The Journey Into CBeebies

After 3 long years I get the feeling that Little Z is starting to expand his TV watching horizons beyond CBeebies. A bit of Peppa Pig here, a bit of Bubble Guppies there. It’s only small little steps out of the safe little world he’s been engrossed in up till now but I know there will soon be a transition to other channels and programmes which makes me a bit sad. I love CBeebies now. I didn’t always used to. In fact, if I look back, there was a few phases that eventually got me sucked right in.

Probably ones that will inevitably get a lot of parents. Probably ones like this…

Initially the “Who the heck would watch this?” phase.

You own a 3 month old Little Z and you feel like a permanent zombie from being up all night.

You love watching back to back repeats on E4 and, our of curiosity, flick over to CBeebies to see what’s on.

Something called “In the night garden was coming on”. Why is the girls skirt flapping up and down? Why is that Iggle Piggle avoiding bed at all costs? Why is he sailing away into the darkness at the end?…..By himself? Did someone write this when they were a bit high?

You realise your 3 month old more interested in sucking his fists and you happily go back to watching glorious E4 repeats and forget about CBeebies for a while.


Then the “How did we start watching this so regularly?” phase

Your child is a couple of months older and is loving having CBeebies on especially the flappy skirt girl and the blue boy that resists bed time.

You realise it’s a great little thing for after bath time with all the floaty tunes and equally floaty characters.

You like the poc pocs even though they really just look like hoping onions.

You try to limit the time your child is staring wide eyed at it and, if you’re honest you still don’t get a lot of it. What the heck is a Squiglet anyway?

The “Why does CBeebies rule our house?” phase…

You realise your child is now talking and asking for it on all the time.

To this day you don’t really understand Granny Murray at all and try to dissuade Little Z from watching her. It doesn’t work and you spend the the rest of the trying to block out the “Me Too” ear worm”.

You unashamedly try to use CBeebies on iplayer as bribery outside to try to get Little Z to eat.

You’re secretly smug when Little Z points to her and shouts “Mummy!” and tell anyone that will listen.

Mummy Cbeebies

The “Oh no, they’re going to change the schedule” phase….

You hear rumours they’re going to change the schedule.

You start wondering if it’s true.

You realise you’re worried they’re going to change the schedule.

They’re not going to change the schedule are they?

Oh no, they changed the schedule. What the heck is this Alphablocks.

Ok ok…it’s ok. Everything is fine. He likes it.

The “I think I like CBeebies a bit too much” phase…

You start persuading Little Z that an episode of Charlie and Lola would be good to watch. You “completely absolutely” love Lola

You’re a bit annoyed when Little Z would rather watch Grandpa in my Pocket. Why does he never sit in one place? Doesn’t he know he could be accidentally crushed under someone’s foot?

You start following news about CBeebies Live and grab tickets as soon as they’re out.

CBeebies Live

Watching CBeebies for an afternoon is no longer torturous.

You worry what this means for the state of your adult mind. You don’t actually really care and do another rendition of the Sarah and Duck theme tune together. You love how Little Z pronounces “Strawberry Louffle” – that episode is your favourite.

I think I will miss it when he eventually gives it up.

(First Photo credited to BBC and CBeebies.)

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Dormeo Silver Plus (XL Silver) – A Review

It’s not every day you get asked if you’d like to review a mattress. When we got asked if we’d like to review the Dormeo Silver Plus (XL Silver) range we wondered whether we needed one and whether we even wanted one. I remember spending weeks lying down on all the beds in bed shops testing whether this was “the one” and whether it had the right feel and balance of comfort and firmness. Lots of Oohs and Aahs later the salesman looked a bit fed up of us and my ultra fussy hubby who ponders over everything for EVER. But we did walk out with one. I’m pretty sure we saw the salesman sigh with relief.

