Win £20 worth of Funky Giraffe Bibs

Little Z was an ultra drooly baby when he was much younger especially during the teething phase which seemed to last absolutely forever. Each teeth had decided to pop out one at a time so we went through cycles of him being all grizzly, then snotty, then drooly. After drenching the top rims of his tops I made the brilliant discovery of bandana bibs. Very stylish and triangular shaped they jazzed up all his outfits and were a much nicer touch to his outfits than the big classic square shaped ones. So we then spent the next year buying about a hundred of them!


Funky Giraffe are a company that design and manufacture bandana bibs and other baby accessories. They have a vast range of designs that would make any baby look stylish. Their personalised bibs are particularly cute.


They also have a lovely collection of hats, mittens, socks, burps and a lot of other much needed baby accessories.


Funky Giraffe are offering one reader the chance to win a collection of their sets which you can view here (to the value of £20).


To enter all you need to do is leave a blog post comment saying you’d like to win. For a bonus entry you can also tweet (via the Rafflecopter below!).

This giveaway will end on Friday 2nd December at midnight after which a winner will be picked at random. Please note – The prize will only be shipped within the UK.

Good luck!

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Things my 3 year old could be when he grows up

3 year old careers

For a few weeks now my college teacher friend had asked if I would talk to her class about my career in IT to give them a flavour of career prospects in the wonderful world of computing. After various lame excuses I eventually caved and went along to inspire a bunch of teens who hopefully wouldn’t think I was boring. I got very into the swing of things and none of them fell asleep. In fact, they even asked questions (mostly revolving around “How much do you earn?”). I think it was a success and my friend confirmed the next day they had found it interesting. Phew!

It got me thinking about how hard it is for kids to think about careers and wondered what my own Little Z might like to be when he grows up. He hasn’t whacked out an amazing masterpiece on the piano yet or shown any signs of breaking records to become the youngest Microsoft certified so the jury is still out on his career aspirations.
From careful observation though I have thought of some things my 3 year old could be when he grows up. Here are just some of them…

An Architecht / Builder…
If a piece of furniture can be moved in our house at the moment then it will be moved faster than the blink of an eye and become part of his “House”. I now spend my days navigating around our nest of coffee tables all arranged to build an indoor den perfect for little people that can scurry about on all fours quickly. It’s like watching the Magneto of household items shifting everything about constantly. His skills are currently limited to building for people 3 foot and under. Failed attempts at squeezing my 5 foot self under a coffee table has confirmed this.

A Parkour Artist…
You know, the guys that seem to run up buildings and high structures and then leap about all nimble and Tigger like. Little Z would be perfect at this. His usual structures of choice for parkour-ing are the sofa, the park climbing frame and slide and the kitchen units. If it’s climbable then its leapable, often without any kind of fear and without any checks for a safe landing spot. I’ve discovered over the last year that its possible for a mid-30 something year old to almost have a frequent number of heart attacks whilst catching a preschooler that thinks he’s something kind of bouncing ball.

A Barber
Little Z will now give absolutely everyone a hair cut, every week. Whether you ask for one or not. I suppose being proactive about grooming is a pretty good trait to have and shows initiative. It’s usually when you’re about to make yourself comfy on the couch though. A towel or any kind of random blanket will be thrown around your neck and you hear the familiar sound of a 3 year old making hair trimmer sound effects. The haircut will then follow, mostly “freestyled”. If you’re lucky your hair will also be combed for you afterwards. You are then charged anywhere between £1.50 and £20 for what is essentially the same haircut every single time. With a remote control.

A Time teller
Is that a career? I’m not sure. But even before Little Z owned a watch he could magically tell time by looking down at his bare wrist. Like a cute small walking version of the Big Ben. Times can be pretty random though. I’m sure it was “Twenty o’clock” a few days ago. Time telling frequency has increased drastically ever since we got him a real watch.

A Doctor
Little Z is obsessed with all things medical, particularly his little doctor kit. As with his barbering skills, he will whisk out all the little gadgets from his doctors bag and methodically take everyone’s blood pressure, inject them with something random, check their pulse and have a good look in their ears. One load of guests a few days ago got additional checks in the form of having their reflexes tested, on both knees. The group of 4 politely obliged as they all tried to natter away to each other simultaneously. As Little Z completed his investigations and packed away his paraphernalia, my brother inquired about the diagnosis he had come to. After a seconds pause Little Z concluded, “I think they died”.

Maybe we need to try lure him down the path of his Mummy and Daddy and try a career in IT.

Loud n Proud

Over in the Not My Year Off house we have been mostly pottering about over the last week amongst trying to get up off our bums and organise some big things. Like Little Z’s 4th birthday party. I have to confess, so far I have done pretty much zilch and time is ticking on. With his birthday being close to Christmas I need to get super organised and super fast especially if I want cakes from the bakery that I love to bits. They have a talented team of artists squirreled away on the first floor of their shop. You don’t really see them very much. All the amazing finished creations find themselves being transported to the ground floor shop which smells COMPLETELY of glorious cake.

In a week where we haven’t been overly productive I DID do one thing. I decided on the themes of his parties and have found (but not yet bought) party decorations and hats and banners and all manners of fun things. I have decided we are going to have one Minions themed party and one Olaf themed birthday. And I’m pretty proud of finally making the decision. So I just have to get a crack on now and get it all sorted!

SO now its your turn. Come link up all your posts about any proud moment you have. Have you been like me and done not so much (besides a highly important decision?) Or have you reached a milestone that you’d love to share?

Loud n Proud is a linky all about your little and big proud moments, whether its about you or your family. All new and old, small and big posts welcome. Just grab the badge and use the linky tools below. The linky is open till Sunday night.

