Win a £75 iTunes or Google Voucher with HTC One M9

There is a fantastic giveaway on the blog this month, courtesy of Three Mobile to celebrate the launch of the brand new HTC One M9.

HTC One M9

If there’s one thing I love is to take one too many photos with my phone and then to message it to everyone I know. Ever since Little Z came along that’s probably increased about three fold. The HTC One M9 has an impressive 20 megapixel camera, a 26.8mm lens and a standby battery life of 402 hours it gives a trigger happy phone lover the perfect little gadget to take along to all trips.

Three Mobile are offering one very lucky winner a £75 Google or an iTunes voucher depending on your phone. All you have to do to enter the giveaway is to answer one question by leaving a comment below:

“What’s the best photo editing app and why”

For a bonus entry you can tweet about the comp with whatever you would like. Please remember to also include the following:

#CompWithHTC @notmyyearoff…ith-htc-one-m9/

(Please leave an additional comment to confirm you’ve tweeted, thanks!)

A winner will be picked at random on the 1st June 2015 and will be informed via email.

Terms and Conditions for Entrants

1. The competition will run for 30 days from the date of announcement.

2. To enter the competition, participants must submit a comment with the answer to the question published on the competition post (‘What’s the best photo editing app and why?’). Additionally entrants can take part sharing their comment on Twitter using the hashtag provided.

3. The entry must include the hashtag #CompWithHTC.

4. The prize is a £75 apps voucher (either Google Play or iTunes).

5. Participants must be a resident of the UK to win The Prize.

6. This competition is not restricted to HTC users – any individual who owns a mobile phone can enter.

Good luck!

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Dearest Little Z – Schools, Babies and Red Trainers

Hello Little Z,

We found out what school you’re getting into shortly after midnight a couple of weeks ago and your Daddy and I were very surprised but relieved you got into your first choice of primary school. It’s a tiny school which can’t have a massive intake but lucky for us they gave you a place and it was a very good feeling. Till the next morning that is when someone put a lot of doubts in a my mind for a bit and I had a bit of a wobbler about whether I’d done the right thing. Your blunt Daddy snapped me straight out of it with some choice words about the wobbler instigator and I relaxed and was relieved at the school choice all over again. I can’t believe we have about four months to go and things will change a lot all over again. Your best friend is going to a different school and that worries me a bit. I know you’ll make new friends and we’ve already broken the news to you that you won’t be together. You don’t look too pleased at that but hopefully that means you’ll be used to it by the time September comes round. You are enjoying the sun and football a lot in the meantime so we’ll just pretend school is far far away.


Your nursery manager asked me if I was pregnant last week as the bump has suddenly doubled in size and there’s no hiding it anymore. When I told her I was she burst into tears and then I embarrassingly followed suit and burst into tears too. You stood there watching the both of us confused about why these ladies in your life were so teary. She quizzed me further about whether it was planned and I explained the situation and we both ended up in tears again. I never cry in public so I couldn’t stop cringing afterwards. I blame the hormones. Its not my fault.

You continue to randomly ask us when we’re getting the baby from the shop and we keep telling you its still not quite ready. You do try to jump on me so much that, one time, I entered into the “the baby is growing in my tummy” territory. You looked absolutely horrified and speechless as if such a concept could just not be possible. We’ve quickly gone back to the shop scenario. Our next scan is so early in the morning that we will have to take you and I think your face is going to be quite the picture. Hopefully you won’t look as horrified as you did the first time.

We are away soon on holiday and we can not wait! It’ll probably be our last holiday as a family of three but it will be so nice to just lounge about and relax for a good couple of weeks. I’m not really looking forward tot he long flight very much but I’m hoping a plethora of pillows will keep me nicely cushioned and comfortable. You and Daddy went and bought some very very bright red trainers and you insist on wearing them everywhere. They are blindingly bright and I think they’re about one shade away from being UV glow in the dark. They’re not quite what I would have picked but you love them so we’ll just have to not look directly at them for a while till our eyes become accustomed to them.


You also have a “Hulk bear” that is your current favourite. You love the Avengers right now and although I love making you say “Captain Amewica” about 200 times a day, your favourite is Hulk. You’ve never seen any of the movies, on account of them not being suitable for little kiddies but you have seen the lego version of it and I think, one day you’ll love all the films. For now though you’re liking making Hulk bear go for walks and cross the road safely.


Let's Talk Mommy

Loud n Proud – When the niggles mean good things

Hello everyone!

The weather is glorious and hopefully a heat wave is on its way from somewhere, anywhere. I have pretty much been moaning over the last couple of weeks of an achey body due to “hormones” which has triggered SPD. Its not that joyous but apparently it just naturally affects a percentage of women through every pregnancy. Nice. I’ve written about weeks 16 and 17 of my pregnancy here.

For all the little niggles it’s caused it does make me very grateful that it means the pregnancy is going well, and the baby is, so far, doing well. It’s always a brilliant feeling of relief to hear the heartbeat beating away at almost double the speed of an adult, oblivious to everything except its little home listening to all our of our voices and becoming familiar with those that will love it once its time to be born. I get the feeling it will know Little Z very well. With his chatterbox voice and 3 million daily questions his is probably the voice the baby hears the most. Hopefully this means the baby will take him instantly and Little Z will hopefully make a good little assistant. Sometimes I’m not so sure when he stands in front of a door whilst I hold every single thing he’s asked me to carry, and then asks me to open it, but here’s hoping.

