Things Baby Z Says

Baby Z has decided that the English language is not superior enough for him. As a result he decided a while back that he would just make it all up and we, as his underlings, would have to learn it and give him whatever he wanted on command.

Over the months he’s relented a bit and allowed us a bit of leniency. He now says some “proper” words too amongst the Baby Z jabber and we’ve noticed he’s become more and more understandable over the last couple of weeks. I’m secretly hoping that the Baby Z made up jabbering might get dropped soon but, obviously, we accept that Baby Z jabbering is much more superior.

Things he now says are:

Tootoo Tootoo. (Twinkle Twinkle little star) This is done simultaneously with flashing hands and he will point and shout at anyone that’s not joining in. One must drop everything and comply instantly. Daddy usually gets into a lot of trouble here as he’s taking seconds looking up from the iPad.

Daaadaaa!!. His beloved Daddy (and sometimes me if he’s feeling generous). He has now taken to pulling our wedding DVD out, pointing to Daadaa and then grinning.

Socks and Toos!. Usually thrust at me when he wants to go out. One must comply within 3 seconds flat else there is trouble.

Ogurt. Something that’s completely hidden until he finishes dinner but Baby Z is not to be fooled. He will point to the fridge and scream “OGURT!” when the mood takes him. One must comply quickly.

Gook! Look!

Toash.. This includes any toasted baked breakfast good and usually means Toast, or croissant or a chocolate brioche (Usually the last one)

Totteee The beloved dummy. Again, hidden out of of sight until night time but usually pulled out if Baby Z takes a tumble resulting in large tears.

Caaaat Any cat. And Alexander Meerlov from Compare the Meerkat.

Appee Day! (Happy Birthday!). Usually only said when he feels like it. Any requests on someone’s actual birthday are usually met with a frown and “NOOO!”.

NO!. As above. Usually always shouted.

Appee change!. (Nappy change). Baby Z thinks this means help mummy with putting the changing mat and nappy on the floor and then running like hell in the opposite direction.

Mumum! Any food. Which is then usually bitten into or licked for a while and then frisbeed across the room. All except sweet (sweetcorn). This is hunted down to the very last bit and scoffed quickly.

Mummeeee! and finally yesterday Baby Z brought me the pic of me and him and exclaimed “mummy bebee!”. Ahhh!


  1. Jelly Babies July 5, 2012 / 12:19 pm

    So funny! And so cute!

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