7 1/2 months – The Transition from Baby to Bear Cub

Oops, Bit late with this one seeing as you’ll actually be 8 months in about a week and a half but the weather was nice / I was feeling a bit / we went out a lot etc.  I will try to be better next month!

SO….what have you (and we) been upto this month baby?   Here’s a summary:

  • You are on the verge of crawling!   Mind you, I’ve been thinking that for a couple of months now.  But, you’re now rocking back and forth on all fours and have one leg tucked in, into a “get set” position.  So I give it a couple more weeks before you wreak havoc at 5 inches from the ground.
  • Meanwhile, you are dragging yourself around half commando / half street dancer stylee.  The 360 degree tummy spins are very funny to watch.  I don’t know how you don’t make yourself dizzy!
  • You are still not sleeping through the night, but you’re getting better.  (Again, I think!).  There was a phase of getting up at 1.30am and then 5am for a feed, which was tiring but over the past few nights you’re settling back to a 3 / 4am feed.  You know, if you wanted to stretch that out a bit longer? I wouldn’t mind one bit!
  • I actually tell some people (the not so nice ones), when questioned, that yes you DO sleep through the night now.  It’s just easier!  Apparently the baby down the street is already sleeping through.  She is a week old!! What the?! that can’t be true can it?  I was half tempted to shimmy up their drain pipe to check for myself! Puh! Puh!  (I wouldn’t really.  I don’t know how to shimmy, for a start).
  • You have started babbling no end! The sun rises and your babbling starts.  Your (Indian) grandparents were thrilled when you said “Papa” (meaning “Daddy” in Gujerati).  Your (non-Indian) Daddy would probably prefer “Dada” but I’ll let you guys fight that one out.
  • You surprised me the other day when you kept grabbing my cardigan between your teeth, shaking your head from side to side with it clamped in your mouth and then look up, grin at me and do it all over again.   Some days you remind me more of a little playful bear cub than you do a baby.  I get the feeling there is more to come over the coming months.
  • You’ve started doing your own version of “Mr Miyagi catching the fly between chopsticks”.  But this variation involves your hand and your weaning spoon. Bloody hell baby, what a grip!
Until next time…..Mwah! !


3 thoughts on “7 1/2 months – The Transition from Baby to Bear Cub”

  1. This is such a lovely age isn’t it? Ignore anyone who boasts about their baby sleeping through – it’s not a competition! Frog didn’t sleep through until she was about 8 months and even now (nearly 14 months) she sometimes wakes up. You’re definitely not alone with that one!

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