Next week your friendly host will be Suzanne from 3 Children and It

Not My Year Off

Dearest Little Z – At 3 years and 11 months

Hello Little Z!

So it’s the last month you’re going to be Three. The year really have flown by and we should be starting to plan for your birthday party next month when you turn the grand old age of 4. Wow! In some ways it feels like you should still be 3 for at least a few more months but in other ways it does feel right you’re turning a year older.

We can’t get anything past you anymore and you have an answer for everything. You’re like a little Columbo who knows when we’re fibbing and will regularly retort with “No it isn’t!” then correct us with whatever the fact of the matter is. I should probably buy you a long oversized coat and be done with. You continue to be very stubborn (like your Daddy ..of course) but say the funniest things on an almost daily basis. I realised last week you’d never seen anyone light up a cigarette before. You watched the man outside the cafe we were sat in and stared a good while before turning to me a bit confused asking, “Mummy, why is that man putting a candle in his mouth? Its hot!”. Thankfully the man couldn’t hear you through the window but he did glance over once as you carried on gawping at him in surprise and confusion.

You seem to have the memory of an elephant now and NEVER EVER forget something, even if its only been uttered the once. It’s impressive but obviously comes back to bite me on the bum repeatedly. Like the other day when I pulled up in the petrol station forecourt, you asked me why I needed petrol. Absent mindedly I quipped it was because “Your Daddy used it all up!”. (which, to be fair, he did!). A couple of days later we all got in the car to go out and you put on your best telling off voice and firmly came out with “Daddy! Why did you finish Mummy’s petrol??”. Your Daddy laughed with surprise and I laughed with a different kind of surprise, making am mental note to watch more of what I say.

As you get older its really amusing having a full conversation with you. It’s equally entertaining watching you make stories up and passing them off as real events. Especially as you have an imaginary friend again and keep making more plans to go visit him at his house. At least, I think he’s imaginary. I should really look at all the pre-school coat pegs for names again just to double check. For a while you would keep glancing at your bare wrist and telling us what time it is. You know have your very own watch which you place next to Daddy’s each night and put on every morning and proceed to tell everyone whatever time you think it is. It’s “half past 8″ a lot according to that little watch of yours.

We’ve been visiting zoos and legoland and trying to see Reindeers. Alas the queue was too long for the reindeer so we have to go back for that. You weren’t too bothered once you got to sit in a car made entirely of Lego.

You made a little discovery this month whilst your Grandad was putting furniture togther and found that a magnetised screw driver will pick up metal screws. You spent a good hour “fishing” and making people join in. We’ve since bought you this. We spend some of our days regularly waiting for the fish to take the bait now.

Next month is going to be pretty exciting with your birthday and the holidays and everything else going on and it’ll be a nice way to wrap up the year too I think.


 photo 93142f35-6d39-479f-b3de-d94dbca68162_zps58499252.jpg

A Visit To Chester Zoo

During a very chilly day last weekend we suddenly felt we should pop into Chester Zoo. Little Z is always very keen to see some animals and, as he’s got older, appreciates real life ones as opposed to the cartoon ones he sees on TV regularly. It was probably not the best day to make a visit given that a doomy storm threatened over head on our way there, but we were nearly there by the point it looked like it was going to chuck it down and had we no choice but to wrap up warm or turn back. We decided to brave it and it was a brilliant day out. Since watching Our Zoo on TV I was really keen to see the place that George Mottershead, the founder of the zoo, had opened in 1931.

It is a vast estate which houses the zoo itself as well some very pretty gardens and is evidently a much loved place with a massive stream of visitors despite the chilly weather. If you’ve seen the series you’ll know it wasn’t an easy journey to opening his zoo with much uncertainty and objection from neighbouring residents. Open it did though and it’s gone onto becoming a firmly loved place within the North West.

Little Z was eager to get going once he got his hand on a map and it was amusing to watch him try to get his bearings on a pretty large zoo whilst looking at a map he couldn’t yet read. He was determined to guide us though so we saw very little of the routes we should be taking. Luckily there are sign posts every hundred yards or so and we ended up just winging it. With his new blue coat on that has been affectionately named “My Baa Baa Black sheep coat” (on account of the very fluffy wool lining) he refused to take his hood off for the entire day and we took to calling him Kenny (from South Park) on occasion. We were duly corrected each time.

As it was so cold, some of the animals preferred to understandably take sanctuary within their warm homes so unfortunately we didn’t get to see the elephants or much of the tigers properly. We did get a very close up view of the lion and lionesses though and observing their relationship with each other was a really nice sight to see.

Little Z thought each animal would respond to him if he called them. E.g. “Flamingoooooo! Flamgingoooooos!!!”
I think they were slightly busy standing on one leg in their big pond but I’m sure they would have come over otherwise. He was very impressed with the lions and kept running alongside the enclosure to get a good look at them, then asked to be picked up and put right next to them. As majestic and lovely as they looked we didn’t comply with that particular request of his. I think he was most impressed with his go in a Chester Zoo jeep!

The rhions are also a very worthy visit and their enclosure is heated up to a very warm temperature so its a brilliant place to warm up a bit if you’re feeling cold. As long as you don’t mind the slight whiff of manure.
Chester Zoo is one of those places that needs most of a day to get round and with our impromptu visit, we didn’t quite manage to see everything. It’s definitely a good excuse to go back for more sometime soon though. As well as maybe coupling it up with a trip to the nearby outlet village!

Here are some of the pics from our ultra chilly day. I definitely could do with a coat like his!















 photo 93142f35-6d39-479f-b3de-d94dbca68162_zps58499252.jpg

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