We decided we would give it a go and within days a long cylinder box arrived that didn’t look like it contained a mattress at all. Apparently all the cool mattresses are doing this these days. They arrive coiled up in a tight wrap and placed in a box which you then have to cut through and leave flat for about 18 hours. It then naturally inflates itself to its intended height slowly over the course of the day. I found it did it a lot quicker but we gave it time just to be safe. There was a slight new mattress smell to it which is expected and disappeared within a couple of days.

The Dormeo Silver plus is an Italian design and one of the key features stated is its sanitised protection. It is named as such as it incorporates real silver fibres into a super Ecocell. Silver has been recognised as a natural antibiotic and this provides an anti-bacterial, anti-static, anti-bacterial and anti-odour properties. This is the description from the website and it does sound like a very good and unique mattress to have.


Plush Silver Luxury. Wouldn’t it be great if everything in life came covered in silver? Well now you can enjoy the luxury of real silver every night. The Dormeo Memory Silver has a revolutionary new cover incorporating real silver fibres. It’s the extra thickness of Ecocell that gives it the ‘Plus’.
This top quality Dormeo memory foam mattress has a super-thick Ecocell® and memory foam core, with an extra plush Silver cover for maximum comfort, support and protection. Silver protection Silver has long been recognised as a remarkable natural antibiotic and, weaved into our mattress cover in combination with Sanitized® protection, it affords you amazing anti-bacterial, anti-static and anti-odour properties. Ecocell is a patented foam with 3D open cell structure designed to work in unison with Dormeo memory foam. 20mm of Dormeo’s high quality visco-elastic memory foam sits on a 180mm layer of Ecocell® foam, all surrounded by a luxury cover which incorporates real silver fibres and Sanitized® protection

We opted for the double standard size (W: 135cm x L: 190cm x D: 14cm) but did secretly want to go for the super king size at first (W: 180cm x L: 200cm x D: 14cm) – a whole 45 cm wider!!! As Little Z has taken to pottering to our bed in the middle of the night it would be amazing to not sleep on about 4 cm of bed and /or night stand each night. Seeing as we only have a double frame thought it was probably sensible to just opt for the double sized mattress.
The mattress also comes in Single and King Size.

Initial impressions
My initial impression was that it was a very well designed comfortable mattress which feels very nice to the touch. I am not one for soft squishy mattresses and even though It contains memory foam you don’t feel like you’re sinking into it. It’s a firm type of comfort that would be ideal for someone who likes that balance. If you’re someone who loves to sink into a mattress and let it mould around you then this is probably not for you. It also doesn’t get too hot which was great for the hubby. I would happily sleep in hot temperatures all night but the Other half likes the cooler end of warmth (if that makes sense!). On nights when Little Z clambers over him to get into the middle usually means it’s like having a little furnace sleeping with us.

The mattress is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It comes in a white colour and the stitching and weave is of visible high quality. It is finished off with the Dormeo Silver Plus branding incorporated into the top and sides.

Dormeo Silver 2

Dormeo Silver 6

Comfort and Jumpability
We’ve so far tested the mattress out for about two weeks and it’s very comfortable to sleep on. Neither one of us suffers from any back pain so we couldn’t comment on whether this makes back aches better but the reviews on the Dormeo website and other online mattress suppliers do make comment about this aspect. For us our main test was to get a comfortable nights sleep continuously and not have that sinking feeling that some memory foam mattresses have. We got rid of one in the past for that reason as we found that it started losing its firmness and smelling a bit dusty and tired, presumably as it was starting to accumulate dust and mites within the parts that was losing its firmness. This particular mattress feels much more sturdy and of a better quality. The mattress retails around £250 and comes with a 15 year limited warranty. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to buy a quality mattress who is looking for that extra bit of sanitised protection. Its also recommended for people who like to sleep on their side.

