Dearest Little Z at 3 years and 9 months

Hello Little Z,

So you’re 3 years and 9 months old and back to pre-school again. You’ve moved up a group now and its strange to see some of the children have disappeared and joined the big world of primary schools. The ultra smiley and huggy boy that would hug absolutely everyone as they entered the building has gone too. You really liked him even if you didn’t admit it. I wonder if he’s now hugging teachers at his new school. You’re definitely a lot more confident this year and the key workers have commented on how you don’t shut up. So I know for certain you like it there.

Can you believe it’ll be your uncles wedding next month? The way you two squabble is like having two little children to look after. You absolutely love all the shopping that’s been going on and love coming on all the countless trips to organise everything. You’ve gotten so used to going out on different trips that you’ve been talking in your sleep at 3am asking where we’re all going today. You’re not liking routine too much right now but I think we can all do with a slight bit of routine back again.

You are still going going strong with all your stories and ask for them all the time. Your favourite books right now are the Fearsome Beastie and Jampires. You like the latter so much you’ve started eating jam sandwiches. I’m definitely not complaining but jam sandwiches at 8pm are probably not the best idea.

We have just come back from Edinburgh and we all loved it lots. I was a bit nervous about driving 3 to 4 hours up to Scotland and the risk of you needing a wee within seconds (and a wet car seat!) but you were brilliant and its been a bit of a mini milestone; confidence in long journeys. You loved it so much on holiday, besides being slightly confused why “holiday” didn’t involve an aeroplane, and kept trying to talk to random strangers. The people of Edinburgh were really friendly and lots asked your name and where you were from. You’d then suddenly shut up and shyly try to hide behind us all until they held up their hand to indicate the universal sign of a high 5.

Really strangely you loved the bagpipe players so much you stood watching one for about 5 minutes on one occasion and wouldn’t move. Or blink. We kept trying to persuade you to move on but didn’t want to cause a scene by scooping you up under our arm pits. The bagpipe player looked really pleased to have a little fan for so long. You were also captivated by the “lady with the accordion” and asked to go find her a few days after we’d seen her. She was pretty good I have to admit and had played the Game of Thrones theme tune as one of her songs. Edinburgh is a lot of fun for children and you loved the zoo and the Camera Obscura, a place filled with the art of mirrors and illusions, so much fun for everyone. You loved darting about the maze of mirrors till you ran straight into some mirrors, several times. You eventually stopped and held my hand for the rest of the way.

You weren’t that interested in the spectacular views, preferring instead to run like the wind and then stop suddenly to admire something. You did climb the 287 steps of the Scot Monument though. It got so narrow at the top we could feel the walls brush against us on either side. We met an American couple who loved chatting to you. You eventually tried to sing Twinkle Twinkle to them in the Rosslyn Chapel and we kept trying to shush you during the tour guides narrative of the construction. They were on a 3 week tour of a lot of Scotland and it sounded amazing. Maybe one day we could do that too.

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Edinburgh Z

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A Trip To Edinburgh

Edinburgh has always been on my list of places to visit but we’ve never quite made it up North. I always find all trips booked come at the worst of time and the best of times. There’s always something else that needs to be done before you go but, when you do eventually hit the road, its the nicest feeling putting everything behind you (or at least on pause) for a few days. I was mainly looking forward to taking a million photos of all the old buildings and history that encompasses and makes up Edinburgh. I never realised it would be SO child and family friendly and we spent our days running from museum to historic monument taking it all in.

Edinburgh is all beauty and stairs. A city built with an amazingly careful eye with all its winding streets and beautiful structures erected perfectly on the steepest of hills. You could be in a place and look out the window on one side to look out straight onto the pavement. Then walk across the room and look out and find that you were two storeys up on another. Flights of stone steps tie all the hills and buildings together and give your calves the biggest power workout you could have in a few days. For a bustling busy city it has a lovely balance of young city culture as well as a calmness you could raise your family in. We saw children on a daily basis in droves walking to or from school and I found myself dreaming, wanting to buy a holiday house there with my cousins who had come up a couple of days after us. I probably should have about 8 to 10 dream houses dotted about in different countries by now. :)

We happened to be there at what felt like a very historic time. With the Scottish referendum vote happening on the 18th every conversation overheard was about the Yes / No vote. There was numerous TV debate teams dotted about and marches during the Saturday. All very peaceful from what we witnessed but absolutely huge and it made you wonder how something of that scale could be organised so quickly.

