10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

I always think Meme’s like this must be easy to do. When I got tagged by the lovely TheBoyAndMe it dawned on me it’s a wee bit harder than i thought! Ive dug deep so here goes…

1. I have 2 brothers and no sisters I grew up a bit of a tomboy playing every type of gaming console there was. In fact, I could kick your arse on Street Fighter 2 just with Guy’s sonic boom! I started becoming girlie after about 16.

2. I am one of 21 grandchildren on my mums side. We range from 34 years old to 6! In about 2 weeks we will be having one of our big family gatherings. It’ll be pretty mental, with about 4 dinner sittings.

3. I am of Indian ethnicity, born and bred in Bolton. My parents and grandparents have got around a bit (travel wise!!). My mum is from Kenya, Dad from India, and grandparents from Johannesburg, Madagascar and Burma. I’ve only ever visited India from the above.

4. I got my first car when I was 22 and crashed it on a motorway 10 days later, causing a 3 car accident. The guys I went into the back of had just driven back from France and were on their way to Wales. They were not amused but were perfect gentleman after they saw me wailing how sorry I was. It was a bugger on my insurance for a few years.

5. I met my OH when we were both 18 at university. He is the more sensible ying to my excitable impulsive yang. We got married 2 years ago and have a gorgeous baby boy.

6. I have anger management issues. Not the raging violent type, but more the not-knowing-how-to channel-it-very well-type. I need to learn to express my anger in the moment, rather than take it out on my OH afterwards and think about what I could have said.

7. I was an awful teenager. I think i stropped all the way to 16 and used plenty of “it’s not fair!!”. I was also always forever pushing the limits of my curfew. I once came home at 2am (aged 16) after a night out with my friends. Amazingly, my dad only had a brief chat with me about worrying about my safety after waiting up me for me. I didn’t do it again.

8. I don’t drink (being Muslim) or eat non halal meat. I’m not a great Muslim as such but believe in God, heaven, hell etc. I went to mosque till I was 14 from 4.30 after school till 7pm!! I must have been knackered as a child!

9. I last saw my grandmother on my wedding day. I got caught up in the honeymoon period of my marriage for the next few months. She died 6 months after I got married. Not seeing her more often is a big personal regret.

10. I’ve met Tom Cruise at the premiere of Collateral. I was in Leicester Square by chance and ended up waiting an hour and half to see him. He is lovely!! We chatted chatted for a few minutes and even got the eager crowd to move back and stop squashing me! I was so star struck I forgot to take a picture of him!

There you have it! Now I tag…..


6 thoughts on “10 Things You Don’t Know About Me”

  1. Haha, I love reading these! Finding it really hard to think of mine though! Will do it in the morning! I have anger problems lately too, don’t think tiredness helps things. I am like an elastic band that can snap at anytime! (not violent either though!)

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