Working with Wood Resins for Epoxy

Epoxy Resins -Decoration Pieces You Can Buy Today

If you have ever worked with epoxy resins before, you may want to consider creating decorations on your own. This material is used to manufacture many different types of products including primaries, paint, adhesives, and certainly plastic items that you likely have in your home today. This material is made from polymers, ones that are very unique in their design and capabilities. It is through a chemical process that they can be construed in a liquid or solid form, allowing them to be utilized for many different purposes. If you would like to create decorations, here is how you can do this on your own.

How To Get Started

One of the easiest ways to get started is to start looking for kits that are sold on the web. They will have the exact type of epoxy resin for wood that you will need in order to pour this into a mold, form the items you want to make, and let them set until they are solid. If you do this on your own, without the molds, or without the proper amount or type of epoxy resins, you may not be able to make what you want. There are so many companies that produce these kits, you should be able to find one that will be very helpful.

What Type Of Decorations Can You Make?

Probably the most common type of hobby that people have when they are using epoxy resins is to make ornaments. You have probably seen many of these, at local stores, but you can also make them on your own. For example, during Christmas time, you may want to make ornaments for people that you know. This is a material it’s going to last for many years or even decades. There are easy to make, and will solidify in just a few hours, allowing you to create and package them ready for Christmas.

How To Find This Material

You can go online and quickly find these materials within minutes. You really have no idea how many there are. There are hundreds of companies that produce kits that will allow you to make many different products that are very easy to produce. If you are into arts and crafts, you will probably seen these before, but there are certain types that are better than others. What you are looking for is going to be specifically designed for the type of decorations that you would like to make, from Christmas ornaments to knickknacks that you can produce in days.

Decorative wooden pieces with Epoxy resin

Decorative wooden pieces can be crafted with epoxy resins to make them durable and decorative. Epoxy resin is a liquid that hardens over time into a solid material. This creates an interesting contrast in appearance for furniture, windowsills, or other wood-based items.

In this article we will walk you through the process of using these materials to create your own decorative piece of art!

Step One: Get Supplies and Equipment

-Wooden pieces of any size

-Epoxy resins, usually sold in liquid form but also available as a powder or solid kit

-Mixing cups

-Spoons for stirring

-Stir sticks to keep the epoxy from sticking to spoons while mixing.

Step Two: Prepare the Pieces

-Apply a thin layer of epoxy resin to all sides of the piece.

-Allow it to dry completely before repeating on each side for a total of three layers, with 15 minutes in between each coat. This will keep your pieces from warping and gives them extra protection as they are drying.

Step Three: Finish! -You can customize this process by using more than one type or color of epoxy resins, adding metallic paints like gold leafing or silver paint to create an interesting appearance, adding sandpaper for texture detail (good idea if you’re doing something decorative). In general though, these steps should give you everything that’s needed to get started crafting beautiful new wooden items.

Epoxy resin

Epoxy wooden pieces are unique form of art. Although the art is old but its become more popular now. A piece of Epoxy wood can sell for thousands of dollars. The most popular ones are tables, wall art, and decorations.

Most common type of wood used to make these crafts are oak, pine, walnut, cherry or other types that can be found in your local hardware store. Wood is usually cut into shapes like squares, rectangles or circles before being coated with Epoxy resin.

Decorative pieces will have a glossy finish which gives the appearance of glass without all the fragility and weight. The Urethane formulation has been shown to hold up better than acrylics when it comes to durability as well as scratch resistance if you’re using this for decorative purposes on furniture items such as tables and chairs.

Working with epoxy resins is fun. Creating these decorations may become a favorite hobby of yours. It’s perfectly safe, as long as you are using the epoxy resin that is not going to give off any bad vapors. Other than that, you will never have to worry about using this material. You may want to use gloves if you are overly cautious. Overall, it’s a great way to spend your extra time, creating decorations for festive occasions or to simply give someone a very special gift.