6 thoughts on “11 Months… And Counting!”

  1. Happy 11 months, lovely to record the progress, you think you will remember it all when you look back but trust me, you don’t!

  2. Happy 11 Months!
    I love the he likes to take his mouth to food rather than the other way round, some days I wish I could do that!

  3. wow has another months gone by already? that flew past! Burton used to watch INTG when younger whilst bouncing up and down on the sofa pretty much the whole away through! happy 11 months – look forward to his 1st birthday post x

  4. I can’t believe he is nearly one! I know what you mean about watching them grow up, I have bee reading about him for half a year! And bless him for liking the weather, that’s hilarious! X

  5. I love these monthly posts of yours, so cute. Wish I did this for The Boy! I love that he gets excited by the weather forecast and I have a fantastic image of him leaning over a lump of cheese trying to hoover it up!

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