My toddler is obsessed with our washing machine

It appears my toddler is obsessed with our washing machine. I hoped it was a quick phase and maybe he would quickly go onto his next white goods appliance.

To the detriment of my nerves, he seems to have expanded this Friendevous to every washing machine we now encounter. Going to other people’s houses is now something that I’m starting to dread.

It all starts off very innocently. A wide eyed ultra cute looking Baby Z follows the host into the kitchen where, completely unaware, they have gone to make a brew / drink / toddler snack.

“Ahh he’s so cute… Is he coming to help?”. (Hmmmm, yeah, just you wait…)

Hawk eyed, he will flutter his eye lashes giving the illusion he is simply “helping and exploring”. The cuteness deludes the host into a smiley little bubble whilst they go about their hosting. Quick as a flash Baby Z will go an attach himself to the washing machine and start his little routine. First, the stroking, which I think is his way of saying hello. Next, the door pulling. This can vary in time depending on how strong the door is. And lastly, the killer move, the swiping of laundry from inside the machine and RUNNING OFF with it!

So far I have had to return 2 vests, 1 dress and 1 pair of boxers. Other peoples underwear. Complete with embarrassed face (mine) and a manic “Muhahahaha” type laugh (Baby Z).

Thankfully, even despite the boxers, he hasn’t nabbed anything too embarrassing. Yet. I do have visions of him pulling out very very old granny pants from our own laundry though and darting into a room filled with guests and displaying them for all to see by or, even worse, chucking it into someone lap.


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