Our little 3 year old sweaty sleeper hasn’t complained so far about his part time bed and although he’s not been overly vocal about the new features of the silver fibres he has been firm on how fun it is to jump on the new mattress, particularly during the inflating stage when he decided to test it out thoroughly. I am happy to say it did still inflate to its maximum capacity even with a very active pre-schooler jumping all over it. He was a bit disappointed when we eventually had to stop him from doing it in order to put some bedsheets on.

Dormeo Silver 5

Dormeo Silver 3

We were sent a Dormeo Silver Plus mattress to review. All opinions are my own

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Dearest Little Z at 3 years and 8 months


Hello Little Z,

I may have completely forgotten to do your monthly update till today. It’s not my fault, or entire routine has gone out the window during these summer holidays and it’s been one lazy fun filled week after another. I don’t think you’re going to be that keen to go back to pre-school. Or a decent bed time! You’re now 3 years and 8 months and I suppose we should start gearing up for your 4th birthday. Its ages yet though. 4 months is ages and still very much in 3 so I’ll just stay in denial for a tiny bit longer.

We’ve had some fun trips out including one last week to Eureka. You loved it so much I had to physically try to drag you out of there to no avail. We eventually made it to the car with you clinging to one of my legs. Your Daddy really wants to go now too. I’m not sure how I’ll ever get the two of you out of there.

This month you’ve really loved entertaining us with your newest type of chatter; that of story telling. You insist all day long that one of us should tell you a story and, amazingly, you will sit sill for ages wide eyed and listen to us make up stories on the spot. You love having a go yourself too and every story starts “Once upon a time” and off your imagination goes into all sorts of weird and wonderful directions.

We are slightly concerned that you have somehow learnt all about the concept of death. We have no idea where you have picked it up from and we’re pretty sure neither CBeebies nor Nick Jr. ever really talks about it. You now incorporate someone’s death into your stories but they’re usually ok again within the next breath which is a relief. It sounds a bit eery for someone so small to be talking about death so anytime you want to stop doing it is fine by us.

A bit of a scary thing happened the other day when you were sat in my lap rubbing your eye. I noticed a bit of blood on the back of your hand and then noticed your eye was bloody. Reacting in shock made you burst into tears as we tried to examine the inside of your bleeding eye whilst whisking you off to urgent care. It was a bit freaky looking at you crying bloody tears but thankfully it’s meant to be a common thing that happens when children run their eyes a bit too hard. A 4 hour wait later we wearily trundled back home again and collapsed into bed feeling a bit daft. Still. Bloody eyes are a bit scary. You’re enjoying telling people about your time in the waiting room though, particularly the tale of one drunken man who needed to be pinned down by 4 policemen. Not something a 3 year old sees everyday. It took about an hour to calm him down and you spent a bit of time with your hands over your ears to block out his shouting.

It feels like the calm before the storm at the moment. The next few months will be filled with your uncles wedding, a trip up to Scotland and some more hopefully exciting things that are in the process of being sorted. It could mean a pretty different 2015 so it’s all a bit daunting right now. We’re handling it by …errr…mostly ignoring it all really which is an excellent tactic in my book. What shall be shall be eh!

So until next time, I shall leave you with a few of my fave pics of Eureka. No doubt next month I will be panicking about all the last minute wedding arrangement. Mmwah!







Things I’ve Learnt In My Thirties

As I turn “mid thirties” today I’ve realised that you kind of just mentally stop aging once you reach your twenties. You just become older and try to fluke and discover your way through life. In fact, they should just scrap the thirties and have you just go through the 20s all over again. So as I turn 35 25 today, these are some of the things I’ve learnt in my thirties..twenties..ok thirties..bah.

1. Your life plan becomes somewhat fuzzy. Growing up I wanted to be a teacher, a doctor, a nurse, a wife, a mum to 3, a bank worker, an internationally travelling business woman of some sort. I’m a wife, a mum to one and a nationally travelling woman of the IT sort. I’m not sure what should come next. I’m not too fussed either.

