5 thoughts on “And Then He Was Born – Part 1”

  1. Aww I love stories like this. Looking forward to part two (although thats where I expect it will get gorey!) I can’t wait til I can write my own like this. Contraction timer on your iphone, how technology changes !

  2. Oh no am so sorry. I read all your posts but am approaching anniversary of a really bad labour and just can’t get to the end. Am hoping all went well?

  3. Hahaha I was exactly the same! I phoned the hospital about a million times and got send home twice because I wasn’t dilated enough! It’s so hard to know though when it’s your first because you don’t know how bad the pain is going to get! Then you quickly find out that it is going to get about five billion time worse! x

  4. My OH installed one of those iPhone contraction timing apps on both of our phones!! An exciting start …..it is hard knowing when to go into hospital I went too early despite having phoned up and them telling me to come on in!!
    I am off to read part two x

  5. Oooooo leaving us in suspense missy!

    I used to feel so nervous phoning the delivery suite. I was always so lucky and everytime I phoned they would let me go in…apart from the Thursday when I was pregnant with Charles and they told me it was just pregnancy niggles but it was my labour starting…to be fair, if I would have gone in I would have been sent home anyway.
    I better go and find part two…..

    Thanks for linking up to Flashback Friday xx

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