15 thoughts on “Toddler Obsessions”

  1. Teeheehee, you made me laugh confirming to all that in fact toddlers don’t learn from their mistakes 🙂 At least not the first time they make them anyway. So true. Hope he moves on from slipperlicking quickly.

  2. My 5 month olds game today is making what can only be described as dinosaur noises! He keeps screeching very loudly at me, the door, the cereal packet……

  3. Yep… They all sound very familiar! A few weeks ago I caught V licking the sole of one of my wedges. The ones I’d worn out dancing the night before. I thought I was going to be sick! Last week was one of my trainers (thank goodness they haven’t been in used in awhile!). Slamming doors and throwing things – been there. Also wondering what’s next! Good luck 🙂

  4. Haha! That is hilarious! We quite frequently laugh at Iyla for doing weird things – they are funny these little people! x

  5. Haha! Yup to all of those! The slipper thing is similar to S obsession with my fluffy socks, he disappears, and re appears, wearing them pulled up to his knees!
    Gotta love them!

  6. Made me chuckle! I’ve just remember something The Boy used to do; would crawl around but push his forehead along the floor like he’s rubbing it on there. And we’re talking about from the age of 18 months onwards, when he’s been walking since he was 12 months old!

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  7. Nope. They never, ever learn. Do not be fooled by that misnomer. The licking thing drives me potty. The 4yo is STILL licking random objects. Nice post.

  8. Yes. They all seem to go through a footwear fetish stage. I’ve often had my slippers and sandals subjected to toddler attention.

  9. hehe yes I remember these quirky times well, my youngest hated shoes and socks with a passion and would take them off at every occasion… and i have a photo of him outside in the mud sat down taking his shoes off and giving them a good suck… errgghh

  10. ha ha he has a foot/slipper fetish! its funny what things they suddenly ‘get’ into isn’t it? cupboard doors are def one that both my boys have been obsessed with and my crocs that i wear to pop out to out shed (where the washing machine and tumble dryer are) they both love carrying those!!!

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