MADs – The Finals

Each morning is the same in our house. We wake up and negotiate sleepily, in a slightly slurry fashion, about who should get into the bathroom first. This can go on for about 5 minutes. You’d think we’d just be grown ups about it and take turns but when Baby Z gets into bed at around 4am and then batters you, break dance style, for half the night then every ounce of sleep is worth fighting for. Being a woman, of course, I win this argument and snatch a whole extra 10-15 minutes whilst I catch up on Twitter get some more kip. Yesterday, for reasons unknown, I woke up feeling kind (not that I am NOT kind) and decided I would let the OH have a lie in before the madness of our working day started. (I also negotiated a lie in on Sunday, hooray!) Today, Twitter would have to wait.

What a day to make Twitter wait!

Two hours later I was nearly setting my phone on fire tweeting furiously in shock; mainly the words “Oh My God!” (Sorry to the people who follow me that probably just saw this on repeat for about 3 hours!).

For those that didn’t see my crazy excited tweets, I have made it to the finals of the MADs 2012. THE MADs!! The Best New MAD Blog Category.

A couple of weeks ago I was absolutely delighted to see my name in the nominations list and didn’t expect to get much further. So to get into the final 5 of the Best New Blog category absolutely made my day. I spent most of the day sneaking onto Twitter like a naughty child, occasionally shaking my phone in bad reception areas (because everyone knows shaking it gets you reception), and trying to pretend I was keeping up with work emails. It was a good day.

So I want to thank everyone that voted me or to the judge that thought my blog was worthy of a wildcard entry. Either way, I am so pleased to be a finalist. My absolute favourite bit of all (so far) is having the shiny Finalist badge on the side of my blog. I get to keep that, right?

What now? The final stages of voting opened at noon yesterday. I am in the Best New MAD Blog category. So if you do like my blog and think I am worthy of a vote then please vote for me via the MADS voting form.

Thank you!

(Baby Z stories will resume shortly. He isn’t scared of the hoover anymore. Gawd…)

8 thoughts on “MADs – The Finals”

  1. Well done lovely! That is fab! I can’t wait to meet you there. 🙂 ( I’ll be there for Science Sparks )


  2. You had my nomination and you had my vote. I have always loved you and your humour, which is why I was so chuffed when you started your blog. So proud to see how well you’ve done lovely.

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