16 thoughts on “Party Planning x 2”

  1. Haha you parties sound like they are going to be way more fun than mine! That is a shame that your two families don’t get on, although to be honest I always do separate things anyway! I can’t believe Z is going to be one! Good luck wih all your party planning! X

  2. Aargh sounds like a bit of a nightmare – family can sometimes be more trouble than they are worth.
    I hope your little one has fabulous birthday parties!!

  3. Wow, you’ve just summed up EVERY family party we’ve ever had in history. Sounds awesome!!! Happy Party planning xx

  4. ARGH – you’ve brought back memories! Good luck – I’m sure it will all go very smoothly. About the touching/breaking things – we moved *everything* out of the living room apart from two sofas… xx

    1. We might have to do the same, especially if hubby still wants his surround soundness to still be working at the end of the day!

  5. great summing up of birthday party events!!! made me nod my head and smile. i am sure yours will be the best birthday party and worth all the stress of trying to get it right xx

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