23 thoughts on “Back to Work”

  1. Haha! I think I’d have punched the person who asked if you’d had the baby! Not noticed you’d gone for 14 months?!

    Sounds like a productive day!

    1. I think he didn’t know how to start his opening sentence (I hope!!)….. Although “hello” would have been just fine I reckon!!

  2. 🙂 Sounds like it won’t take you too long to settle back into work! I’d have called my mum about 10 times, though – so well done!
    I can’t believe someone actually asked if you’d had the baby yet. What a tw*t!

  3. I hope it went ok hun- sounds like it wasn’t too bad. I think the worst thing about it all is the dread of going back, once you have done it and realised its ok it is actually not that bad- I quite enjoy it! x

  4. Awww lovely back to work post 🙂 glad to see you managed to get lots of tea drinking in! I get the best part of the day was going home to your boy xx

  5. Aaah, love the timeline! So nice that baba was pleased to see you too 🙂 LMAO @ Simon. Poor Simon 😛 xxxxxx

  6. Lol, I think you did good! I’m still really bad at names, call everyone ‘hun’ or ‘mate’ much easier! X

  7. I would have thumped the guy who asked if you’d had the baby? What a tool! I wish I could be involved in balls of steel meetings, and I too need to re train my bladder / tea intake before getting back to work! Hope it all goes well x

  8. Ahhh it sounds like it went okay?!….lol at the Waybuloo thing. I couldn’t believe that they put Dave Lamb over the top – I was actually going to complain myself! Thanks god they took it off again. And the guy that asked if you’d had the baby?! What a weirdo! x

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  10. Its so hard to go back after having a baby, I used to sit in the toilets and break my heart but it does get better. You will always miss the little one. I love Gilmore girls too btw. x

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