2. Your metabolism slows down. Really really slows down. In fact I think it’s just switched off. I’ve had to start exercising and eating in moderation. What the heck? Stoopid metabolism.

3. I will probably be completely grey by 40 if my current observations are anything to go by. As a teen I would dye my hair fantastic colours, desperate to get it looking anything but black. I am now desperate to get it looking just black.

4. I never saw myself living in a teeny tiny sleepy town and liking it. I was always going to be the girl that lived in the modern funky apartment on the doorstep of all the big brand shops and coffee places. I now live on a tiny street where the average age is about 50, my direct neighbours are in their 80s and a very lovely kind boy does the entire streets lawn and paper round. And I love it.

5. It took me to my thirties to realise how beautiful Yorkshire is. I’ve been driving through all the towns this summer on a little discovery of it all. When we sell our house it’s going to be described on right move as “on the cusp of the Yorkshire Dales”. We have no intention of moving though.

6. I probably will never stop wanting to achieve everything. I don’t think you can “have it all” and the balance between career, motherhood, personal aspirations is not really a balance at all. It’s a massive juggling act that is likely to last for another 10 years at least. It’s probably good to realise that. It’s also probably good to try anyway. Because you never know.

7. I need to see New York before I’m 40. I plan to runaway to it at 39 if there’s no sight of it before then. I need to latch on Las Vegas and maybe San Francisco onto that trip.

8. I used to think Far East Asia was pretty but not really for me. I was so wrong. It’s an amazing part of the world with a fantastic mix of traditional and modern. I’d love to go back one day.

9. It doesn’t matter where in the world your friends or family are. It really is a small world and the wonders of modern technology will keep you sniggering like a teen pretty much daily.

10. You really do stop caring what people think and just do what you like (mostly). Life really is too short. I’d shake the worrying 14 year old me if I had a time machine.

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But I Dont Want To Sit In A High Chair

Having a child that thinks dinner, lunch and anything else involving any kind of food is a complete waste of time is a bit challenging when we’re out and about. To Little Z, life should all be about fun and running and playing with toys. Food doesn’t feature on that list at all. Meat is bad. Veg is bad. Pulses are bad. Fish fingers and pasta are ok. And fruit is amazing. Yep…fruit. Bizarrely he absolutely loves fruit and my parents regularly joke about how a meat loving pair have ended up with a seemingly veggie child.

Little Z has always been on the skinny side and, like any good medal deserving parent, I’ve always taken full advantage of this when it comes to high chairs. We found he fit into a lot of the bigger toddler ones for quite a while and would speedily whisk him into one as soon as we enter a restaurant. He’d happily get distracted by the crayons and colouring sheets for a while before realising he couldn’t escape. We were happy and he was happy (mostly).

Then over the last few months he’s suddenly had a few growth spurts and the day came when we realised he would have to sit in a proper chair. With no belt. With complete freedom in sight. With the capacity to shoot off in any direction a 3 year old wants to. His little face lights up each time we visit somewhere. As if he’s scanning the proximity of the place quickly go get his bearings of what will be his new playground. With a cautious “I don’t want to sit in a high chair” thrown our way. As if to check. A smile on his face as we tell him he can sit on a proper chair.

Uh oh.

The first few times was spent trying to persuade a squirmy eager boy to sit still as we made lame threats and promises of no ice cream / lots of ice cream / new toy / no toy. Then came the “that waiter is looking” trick which worked for a while. Then came the chasing him about whilst trying to eat and relax and not play a bickering tag team game with the hubby phase. I don’t think this this last phase ever ends.

And after months of scooping him up
repeatedly has come a handful of outings where he’s sat down (mostly!) through the entire meal. And entertained himself and us through non stop chatter and stories. He only lasts till about dessert time but I will take that as a complete success. Could it be?

Little Z has learnt how to sit still?


 photo 93142f35-6d39-479f-b3de-d94dbca68162_zps58499252.jpg