Keep Rollin Rollin Rollin

He finally did it.  After a few weeks of rolling onto his side and then screaming like a little wild cub because of a trapped arm, he did a roll all by himself today.  He still makes old man straining noises whilst doing it but the minute I put him onto his back he’s turned around onto his front.  It dawned on me that I can’t just leave him on the play mat anymore whilst I go for a quick pee or a quick snack from the kitchen.  He already seems in a massive rush to move.  Promptly after rolling onto his front he started wiggling his little bum frantically in a bid to move forward.    Hmmm, I think this means I better start moving things out of the way.  I don’t think it’ll be too long before he starts moving in a, what looks like, commando bum shuffling style.  Although he could hang on a few weeks whilst I baby proof absolutely everything, then that would be fantastic.

I actually thought it’d be a bit longer before he started the “moving” milestones.  Apparently I didn’t start any kind of moving until I was about 10 months old.   Whenever I hear baby stories about myself it seems I was a relaxed kind of baby and gurgled my way quietly through to the age of 3 when someone obviously turned on my “showing off” and “loud mouth” switch.  I look at baby and he really does remind me of a cross between a wild little cub and the 3-year-old hyperactive toddler that I was.  He will chat to absolutely anyone in the sounds he can manage.   At the age of 5 months that involves mainly coo-ing, screeching followed up by a shy smile once he gets a response.  This applies even at the doctors surgery whilst he has a chesty cough and streaming runny nose.  Cue the Doctor saying:  “Well, he looks very chirpy to me!”… and then I try to point out I am not an overprotective mad mother and that he genuinely looked like he was suffering during the night.

Just the other day I left him on our bed surrounded in with lots of pillows so I could get dressed.  After about 30 seconds I returned to find him turned sideways with one of the corner of the pillow cases in his mouth, looking very pleased with himself.   His other new thing is to examine each room we enter in our house (or anyone elses!) like he’s never seen it before and will turn around in every direction to get a good look.  It is so cute to see especially when he is particularly impressed and rewards the room with a big smile or excited.  Cute little man.

7 thoughts on “Keep Rollin Rollin Rollin”

  1. L is there too. If he’s already doing the butt wiggle though watch out! L is already wiggling forward and he’s quick!

    1. Hahaha Aww love it! I keep trying to film him doing it, but obviously he stops to stare as soon as I put my phone anywhere near him.

  2. Oh it won’t be long now lovely. The Boy was 4 months old before he could properly hold his head up, 4 and a half when he rolled over, 5 months when he started crawling commando style and he did his first ‘proper’ crawl (both arms and one knee) on Christmas Day at 6 months old.

    Move everything. Put latches on EVERYTHING! Get down to his level and see what’s a curiosity and therefore a hazard.

    And clever boy.

  3. Uh-oh! The trouble (and lots of falling and banging of heads!) is about to start. He sounds like he is doing a fast learner, apparently boys are meant to be lazier when it comes to moving!

  4. He sounds like a gorgeous little character. I bet you find now you’ll turn your back and suddenly he’ll be on the other side of the room, leaving you with no idea how he got there!

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