And Then He Was Born – Part 1

(Dear Men and Queasy People, the following is going to cover Baby Boys birth so look away now! No blood or gore included though, just a lot of getting high and swearing. Gas and Air… Ahh, good times.

I actually first wrote this last year for Maternity Matters. An excellent site started and run by Susanne Reminic and Jayne Crammond. Check it out).

Part 1

It was mid December and absolutely freezing.  The snow had fallen deeply and had iced over.  I’d been stuck indoors for about two weeks for fear of slipping outside by myself and I was bored out of my mind. I was willing the baby to come early whilst watching absolutely everything that came on telly and eating everything I could find in the kitchen.  By now  I was aching with all the usual pregnancy ills and moaned and groaned getting into bed that night.  After what felt like an age, I was settled and felt a big ‘pop’ sensation.  Hmm, that’s odd I thought to myself.  Perhaps the baby kicked really hard?  I decided to ignore it and settle down again.  That lasted about 3 seconds before I had to dart to the loo and felt a massive gush.  Yes, my waters had broken.  Ohhh crap.

I got back into bed and whispered to the hubby that my waters had broken and an “umm, what do you think we should do?”

Hubby sat bolt upright.  “WHAAAA?! Oh my god!! What does this mean?!”

Both excited and nervous, I rung the hospital to ask.  She asked if I was in any pain but the twinges werent bothering me that much.  She instructed me to wait until 8am because the weather wasn’t great and then come in to be checked because my waters had broken.


It wasn’t long before I started to feel painful cramps in my back. Ooh, my contractions had started and I was starting to feel a mixture of excitement and nerves again all at the same time.  The other half hooked me up to the TENS machine we had bought and the vibrations felt pretty rubbish at first, I have to say.  I then discovered the booster button.  Electric pulses never felt so good!  It was more of a distraction than pain relief but it worked for me!  I also switched on my iphone contraction timer app and sat in bed timing my contractions in one hand and my tens machine in the other.  5 minutes apart! Wow, at this rate I might even have the baby by morning!

An hour later my pains were getting worse and I thought I was in the full throws of labour.  I rang the hospital and asked to go in.  The ever friendly midwife on the phone agreed and said a room would be prepped for me. Eventually I shuffled outside and into the car.  The ice was lethal and being a passenger in the husbands rear wheel drive on snow and ice was not a journey I was looking forward to.  Luckily it’s a short journey to the hospital and after making it there safely, we headed straight to the labour ward.  I was still in a lot of pain but not feeling like I wanted to throttle someone for pain relief and was very proud of myself for it.  Still excited, I greeted the receptionist and midwife with a big smile and told her who I was.   We were directed to our delivery room which had an amazing birth pool in it.  The maternity ward was brand new and had only been open for a month.  The facilities were amazing compared to the old maternity ward.

My midwife kept repeating how well I was doing through the contractions and that I was being a good “in control” pregnant lady.  Oh lovely, I was sure the baby was going to be here in a few hours. She then hit me with the news that I was a grand total of 1 cm dilated.  What!?!?!!!!!  But I’m in so much pain, I thought!  Damn, this meant they were going to send me home and baby definitely wasn’t coming yet.  We were sent packing in the nicest possible way and told to return in 24 hours, to be induced, if nothing happened before then.  Slipping and sliding we made it home and it was 9am by this point.  My contractions had totally stopped as well.  I was tired and my excitement had faded to zilch by now.  Ah well, I may as get some sleep I thought!

The rest of that day was fairly uneventful as I sat on the couch wondering when my contractions might start again.  I’d already texted everyone to tell them we were on our way to the hospital so then had to text everyone to tell them that everything had stopped!

I started feeling twinges at about 9pm and my contractions had started again and this time were becoming more frequent.  By now I was a bit wary having already googled the fact that they could start and stop for long periods at their own leisure.  So this time the excitement was curbed slightly and I continued to indulge in my fudge cake through them.  The contractions were hurting a lot more by now though and as my big gob had ensured news flashed around the family like wild fire my family had come to visit to see how I was! Not great when you’re in pain, strapped up to a TENS machine with wires coming out everywhere.

They started becoming very painful around 11pm but still only 5 – 7 minutes apart.  it was around midnight I rung the hospital but they wouldn’t accept me as my contractions weren’t far apart enough and advised a hot bath.  So one hot bath, more pain and more contractions later I rung back and could barely talk on the phone.  I was ready to scream down the phone if she refused to accept me but thankfully she decided I was in enough pain to go in.


  1. Emma December 8, 2011 / 1:38 pm

    Aww I love stories like this. Looking forward to part two (although thats where I expect it will get gorey!) I can’t wait til I can write my own like this. Contraction timer on your iphone, how technology changes !

  2. jbmumofone December 8, 2011 / 11:46 pm

    Oh no am so sorry. I read all your posts but am approaching anniversary of a really bad labour and just can’t get to the end. Am hoping all went well?

  3. Mum2BabyInsomniac December 9, 2011 / 12:11 pm

    Hahaha I was exactly the same! I phoned the hospital about a million times and got send home twice because I wasn’t dilated enough! It’s so hard to know though when it’s your first because you don’t know how bad the pain is going to get! Then you quickly find out that it is going to get about five billion time worse! x

  4. Jenny paulin September 7, 2012 / 5:07 pm

    My OH installed one of those iPhone contraction timing apps on both of our phones!! An exciting start … is hard knowing when to go into hospital I went too early despite having phoned up and them telling me to come on in!!
    I am off to read part two x

  5. Lauren September 7, 2012 / 9:03 pm

    Oooooo leaving us in suspense missy!

    I used to feel so nervous phoning the delivery suite. I was always so lucky and everytime I phoned they would let me go in…apart from the Thursday when I was pregnant with Charles and they told me it was just pregnancy niggles but it was my labour starting…to be fair, if I would have gone in I would have been sent home anyway.
    I better go and find part two…..

    Thanks for linking up to Flashback Friday xx

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