Little Z was in running heaven. Running up cobbled streets, running up flights of stairs and transfixed by every bagpipe player he saw. He asked for one a couple of times saying he “needed” it and we managed to distract him with promises of “maybe later”. Edinburgh Zoo was a particular favourite of his, which probably deserves its own post, and we could have spent the entire day there wandering about admiring all the animals. Our own favourites were the Scot Monument with its 287 steps ascending up a spiral staircase, the amazing views and the castle which overlooks the whole city and just wandering around the maze of streets and alleys and flights of stairs that would lead out to yet another beautiful and enigmatic part of the city. Unfortunately we didn’t make it up Arthur’s Seat as we weren’t sure whether it would be doable with a 3 year old (and if we did whether he would stay relatively still and not want to leg it over the side of the cliffs). So that’s something we’ll have to go back for. We made a pit stop to Rosslyn Chapel on the way home mainly as I wanted to see where the Da Vinci code had been filmed and found myself walking away learning about all the mysteries of this unique church.

We already have plans to go back and maybe venture a bit more North to see the rest of Scotland. Maybe next time we’ll be taking our passports with us.

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Edinburgh castle

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Edinburgh Royal Mile


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The First day back at Pre-School

After a very very long summer break I knew it was going to be a bit of a struggle getting Little Z excited about going to Pre-school again. As the start of September got closer I started reminding him about how he would soon have to go and he would have lots of fun. I was always met with a scowl or a pouty lip and then the pull on the heart strings…”But I want to stay home with you”. Then he would abandon me within minutes of better or more fun company. I knew the big break would put him back a bit and I was fully expecting tears.

As the days of preschool got closer, I ramped up the reminders and he ramped up the upset face and I started dreading it slightly. I knew it was playing on his mind a bit when he woke up on Sunday morning to negotiate another days holiday,

“Mummy we not go nursery today. We go Nana house today and I go nursery tomorrow”.

Thankfully he doesn’t know the days of the week too well and I bargained hard with him and made me promise he would absolutely go the day after. He watched my face cautiously as he wondered if I would really let him off going to pre-school that day. Was I really going to let him stay at home one more day? He let himself trust me and accepted victory. We reminded him all day about how we were letting him off pre-school that day and he rejoiced in telling everyone about his bonus day off leaving off the bit about having to go the day after.

The morning after did arrive as did the pouty teary face and requests of going to Nanas house instead. After some coaxing and reminders of all his friends, excitement suddenly clicked in his head and he couldn’t go soon enough. So the next hour was spent asking upteen times whether it was time to go yet and to “hurry up mummy!”. I think I was more excited that him to see his old keyworker, who had left for new adventures, had had a change of heart over the summer and had come back. Little Z pottered over to her happily and didn’t look back. She won’t be his keyworker going forward but I was relieved that she was there to settle him back in. Apparently he didn’t shut up for the whole session so I think he’s well and truly set

tled back in.

Everything a year older. Everything back to happy normal and everything about to change in a year as Little Z enters the big school world. Once we apply that is.

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Not My Year Off

Life and Flip Flops with Socks

It’s been a strange and sad kind of few days. Coincidentally the hubby and I have each lost someone we’ve known for a really long time and we’ve been a bit like passing ships with the funerals and just generally being with friends and family at a sad time. It’s made us both take a bit of a step back and take stock of all the good in our lives and reflect on the lives of those that have passed. When you become a blogger there is a temptation to sometimes write about everything buzzing through your head and the risk of over sharing. I could write a huge long post on the aunt that passed (a friend’s mum), but it wouldn’t be right of me to do it. What I will say about her is that over the last few days, through observing the sheer number of people that have come to pay their respects, is that she was a genuinely amazing person. She lived the simplest of lives, without ever becoming involved in drama, and attracted an immense amount of love and friendship through her kind nature. To have people flock to you without courting the lime light that people love so much these days shows a pretty wonderful character and soul.

