19 thoughts on “Sunshine in the Gallery”

    1. We’re lucky we have this directly opposite our house. He actually points out of the window every day to be taken.

  1. Rickets is becoming a real concern again. I like that he is liking some sun. I’m sure my daughter (oct birth) didn’t see sun proper for 6 months!

    1. Thats what I was really worried about, the lack of vitamin D. But he seems to be loving it which is great!

  2. Oh yes burning off energy is great thing to do! The sense of sunshine gives them a sense of freedom x

    1. I’m not sure what’ll happen once the sun disappears though, he’ll probably still want to run around it when its all muddy :S

    1. I think he really would! He usually looks like that, a dot running off into the distance. Its only when I start shouting “byeeee, I’m goiiing!” that he’ll come running back!

  3. Its greta being outdoors, my girls love nothing more than being able to run around freely 😉

    1. Oh yes!! The OH once suggested (at 9pm one night when he wasn’t sleeping!) that we take him for a run. I said no 🙂

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