obsessed with how things work and you have worked out that batteries are pivotal to a lot of things in your life, given that they go into the majority of your toys. One of your favourite adverts in the energiser bunny advert. Or in your words “when your batteries die, you have to use wabbit batteries”. I may be guilty of making you say the word “wabbit” more than a few times.

You’ve also started wondering how it is you came about. We’ve had the big deep conversation at the grand old age of 4 and it wasn’t really all that bad if I do say so myself. You pretty much figured most of it out and I am pleased to say the whole matter has been put to bed already. The conversation went something like this…

Little Z: “Mummy where did you get me from? Did you get me from the shops?”
Me: “Umm…yes …we did!”
Little Z: “Do I need one or two batteries?”
Me: “Just the one”
Little Z: “Do you change them carefully?”
Me: “Yes you can’t even tell!”

I’m hoping that’s that for a good 10-15 years. Obviously I should be so lucky. In the meantime you continue to impart your wisdom upon us about all sorts of things you are learning ad picking up from pre-school. This year is going to be so different with the ending of pre-school and the start of “proper” school it feels like its all flying by way too quickly already. We need a pause button and some good weather and I think I would hit it for a few days. It is very funny watching you imitate life around you though and very entertaining most of the time. There is a programme I missed about the secret life of a four year old. I think I need to sit down and watch it!

I wrote about you reaching the Fabulous Fours the other day and its all very true but I think the tantrums are still in there somewhere. Much much less thankfully but I think you’re dished out a huge helping of emotions at this age which kids must find hard to process. Kind of like you in the stage of transitioning between a very young pre-schooler and a young child. Luckily for us, distraction works well with you. Unlucky for us, you remember every single bribe we come out with and will whisk it out even a week later. You somehow think a sock fairy comes to take your socks off each night as you absolutely refuse to let anyone touch them whilst you’re awake yet keep waking up without them on. Your Daddy was very convincing about the role of the sock fairy and you’ve deciphered that this particular fairy must operate in the same way as the tooth fairy does. You keep asking why she’s not left you a coin. I’ve let Daddy deal with that particular question.

Over this weekend you presented me with the loveliest valentines day card you made at nursery. It had a heart on it painted on with handprints and the nicest message inside. Then on the Saturday you took a trip to the florist and asked the lady behind the counter for a “flower for my mummy”. I think she thought it must have been very cute and you managed to get some free sweeties out of her. It was all very lovely considering we don’t really celebrate valentines day. You spent the entire weekend telling me to smell it. Roses smell a bit weird I have to say.

So, until next time. Mmmwah!!