34 thoughts on “Silent Sunday – 20/11/11”

    1. Yes he is a little monkey with buttons, loves them! I think its the angle that makes it look shiny, it doesnt look like that in real life 🙂

  1. Ah he’s helping with the washing – what a good boy!
    H likes helping with the washing too, I have to check the machine before I load it as he likes putting things like dog food, cars & spoons in there!!

    1. The other day he rushed over to the sofa where I’d placed folded laundry and pulled it all onto the floor in a mad excited frenzy! Then he laughed like it was the best game ever!

  2. Thankfully we are almost out of this phase now. My washing machine doesn’t have a child lock on it but thankfully my dishwasher does. Next time I buy a washer (ours is on it’s way out) I’ll be looking out for one with a child lock ready for the new arrival!

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