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When I saw Tara’s theme for the Gallery this week, I instantly thought of my baby boy being born.  That was obviously a wonderful moment.  But I looked very drugged and ultra high in all of our early snaps.  Soooo….this is the second thing that instantly came to me.

We have an ivy in the shape of a big arch at the back of our garden.  Not so long ago, my hubby spotted a nest in it and these little chicks.  I think they were a couple of days old at the time and we were completely fascinated, trying to capture a picture without getting too close.  This is the best I managed on my iphone.

We spent days watching its parents come to feed and nurse them and a couple of weeks ago we went out on daily trip to look at them and realised, sadly for us, that they had all flown their nest.  Obviously a job well done by mummy and daddy sparrrows though.

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9 thoughts on “Birth – The Gallery”

  1. Ahhh what a lovely thing to find in your garden, we found a tiny little frog in ours the other day and I wanted to keep it as a pet! But we had to let it go 🙁

  2. that’s lovely! how lucky are you. hope they all survive OK.
    Thanks for comment – glad am not alone – but now I am left wondering – a black evening dress! wow! Thats the type of glamour I aspire too

  3. Aw, I think I remember this photo being a Silent Sunday pic a while back (or maybe that was a dream?) So amazing that you managed to capture these.

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