Goldilocks and the 3 Bears – App Review

I was recently asked by the lovely Victoria from Playfuelblog if I’d like to review their new app – Goldilocks and the 3 bears.

Victoria and 2 other lovely mums have just embarked on a new little enterprise to create colourful and fun apps for children and you will probably find them engrossed in the arts of creating apps and surrounded by lots of cups of tea.

So here is our review.

Goldilocks and the 3 bears

My first impressions were that the graphics and illustrations are gorgeous. Bold lines and warm colours are used throughout and Goldilocks rocks some big locks! At this stage it started getting a bit hard to do the review myself as Little Z wandered over and took control of “his” Ipad. After about 3 seconds I gave up and let him navigate.

The story is nicely set out and easy to navigate through using the brightly coloured yellow arrows. Its really nice to see narration over the story too and the words come up and is just long enough to hold a toddlers attention. We had a good play yesterday evening and it occurred to me it makes a really nice bed time story.


There are also bits in the story that are interactive like the expressions and noises the bears make when each is selected. There is also a little task that you can help Goldilocks complete towards the end of the story. Fun for you (or your child) but not so much for Goldilocks!

3 bears

My one suggestion would be on the narration. If you press one of the interactive bits on the screen the sound effect for that particular bit will come on but the narration will keep going till that line is finished. This is the only bit I think should be changed in a future version but its very minor and Little Z didn’t seem to mind one bit.

I would recommend this for children between 2 and 5ish but as a (very young) 30 something I quite enjoyed it too. Its ideal if you’re looking for great graphics, a great classic story and fun little interactive elements every so

Overall its an excellent little app that Little Z has looked at more than once so I think he likes it.

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  1. Its because of little apps like this I wish I had an I Pad!

    It sounds brilliant 🙂

    Popping over from #PoCoLo

    Laura x x x

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