9 thoughts on “The Diva”

  1. Haha Little Bear does the swoon as well – we’re not quite at the screaming bit but he’s mastered the whining voice before he can talk!

  2. Uh-oh not the dreaded tantrums! Iyla has start flinging herself backwards in a flood of tears when I tell her no, yesterday she tried to claw me! And it’s only going to get worse isn’t it?! X

  3. Mads is also a proper diva at the moment- she gets in such tantrums. Yesterday my friend and I went for a drink in a pub and we let the babies share a kids portion of garlic bread. Mads was not just satisfied with her own bit but wanted her friends bit too, so much so she flung herself around screaming and arching her back. This carried on for a while and to be honest my friend and I were laughing because her face was a picture- such a look of horror, anger and tears. Eventually because her friend wasn’t eating it we gave it to her, to which she promptly threw it on the floor!

    1. Haha aww bless her she sounds so cute. I never thought they’d suddenly start throwing tantrums all over the place. It took me about 4 attempts just to get him into his buggy today in Debenhams!

  4. uh-oh! wait til he approaches 2 they get to a whole new level then! buy some ear plugs maybe? good luck – cute photo x

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