77 Thoughts on “Project 52 – Week 12 / Silent Sunday

  1. Oh my! What a big dinosaur!

  2. Raaaaar – he looks scary.

  3. Adorable photo ~ well done ~ very creative ~ Enjoy ^_^

  4. ooooh fantastic! where was that?

  5. what a cracking picture! where was this?

  6. Oh I love the theme of his rucksack with the dinosaur, very clever!

    Thanks for linking up.

  7. Brilliant photo, and for some reason it looks very familiar but I’m not sure from where

  8. oooh where is that?

  9. oooooh dinosaur!!! is he into them? i like his ruck sack thats very cool x

  10. rooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

  11. In the words and voice of George Pig……Dinosaur

  12. He looks like he is a bit apprehensive!!

  13. Wonderful! Where are you?

  14. oooh really – must organise a trip to Blackpool then

  15. Wow, that looks HUGE!!!!

  16. Wow! We’ve been to a similar thing at Drayton Manor – one for young dinosaur fans.

  17. Watch your fingers! ROOOAAARRR!!

  18. Fantastic photo!

  19. brilliant photo xx

  20. Eek! Bet Z had a great time – we love the zoo!

  21. Oh-er he’s a bit scary!

  22. Roooooaaaarr! Arrghh! A dinosaur! He looks huge! x

  23. Muuum, you know I said I wanted a new pet? Well, I’ve found the perfect one…

  24. Oooh looks awesome x

  25. Fab picture! What did Little Z think of him?!

  26. Awesome dinosaur!

  27. Well that is quit lifelike, well as much as we know what they looked like! Did it roar as well I wonder. Probably not, because we have no idea what noise they made!

  28. Dinosaur!! What a big mouth it has! :) x

  29. They have one of those at Thomas Land too :-) xx

  30. That’s huge, he doesn’t look bothered though!

  31. sarahmumof3 on March 24, 2013 at 1:58 pm said:

    ohh what a fantastic dinosaur!!

  32. “Can I borrow your hat, it’s a little chilly up here.” said Mr. T-Rex…

  33. This is a fantastic photo, I have two little monsters who would love this!

  34. ROAR!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry couldn’t resist)


  35. One of my boys is dinosaur mad. He’d love this!

  36. SCARY! I love how he is just casually waving hello!

  37. Eeeek, wasn’t expecting that to pop up on my screen! Great photo!

  38. I know exactly what my youngest would say if he saw this photo 😀 He’s Dinosaur MAD too :)

  39. I know exactly what my youngest would say if he saw this photo 😀 He’s Dinosaur Mad too!

  40. hope the dinosaurs were not to scary.

  41. As my almost 3 year old would say “BEEEG Dinosaur, RAAAAR!”

  42. fivegoblogging on March 24, 2013 at 8:53 pm said:

    My! What a big one!
    Hope his raaaahhhrrr is worse than his bite :-)

  43. Ohh dinosaur! Looks like a fun day out x

  44. Great shot,was he scared?

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  46. That’s one awesome looking dinosaur

  47. Oh why have I never taken Luka to Blackpool zoo before? He would love it!

  48. Ooooh he looks a bit scary!!!

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