Little Z is going through a Sesame Street phase at the moment. It started when the OH bought him rockstar Elmo. We then found him some videos of Elmo online and his love soon expanded to Cookie Monster and Big Bird. Cookie Monster is now his absolute favourite.

These are not just any old Cookie Monsters and Big Bird. They are ones given to him by aunties and uncles and grandparents. He has 8 aunties, 16 uncles, 6 grandmas and 5 grandads. He sees about half on a fairly regular basis.

Through the ups and downs, the joys and sadness, the busy periods and the good intentions of meeting up which always gets delayed the bond is still there. Celebrated and supported through weddings and birthdays and “just because”. I hope Little Z has the same support network as he grows up and one days gets a million of the same toys for his little ones because they are going through “a phase”.


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27 Thoughts on “Bond

  1. Wow! Big family! Lovely that you get to see them fairly regularly and they all adore Z :)

  2. What a fabulous idea for a photo. The message is just beautiful!

  3. LOVE your take on the theme, and the photo is fantastic!

  4. I love cookie monster too! We have about 100 tiggers, just because!


  5. Awww how cute! I used to love LOVE Sesame Street as a kid. I can only imagine as my little one gets older that he will have lots of Cookie Monsters and Big Birds too 😉

  6. Cookie Monster is definitely the best! 😀 And all of those cookie monster’s given to him by such special people! Lovely post! :)

  7. The cookie monster rocks! You NEED to make the face cakes with cookie mouths :) x

  8. How lovely to have such a great family network around you!

    I was kind of expecting at least one of my kids would go through a phase of obsessively loving something – none of them have! Well not until the eldest got into football, but that just isn’t quite the same as owning a fantastic collection of cuddly cookie monsters!

  9. Wow big family! I love the cookie monster, he is awesome!

  10. Lovely post. My two also love Sesame Street. We have a small selection of cookie monsters too!

  11. Lovely that he has so many relatives and sees them often – and that is quite a collection!

  12. I did an early Gallery post on “Friendship” with a load of photos of my kids toys… i know that’s not the bond you meant, but it works too!

    Lucky them having such a lovely lot of rellies too.

  13. Such a lovely post! What a big family you have! I love Cookie Monster too x

  14. Wow, I thought my OH had a big family with 6 nieces/nephews, but our side’s tiny in comparison. It’s great when family can get together regularly

  15. What a lovely post. And how lucky is Little Z to have such a big, loving family around him.

  16. An excellent thing to be obsessed with. Love the Cookie Monster.

  17. You are lucky to have such a big family. Treasure them, even if they do buy all the same toys! Lovely to find you through the ‘Blow Your Own Blog Horn’ linky x

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