An Almost 1 Year Old

Hello My Almost 12 month old!

I won’t keep saying that I can’t believe it (but, you know, I *can’t* believe it!), you are almost a 12 month old. I am going to a mummy to a 1 year old little baby boy. Whilst I wander around in my disbelief I’m trying to organise two big parties for the next two weekends. That’s why I look a bit frazzled sometimes. You’re really enjoying touching all the decorations and diving into boxes all over the place though!

You’ve also discovered new teething toys. My iPhone is your absolute favourite and that grating noise while you try to chew my phone usually has me screaming “noooooo baby!”. I have to say your daddy is a lot smarter in that aspect and never leaves his phone lying around.

Your other favourite teething toy are human knees. You crawl over all smiley and coy, stand up all innocent, then dig your gums fully around my knee cap. The neighbours must be wondering what all the yelping is about! I’m starting to get use to having you attached to my leg trying to bite through my jeans whilst I do the dishes though. It seems your top two teeth are making their way out, I wouldn’t mind if they hurried up!

You’ve also started toddling (a bit!). Actually it may be more accurate to say you’re teetering and taking a couple of steps unaided. The funniest is when you cruise across one sofa and, in an attempt to get to the other sofa, throw yourself to it with your arms outstretched. You would make a killing as a stunt baby. Do they have stuff like that?

I think the next few days are going to be interesting. It’s going to be filled with balloons for you to play with and a LOT of new party food that you’ll no doubt want to try (and then probably spit out and wipe your mouth on my shoulder!). We’ll probably spend the day filled up with helium and singing a lot. Don’t be scared baby, that’s just the magic of helium!

Oh, and one more thing. I’ll probably look really wide eyed and flappy on Sunday for Party number 1. I’ll be much more relaxed for Party number 2. Honest!

Until next time… Mwah!!

9 thoughts on “An Almost 1 Year Old”

  1. aww i was the same with the build up to Burton’s 1st birthday and I am already thinking about Jenson’s in March. it is a big mile stone for them and us. the knee caps must be painful – ouch! he is probably telling you to get off twitter and get him some food lol
    good luck with the parties xx

  2. This is so sweet. The hummingbird’s first birthday was really hard but I was surprised that I was more emotional when she had her 2nd birthday. Maybe it was because my in-laws weren’t here for the second one. 😉 xx

  3. Ooh you’re a month ahead of us! We’ll be doing the birthday party planning next month, eek! Lovely to read about your little one, can totally relate the knees thing! Good luck with the parties x

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