Finally, a blog!

Hello all!

Finally, I got off my bum and decided to create a blog. I’ve actually wanted to blog for quite a while but then things like a new born baby, sleepless nights, and general exhaustion got in the way. I am now a complete yummy mummy who lunches regularly and decided to blog about balancing a baby as well as a social life.

Well, ok, not really. I still class myself very much a “new mum” and am still learning how to do even the basics for a new baby. If I manage to get out and about during the week, as well as cook, clean and look after myself then that is a major achievement. So far, after 4.5 months, I still haven’t managed it. I give myself another 6. I think that’s fair isn’t it?

So why the blog? Besides the fact it’s quite cool to have a blog, I’d very much like to keep some kind of record of my baby adventures and share this with my friends, family and anyone else who likes to read my ramblings. My memory, it seems, disappeared with the end of my pregnancy and, coupled with still doing night feeds. Every. Single. Night, I need some way to look back and smile at the day-to-day antics of Baby Boy (who is now 4.5 months, flipping heck where has the time gone!) and not simply remember things like the night feeds. Dont get me wrong, they are lots of fun too. Hmmm.

Its also the first time in my life I am not either studying or working. When I was pregnant I stupidly had the idea that maternity leave would be a “year off work”. I would repeat this gleefully to anyone within ear shot and somehow managed not to see the knowing smirks from the folk that had already crossed over into parenthood. I think I realised after about the 2nd hour of having a baby that this was definitely Not My Year Off. Hence; the title. Genius. I know.

Oh…and finally, a bit about me. I am a very young 30 something living in the North West of England. I had my first baby in December 2010 and am still getting to grips with motherhood and the lack of memory. Its . This week I actually don’t want to go back to work. I never thought I’d feel like that after having worked my butt off very hard over the last 10 years to get where I am. I’m enjoying the time with baby and watching him turn into a cheeky smiler. Mind you, Upsy Daisy is starting to wind me up. I don’t get how her skirt flaps up and down. And Iggle Piggle running around trying not to go to bed? Actually, I might be running back to work come next year.

Go easy on me! I dont know much about blogging ettiquette yet!

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23 thoughts on “Finally, a blog!”

    1. Thank you Mrs. Yours is my first offical comment. And Thanks for encouraging me into it, it gave me the push I’ve wanted for a while.

  1. Wooohooooooo!!!!! Will add you to my blog roll and have subscribed! Can’t wait to read more.
    You just jogged my memory I used to say it’ll be my year off too haha forgot about that!!
    Great name great start!
    Cant wait for more! Now get to Cybermummy!x

    1. Thanks so much!! you know there are days I still try to turn it into a year off but I’m slowly giving up. Thanks for the blog roll add too, my first one. Very honoured 🙂

  2. Fab first blog. Look forward to reading more. Now. Switch cbeebies off. He is too young for it and you’ll get fed up of it *quite* fast enough when he starts wanting it on all the time. Watch something for yourself whilst you still can!!

    1. Hello! The email address threw me for a second!! 🙂 but sound advice. I am
      *still* making my way through the Royal Wedding.

  3. Oooh, another blog to read and get distracted by!! Fab first post, I always likened mat leave to a year off too, I think we all do it.
    Rachael is v right, get cBeebies off while you still can, give it another couple of months and you won’t have the choice (you’ll prob also be stalking…um I mean talking to Alex on Twitter like the rest of us).
    Btw Upsy Daisy’s skirt inflates so she can dance (she has a pull cord on it) and Iggle Piggle is some representation of a toddler, they run off when it’s time for bed too! I can’t watch Night garden anymore, the spacial stuff really bugs me, I mean how can Upsy Daisy & Iggle Piggle get in the bloody Ninky Nonk when at times they are bigger than it!! X

    1. Thanks 🙂 I have wondered who this Alex is that alot of people seem to talk about. I wonder if he knows of all the secret admirers he has out there!

  4. lol Good first post 😀 My fourth son was born December 2010 as well 😀 We are so done. I love In The Night Garden. However, I don’t understand the whole bigger than the Ninky Nonk and then ride it in either. I choose to ignore those bits lol

    1. Haha tell me about it. Can you believe people get paid good money to jump around in those outfits!
      Baby is our first so in a couple of years Id like to do it all again, hopefully 🙂

  5. I used to sit at work imagining how being at home with a baby would be so easy, just chilling out drinking tea all day! Ha it is far harder than any full-time job as you are on call 24/7! Obviously far more rewarding too though. And as for In The Night Garden, who the hell wrote that! The ninky nonk, pinky ponk and iggle piggle, whoever wrote it though was onto a good thing though as kids love it!

  6. Hello new blogger 🙂
    It’s a lovely first post and I admire your studying while on maternity leave ethos!!
    Nice to have met you via your first post!! It’s been nice tweeting with you in the early hours too x

  7. Hi
    I assumed you’d been writing your blog longer than me (I started in late March). I had visions of doing a lot more when my son was young and I think many do and then see the reality of it all. I’m hoping to have more time for me when my son goes to school, but friends say the day goes quickly and my husband wants me to earn some money now too.


  8. Ha! Like it – wait until you’re onto Horrid Henry! God I remember those smug people who never told me I wasn’t going back to work after 12 weeks. I’m one of them now. How is it that no-one discusses it until you join the club?
    Glad to have found you

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