57 Thoughts on “Project 52 – Week 48 / Silent Sunday

  1. Love All Blogs on December 2, 2012 at 12:12 am said:

    heh heh looks like he’s saying ‘lemme out!’

  2. that would have made me jump!!

  3. That’s cool, but kind of freaky!

  4. That is very cool.

  5. That would definitely have made me jump!

  6. He doesn’t seem quite sure and I can’t say I blame him.

  7. Funny looking fish!

  8. How cool! I love the eerie glow of aquariums.

  9. Mahahahaha! Love it! Did you get a fright?

  10. Oooh how fab…amazing day out :)

  11. Bless him… He looks ever so slightly confused about it all! :)

  12. Love it – fab moment! x

  13. Were you expecting to see someone in there? Great shot! x

  14. Fantastic capture.

  15. great photo! bet that gave you abit of a fright :)

  16. What a fab shot. My hubby’s a scuba diver and loves stuff like this

  17. What a fantastic picture. I would rather see a scuba diver than a shark!

  18. ha! i love that! was that at blue planet?

  19. Clever, looks like he is diving through! Is that outdoors?

  20. Lovely capture. The little boy looks stunned.

  21. help get me out of here!

  22. What a brilliant picture

  23. That is a cool picture :D

  24. Fabulous picture! Hope you’re having a brilliant time out there lovely! Thanks for linking up!

  25. Less scary than a shark!

  26. Awesome pics! This must have been an amazing day out.

  27. What a great pic! Are you at the Blue Planet Aquarium? Xx

  28. Not your average Sea World exhibit!
    Amazing shot!

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