Through the cloud of sadness and stumbling through difficult times, there are the little young people that are oblivious to what’s going on. The little hurricanes that just want to play be happy and provide much needed moments of relief and laughter and comfort. The ones that provide that extra special hug happily for about 30 seconds before breaking free for their next adventure.

Our own little hurricane has been no different. Determined to keep hold of summer, Little Z tried to find ways he could still wear his Mickey Mouse Haviannas that little bit longer. We were so late to go out I ended up letting him. Thankfully he’s decided since that shoes are a bit more practical. Hopefully this means he no longer thinks flip flops with socks is acceptable attire.


He’s also working hard on his negotiation skills this week. There is a huge reluctance to go back to pre-school and I know there will be plenty of tears on the first day back after the very long summer break. He woke on Sunday morning and brokered his deal,

“We won’t go nursery today, can we go Nana house today?”

Me: “Hmm, I don’t know. Will you promise to go tomorrow?”

Little Z looking pleased: “Yes. We not go today but I go tomorrow”

I spent most of the day reminding him about his excellent negotiation skills and resulting victory. I’m hoping this means a better drop off come Monday.

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The Journey Into CBeebies

After 3 long years I get the feeling that Little Z is starting to expand his TV watching horizons beyond CBeebies. A bit of Peppa Pig here, a bit of Bubble Guppies there. It’s only small little steps out of the safe little world he’s been engrossed in up till now but I know there will soon be a transition to other channels and programmes which makes me a bit sad. I love CBeebies now. I didn’t always used to. In fact, if I look back, there was a few phases that eventually got me sucked right in.

Probably ones that will inevitably get a lot of parents. Probably ones like this…

Initially the “Who the heck would watch this?” phase.

You own a 3 month old Little Z and you feel like a permanent zombie from being up all night.

You love watching back to back repeats on E4 and, our of curiosity, flick over to CBeebies to see what’s on.

Something called “In the night garden was coming on”. Why is the girls skirt flapping up and down? Why is that Iggle Piggle avoiding bed at all costs? Why is he sailing away into the darkness at the end?…..By himself? Did someone write this when they were a bit high?

You realise your 3 month old more interested in sucking his fists and you happily go back to watching glorious E4 repeats and forget about CBeebies for a while.


Then the “How did we start watching this so regularly?” phase

Your child is a couple of months older and is loving having CBeebies on especially the flappy skirt girl and the blue boy that resists bed time.

You realise it’s a great little thing for after bath time with all the floaty tunes and equally floaty characters.

You like the poc pocs even though they really just look like hoping onions.

You try to limit the time your child is staring wide eyed at it and, if you’re honest you still don’t get a lot of it. What the heck is a Squiglet anyway?

The “Why does CBeebies rule our house?” phase…

You realise your child is now talking and asking for it on all the time.

To this day you don’t really understand Granny Murray at all and try to dissuade Little Z from watching her. It doesn’t work and you spend the the rest of the trying to block out the “Me Too” ear worm”.

You unashamedly try to use CBeebies on iplayer as bribery outside to try to get Little Z to eat.

You’re secretly smug when Little Z points to her and shouts “Mummy!” and tell anyone that will listen.

Mummy Cbeebies

The “Oh no, they’re going to change the schedule” phase….

You hear rumours they’re going to change the schedule.

You start wondering if it’s true.

You realise you’re worried they’re going to change the schedule.

They’re not going to change the schedule are they?

Oh no, they changed the schedule. What the heck is this Alphablocks.

Ok ok…it’s ok. Everything is fine. He likes it.

The “I think I like CBeebies a bit too much” phase…

You start persuading Little Z that an episode of Charlie and Lola would be good to watch. You “completely absolutely” love Lola

You’re a bit annoyed when Little Z would rather watch Grandpa in my Pocket. Why does he never sit in one place? Doesn’t he know he could be accidentally crushed under someone’s foot?

You start following news about CBeebies Live and grab tickets as soon as they’re out.

CBeebies Live

Watching CBeebies for an afternoon is no longer torturous.

You worry what this means for the state of your adult mind. You don’t actually really care and do another rendition of the Sarah and Duck theme tune together. You love how Little Z pronounces “Strawberry Louffle” – that episode is your favourite.

I think I will miss it when he eventually gives it up.

(First Photo credited to BBC and CBeebies.)

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