Dearest My 17 Month Old

Hello my 17 month old Baby,

I know, I know, I’m pretty late with this one. I blame your Auntie S for having a 5 day wedding week!! I am so knackered and spent the whole day pretty much shuffling around and taking you to the park so that you could tire yourself out. I could have quite easily had a nap on the grass. But then I may have been mistaken for a hobo and that’s probably not too wise.

You had a spectacular time. You ran like I’ve never seen you run before. I’m pretty sure you must have run half a marathon over those 5 days. I’ll never know how you kept going but maybe one day you might be a long distance runner. Or something. And I don’t think anyone will forget the wedding ceremony, during a particularly serious prayer, you decided you would stand up and do your bum wiggle dance, in full view of everyone. You giggled as you were doing it and my shocked face and loud whispers of “Noooo baby!” just spurred you on. I tried in vain to clamp you down into my lap but you just sprinted off. There was a lot of muffled giggling as I eventually grabbed you and held on tight. After that I passed you onto daddy for the rest of the wedding. Poor Daddy.

So what else have you been doing? I’ve been trying so hard to get you to say “Mummy” that I almost didn’t notice your language has developed so much in other ways. As Daddy pointed out, you have your own words for certain things. It took me a while to realise it but I had a sort of falsetto hallelujah moment. So far the Baby Z book of words contains…

“Tutti” for Dummy

“Daaadaaa” for Daddy (or for Mummy if you’re feeling generous)

“Toos” for Shoes

“Niiiiice” for Nice

“Byyyyyye!” for Bye

“Baaaaaabaaaaa” for Balamory (This is usually sung very loudly which is so cute. I’m actually a bit worried you’re starting to go off In the Night Garden. We are going to watch them live in August. Please like them just for a bit longer!)

Some people don’t think this is good progress. Maybe they think you should be talking like Stewie from Family Guy by now. So by next month I expect you to say “What the deuce” in the Queen’s English. Good baby.

I was reading the Babycenter emails today and it said you should be brushing your own teeth by now. You will be pleased to know you kind of do. You actually pretend for a bit and laugh. Then you eat all the toothpaste whilst keeping your mouth open because its such a strong taste. You must have a really minty fresh gut. I usually then end up pinning you down and brushing your teeth for you.

You’re worrying me a bit, you’ve decided food is for the weak and you just don’t need it anymore. You will either shake your head or, occasionally, even roll your eyes at me and refuse to open your mouth. I hope know this is a phase but it would be good if you could take after both me and your Daddy and scoff everything in sight. Well, more your Daddy than me. Obviously. Ahem.

Anyway baby, I better shuffle off to bed seeing as I still feel pretty tired after the wedding week.

Until next time baby. Mmmwah!



5 thoughts on “Dearest My 17 Month Old”

  1. I can just picture him doing the wiggle bum dance with perfect comedic timing!!! Bless him. Clever monkey.

  2. They certainly know how to pick their moments hey? It’s something you’ll laugh about for years though & I agree, he will love reading these when he’s older. Well, either that or die of embarrassment!! Lol x

  3. LB is about the same age (a little older I think) and I’m noticing he has his own “words” too. It’s so much easier to understand him now I can guess at what he’s saying! Less tantrums 🙂

  4. I always know there is going to be a post around the same time as our bubbas are the same age. Mads does the bum wiggle too- so cute. She is saying lots of words now and having full blown tantrums- oh the fun begins! x

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