The Babymobile

I love driving all over the place and used to drive a lot for work. If you looked at my car about a year ago it’d look a cross between a teenagers bedroom floor and half an office. Someone once commented they could see no less than 5 bottles of half finished mineral water rolling around the floor!

On a typical day it’d contain something like this:

– Croissants or bananas on the passenger seat (aka my breakfast!)
– Bottles of water all over the floor
– My latest drink in the cup holder
– Work Papers, presentations and folders thrown on the back seat
– 3 x different pairs of work shoes scattered around. Well, you need choice!
– Packets of crisps shoved into the side doors
– Crumbs… Everywhere!
– Chris Moyles on the radio. He’s funny, I’m juvenile. Perfect fit!
– One clean worker in office attire driving well ahead of time to the office / next meeting / visit clients.

It was a mess but a perfect aid to my working day, usually as I’d be so bad at eating lunch or organising myself.

Post baby it’s changed, somewhat. It now looks like this:

– Baby Easy Isofix base fixed in the back (Damn impulse buys!! Will have to buy another base once we move onto a child seat),
– Packets of “emergency” baby milk shoved into the glove compartment
– A bottle of milk in the cup holder (Obviously I don’t feed him on the go. After a not so recent emergency which comprised of the baby screaming at the top of his lungs and me frantically searching for the bottle in the changing bag for what felt like baby eternity hell, it soothes me having a bottle in the cup holder. Where I can see it!
– Baby snacks on passenger. Usually being scoffed by me.
– Baby jacket and other bits of baby clothing thrown onto back seat. I’ve usually forgotten my coat
– Baby changing bag that seems to grow in size everytime we go out!
– Teething ring and other toys thrown across the floor
– An odd shoe, mine. God only knows how I lost the other one. I know, I need to throw this one away. I haven’t the heart.
– My hair. Absolutely… Everywhere!!
– One late mummy with clothes thrown on, “White stuff” on shoulder heading somewhere usually about 30 minutes late!

Wonder what it’ll resemble once I start working!

8 thoughts on “The Babymobile”

  1. That is so true. My car used to be filled with planning folders, make-up, chocolate wrappers and the like. Now it’s filled with wet wipes, Starbooks cups, baby snacks, and potties. How times change.

  2. Keeping the bottle out is exactly the type of thing I’d do. To which my husband would say I’m being too… ‘prepared’, ‘over-protective’, or something along those lines *rolls eyes*.
    And about the isofix – same problem. I didn’t realise I wouldn’t be able to use it with the next seat :s. Oh well… Live and learn 🙂

  3. Haha, I don’t have a car which is probably a good thing because it would be an absolute state! I can remember the hair loss stage, luckily it’s has stopped now but there were a few months when I thought I would end up bald! I had fish it all out the bath before it got sucked down the plughole! x

  4. Mine is a disgrace. Brace yourself for the day you remove that isofix, it’s amazing what lurks beneath a carseat.
    I enjoyed this post.

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