So this week I’m not so much Loud and Proud, but more quietly grateful its all going well so far. Hopefully the next 20 weeks bring with it a bit of relief and a pregnancy that carries on progressing well.

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Pregnancy Diary – Week 16 and 17. The rage and the reigning it in a bit!

Pregnancy week 17

I knew the hormones would hit sooner or later. Last time they came in the form of lots of sobbing. Anything and everything would set me off. Having a nice clean house, seeing a crappy bit actor vampire get killed on the The Vampire Diairies, and one time I even cried after realising I made it a week without crying! Pesky hormones.

This time I smugly thought I may have escaped all the weeping. But then I realised they came in the form of full blown earth moving RAGE!! My fishwife nagginess reached all new levels over the last fortnight. So much so that I’m pretty sure that the neighbours impromptu visit to the South was not that impromptu. As Little Z has been dished his own batch of brand new whining hormones we are both having our emotions strummed a bit like Brian May’s guitar. Fast and with a lot of fury. The poor husband didn’t make eye contact with anyone for a while and I’m surprised he didn’t build himself a cushion fort for protection. He’s not the only poor soul that suffered. A friend happened to ask how I was feeling and I took that opportune moment to be extremely honest in a way that would probably make a tornado look pretty timid.

I’m pleased to say the rage has now subsided and I hope it doesn’t come back. I may have to buy those Cyclops glasses if I do have any kind of relapse.

I’ve been referred for physio this week, hurrah!!! My bones still ache but I now have a humongous looking pelvic support belt. As I said to a friend this week, I used to think pregnant waddler ladies were trying to carry around a huge bump all day long, and maybe some of them are. But I’ve since found some pregnant waddlers are doing it because their bones ache when walking. At least, it feels like bones. I think I have about a tiny smidge of elegance left when I’m mobile. Then I am going to just embrace the waddling whole heartedly. And melt them with my cyclops melting rays if anyone displeases me with any funny comments.

I’ve also decided I need to reign the cravings in slightly. I’m still very much enjoying eating my way through every cuisine I can find and, wow, is it nice! One day last week I decided it was the turn of the keema naan. That amazing soft hot flat bread with a deep filling of spicy mince meat, cooked to perfection on a flat hot plate. Yummm. There is a teeny tiny shop about a half hour drive from me that sells the best ones I have ever tasted. Ever. So of course I had to drive there as soon as the thought of them ping’d into my head. Unfortunately I found the teeny tiny shop has closed down and no-one quite knows whether they have gone for good or simply moved somewhere else. So I went about using the powers of Google to find out where it may have been relocated to, since I knew it had moved once in its past already, so it was possible, right? About an hour later I was none the wiser about the keema naan shop. I DID, however, find every single detail about the owner of the shop, some of their flour delivery related incidents with the council, his home address, a picture of his house and his electoral information. Wow. Google is good. As are my stalker skills. The hubby eventually suggested I should probably give up that particular battle. Maybe I could go round to his house and simply ask? Ultra politely? If anyone *does* happen to make the best keema naans in the world then please post them to me. Thank you! Oh, and I get to have a baby scan next week. EEEK, so exciting!

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Cravings Glorious Cravings

I knew it would happen from the first time I was pregnant. I have become completely addicted to ALL sorts of food and am currently swinging from one food craving to another. There doesn’t seem to be any logic to it really and the theory of “cravings are your way of your body telling you what you need” don’t really seem to ring true to me. After all, I’m pretty sure my body is not actually NEEDING Pot Noodle. Curry flavour ones. Very very nice Pot Noodle. With the mango chutney. Hmmm. It is possible my body is craving omega 3 fish source though and a love of sardines has been born. I may as well go have tea with my very elderly 80 something neighbours. Sardines on toast is something that is highly underrated and so delicious.

Last time the cravings seemed to be all about the meat, red meat to be precise. I also vaguely recall finishing an entire spit of Donner meat. Umm, eww. This time there is no pattern to anything but I am fairly confident I could take on the guy in Man Vs. Food and get my picture on various walls through the USA. Imagine that? I reckon they probably don’t allow pregnant women to enter. Thinking about it, I’ve never seen one in the audience declaring she’d previously smashed it!

Over the last few weeks I’ve had one very sympathetic probably doing anything for a bit of peace husband drive me about from destination to destination as I attempt to eat my way through the North West of the UK.

I do realise I probably need to reign the mad cravings missions in a tiny bit. Particularly my frequent visits to Subway at 8am. At first I was a bit paranoid they would look at me like some kind of lunatic. But to my relief there is another guy who visits at exactly the same time. I’m pretty sure he’s not pregnant so I can only deduce he has a subway addiction he needs to be treated for. The order is the same for him every single day; 6 inch chicken teriyaki with all the salad and no sauce. I preferred to make my way through the menu for about two weeks before settling on the veggie patty with all the salad and wonderful jalapenos and sweet chilli sauce. Heaven. Gone by about 11am.

So to give you a flavour of my cravings, glorious cravings, here are some pictures of some of my favourites over the last month. Everything from salty tomatoes to red onions, to lamb biryani, to sour sweets, to coconut biscuits, to grilled smokey sardines, to chocolate rabbits, to ice cold ice pops, to amazing thai mango salad.
If it helps, you should imagine the food advert styling that Marks and Spencers use for all their adverts. Which, by the by, wow…


chocolate rabbit


ice lollies


You’ll have to just imagine this is curry flavour. I’ve run out of them…
pot noodle

Maternity Matters~ Ghostwritermummy

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