31 thoughts on “Something I Am Proud Of”

  1. Awwwwlook at that cheeky little face – gorgeous!! I can see why you are proud of him :)I bet you cant believe his 1st birthday is almost here. Xx

  2. Awwww, gorgeous smile and too right to feel proud! Motherhood is a huge change in our lives, wondrous and exhausting, testing and trying, but overall so rewarding and we should totally stop every now and again, look at what makes it all worth while, our beautiful children, and feel very proud of them and all the work we put in 🙂

    1. So true! I have to admit the first few months was a total blur and I was just hunting sleep all the time. It sometimes still is but it’s so rewarding getting so much love back (sounds soppy!!)

  3. What a beautiful post – he’s very cute!
    And soon this little man will reach another milestone – his 1st Birthday.

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