Who’s the Mummy!

You will know I am on a mission to get Baby Z to say “Mummy!”. So far, so rubbish. I’ve tried various ways to get him to say it and you will regularly catch me using any perceived golden opportunity to mouth “MUUUU MEEE!” in slow, exaggerated fashion. You know, in case he needs further lessons.

He looks at me, eyes lit up, a delighted face, recognition and love emanating from his entire being, points, and with all the volume he can muster shouts “DAAAA DAAAAA!!”. Then claps. Damn it!

I have become Daadaa! Well, I think I have. Unless he thinks I am resembling my other half more and more and mistaking me for him. God.

Hmmm, what else could I do?

So, my new grand plan is to turn it into a game. Baby Z loves games. Pointing is the game of the week. “Where’s the light??” is his favourite and he will stop anything he is doing to throw himself into pointing at the light. Oh yes. We will use the pointing game!

We started with “Where’s Baby Z?”. After a lot of showing who “Baby Z” is, he will now, very cutely, pat himself with both hands and look very pleased with himself. Success! Next on my cunning plan…. “Where’s mummy?”, and lots of patting myself, again in exaggerated fashion. I watch him watching me, concentrating, absorbing this golden piece of information. Finally!

So I try “Where’s mummy??”.

He flashes me a huge smile, raises his hands and….pats himself.

Umm, no no baby, *I* am mummy.

It doesn’t work. For 3 days straight now, he has been patting himself everytime I ask where mummy is.


12 thoughts on “Who’s the Mummy!”

  1. Oh dear! I’m sure he’s just toying with you, and will soon come up with the goods 🙂

    In case you didn’t already know, dada almost always comes first because it’s an easier combination of sounds for the baby to make.

  2. Hysterical! I love your antics with him, written in such a humorous way.

    BTW, do you know the psychology of this? To do with separation anxiety and attachment: he sees you and himself as an entity and not separate beings. That’s why he says other names first, because you are him and he is you.

  3. He knows you are you really he is just having you on! But Theboyandme is correct as I have read that too! Funny post written very humorously xx

  4. what theboyandme said plus the sound combination and basically you’re on a hiding to nowhere fast!

    after dada mine was fully into nodnod (noddy) and even (bloody) cat before mama got a look in.

    Good luck and I hope your super clever boy comes up with the goods fast for you 🙂

  5. 5 children and not bloody one of them said mama first! My theory is that 1000’s of years ago, some cave baby said dada first as a random sound and the caveman father claimed it as his name before the mummy cave woman.

  6. They just don’t seem to say it very early. Sadly most people seem to say they say daddy first – not fair!

  7. Aww bless. Enjoy it while it lasts though…soon you’ll be wishing he didn’t know how to say Mummy as it will be all you hear. I must hear it a few hundred times a day 😉 x

  8. Ah yes, we have the same in our house, I think it’s because whenever I come home or wifey answers the phone to me she says ITS DADDY in a really excited voice. Either that or I’m just cooler…

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