Photographic Flashback 2012

Happy New Year!

I feel like I haven’t properly stepped into the New Year yet. So whilst I crawl fully into 2013 here’s a photographic flashback, a pic from each month ranging from my favourite pics to a pic signifying a favourite or key moment….or, in a couple of cases, just food I like!

2012 Photos

19 Thoughts on “Photographic Flashback 2012

  1. I’m recognizing those photos, now why didn’t I think to month label mine! A great collection, I especially like October.

  2. Fantastic photos x

  3. Looks like 2012 was a fantastic year! Here is to 2013 for you and your little family! x

  4. Great idea! August is especially lovely! 😉

  5. Excellent selection of photos that really show off your year so well; ahhh to the Britmums Live! swagbags!

    Will you link up when the linky behaves itself again?

  6. love how you include sweet things among your photos! they are my kind of images lol
    heres to another amazing year tas xx

  7. Mum2BabyInsomniac on January 4, 2013 at 7:22 pm said:

    I wondered why I wasn’t getting your posts by email anymore then I remembered you had gone self-hosted! I will change on my blog roll too. Happy new Year! Here’s to 2013! X

  8. I meant to do one of these, but time got away from me. Love the colours and shapes, they work really well together. Great to see some of your year’s highlights all together.

  9. December is wow! where was that?! And I love August too. Kiddy photos are the best :)

  10. What gorgeous pictures xxx

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