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  1. Ahhh a fellow member of the pyjama day crew! I did have to get changed in the end to go to college but I did get a massage so it was worth it! A nice little bonus! X

    1. These weekly massages sound so brilliant. You must be completely knot free (is that what those bump things are called?)

    1. There’s a big part of me looking forward to it too. I think after a couple of weeks with early baby routine I will love it (I hope!)

  2. Everyone seems to have filled this meme in dressed in their bed wear lol
    I think you def deserve a whole night of uninterrupted sleep – ever since I have know you , you have been part of the middle of the night feeding club! And also, a slankets is a blanket but you can wear it!! Best if both worlds lol not that inhave one myself…….yet who knows what I might get at Xmas now!! X

    1. I went through a phase of watching those kind of movies a lot. Then being scared witless all the time. After about 18 it just really got to me so I stopped watching. Give me a good romcom any day!

  3. With a bit more practice you will become an expert at ignoring negative baby comments – when I get them now they are like water off a ducks back, but then I have had 12 years practice!
    Thanks for the tag – I will get onto this!

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