Baby at 13 Months

Hello Dearest Baby,

Well, it seems you sensed January was going to be a big change for us and you decided I couldn’t miss your first steps. So one day you just decided to step away from the couch, take a few steps, before your wobbly baby legs collapsed into a giggly heap on the floor. Since then you’ve decide walking is actually a game and you’ll “play” for ages, taking a few steps, falling, crawling back to where you started and then starting again!

You know that baby down the road? Well, apparently he is now “running and talking properly!”. If we’re lucky, maybe one of these days he’ll just keep on running, having asked for directions to Disney World or something, then we won’t hear about him again for a while. It could happen.

You still don’t say any words but you do point at absolutely everything, which is great! Even with your little diva-esque tantrums I mostly know what you want, which saves my ears from ringing all day long.

Mind you, no amount of pointing has helped you open the kitchen cupboards with the locks on them. You yank them open as far as you can, then you put your hand in and try to pull out the Mr Muscle… Then I hear you scream because it’s stuck and your mission has failed. My poor ears.

This month you’ve learnt how to climb the sofa and stand up without support. Complete with a big cheeky grin you wait for either Daddy or I to come running for you and you’ll try to bolt completely off it with an excited squeal. Our blood pressures have never been so adventurous!

I went back to work again last week and I was really worried about how it would affect you. Surprisingly, you don’t seem that bothered, even getting up at 4am to help me “build up” to the day. At least I think that’s why you got up so early on my first day back! I know you’re only trying to help but it’s ok if you want to sleep till 8am. Really!

Until next time baby… Mwah!


  1. mummylimited January 16, 2012 / 8:55 pm

    I remember this stage with my first and I have to say I didn’t enjoy it very much, but you have reminded me of all the good bits. What a lovely post.
    Lets hope your ‘dearest baby’ can soon chase the wonder baby down the road and off to Disney, never to be heard of again!

  2. Mistress Mummy January 16, 2012 / 9:23 pm

    Aww, never mind that baby up the road. Good things come to those who wait, you’re waiting for those good things!

  3. @mummydaddyme January 16, 2012 / 10:21 pm

    haha I love that comment about the baby running down the road running to Disney land- how funny! My baby is neither talking or walking so we can be in the same club. xx

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