One Whole Year

My blog is 1 today….One…whole…year! Who would’ve thought! One year ago today I was cradling a 4 and half month old Baby Z and still getting to grips with the weird world that was known as CBeebies. I remember wondering who the hell would make a programme about a blue boy running around with his red blanket and not actually ever going to sleep. You don’t see him ever sleep do you? Right till the end when he’s floating off in his boat? That’s supposed to be calming to kids?

We have now booked tickets to go see that blue boy in August and I bloody cannot wait!

I had wanted to blog for months but never taken the plunge. Who would read it? What was I going to write about? Would I even get past 3 posts?

I have a few people to thank for encouraging me to take the plunge. The lovely “Me” from The Boy and Me pushed me a few times, as did Elle from This is Mommyhood. Me? Blog? I was spending more and more time on Twitter getting to know other mums through the massive mum community and I would read blog after blog through the night to keep myself awake during those, oh so many, night feeds. I decided I wanted a diary of my own. Something to record Baby Z’s milestones and one day the lovely Jayne from Mums the Word asked if I’d like to guest post on her blog. Umm, me? So I did. All about fake cleaning!

After that I decided I wanted one all of my own and Not My Year Off was born. It started out as a way to blog about my maternity leave. What I thought was going to be a year off work very much wasn’t! But as hard as those first months are raising a baby, they are filled with nuggets of gold. Little steps that are such huge milestones. My first post was aptly named Finally! A blog!

I have to admit I have written some utter dire posts. At the same time I have written some posts that, even now, make me laugh for ages and in that I have achieved my goal.

So Happy 1st Birthday to my blog and hopefully, here’s to another year filled with waffle, laughs and good memories waiting to be written.

8 thoughts on “One Whole Year”

  1. Happy 1st blog birthday to you!! I have enjoyed reading your posts and tweeting with you. Your blog looks lovely with your redesign of it too.
    Ps. You will love ITNG live I have been 3 times! Xx

  2. Happy Blog Birthday! And thank you for helping me to get started! I can’t believe we have been going for a year, I can remember wondering if Iyla would ever sleep through the night in my first blog post! So much has changed! x

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