Dettol – A Review

Everyone who is anyone that was born and raised in the UK will know Dettol. For some reason, most people have at least have one childhood memory involving Dettol. And it looked something like this….


The classic first aid used to treat cuts or just to add to a bath as an antiseptic. This has actually become a staple since Little Z was born. Not that we use it that often but it does have its uses!

Dettol has come a long way since then and I received a couple of products from their range to try out.

Dettol Antibacterial Cleaning Surface Wipes

These should be every mums staple I think. They’re fairly large wipes but compact enough to carry around in a changing bag. They claim to kill 99/9% of bacteria and don’t contain any bleach so a perfect accompaniment for mucky pup toddlers. How many times have you found yourself not wanting to seat your toddler in a restaurant highchair but it looks not quite clean. These clean very effectively and they’re now a permanent fixture of my bag. Highly recommended!

Dettol Wipes2

Dettol Floor Wipes

These are quite strong but brilliant for cleaning small (and not so small) kitchen spills especially. The packet states you can use them on a range of floors but, for us, these are now quick clean wipes for the kitchen floor. As they do feel quite concentrated I would suggest wearing marigolds when using them.

Dettol Floor wipes

All in all I would recommend all of the above (even the classic old antiseptic!)

This is a review

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