I recently bought a new camera and have been spending many an evening snapping away at anything and everything. Its a Nikon D5100. Not something I ever intended to buy as I’m not that avid a photographer. But since I’ve had it I now want people to get married, have parties and lots of babies…just so that I have lots of stuff to photograph.

At the moment my subject matter is rather boring and mostly inanimate objects.

Like this…

Or This….


I haven’t actually taken that many of Little Z as yet as he never sits still or wants to take photos himself…so, one a couple of occassions I used Cookie Monster as my test subject.

And yes he is VERY expressive, as you can see….

The “Pondering sat on the window sill” expression…

Cookie Monster

The “Oh no, Its raining. Again!” expression…


The “Ooh you’re too close and your lighting is all wrong, I think you need more lessons” expression…


And last but not least, The “He Never?!!!” expression….

I do have a very long way to go but its a very addictive thing trying to get that shot “just right”. I’ve since got a few very lovely ones (and many wonky ones) of Little Z too and think I understand a tiny bit about why photographers invest hundreds of pounds in lenses.


30 thoughts on “Expressions”

  1. I love the ‘oh no, it’s raining again’ expression 🙂 I understand about wanting new lenses too! Just want to go a bit closer and a bit wider. Maybe I should ask for one for my BIG birthday coming up?!

  2. The ‘oh no it’s raining’ expression made me laugh out loud; glad I’m home alone! 🙂
    I’m actually very jealous and hoping that Santa will be bring a nice shiny new camera for Christmas this year!

  3. Great photos. I do love taking photos but I know I’m not great at it. I do see why people can spend lots of money on it though as when you get the perfect shot, it is just amazing.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA I love this post so much! Especially Cookie Monsters ‘Oh No It’s Raining’ Expression! These are great photos, I love learning all about my camera. I had a D5100 for ages and loved it. x

  5. Great photos! I bought a dslr camera a little while ago and am looking forward to one day having the time to learn how to use it properly! x

  6. I take almost all my photos on my iphone and the few that I don’t are on a fairly ancient digital camera that doesn’t have many features. I’m starting to feel that its holding me back and I love the idea of getting something better and learning how to use all those lenses. Good luck with your experiments.

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