13 thoughts on “If You Bake It, They Shall Come”

  1. So pleased you’re all sorted. I was about to start emailing you with pics and instructions about making an iggle piggle cake!! I’d be desperately worried about my house containing 40 people. You are one brave lady!! ;0)

      1. Not an iggle piggle one yet, but it wouldn’t be too hard. If you want to try it next year let me know, more than happy to help :0) xx

  2. Oh my word, that is a lot of people to cook for! I had three parties but one was for babies, one was a BBQ and one was cooking for ten but that is nothing compared to what you’re doing! (sorry that’s helpful is it?!) well done on find the cake though, at least that is one less thing to worry about! X

  3. that is a lot of work keep your head, its so easy to become sdtressedtheres something about planning a birthday party that make you crazy……….. glad you found cakes.hugs

    1. I think my post is a bit misleading, I ordered two cakes. If I’d bought them theyd have my sneaky teeth marks in them. 🙂

  4. I was exactly the same with Harry’s cake – I wanted to make his 1st one but I have limited skills & eventually after much trawling I found the perfect cake – it cost a fortune but he was worth it!
    I’m now planning the cake for soon to be 8 year old Son & he’s asked me to make it, but he wants a surprise – aaargh!!!!

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