Lessons In How To Be A Good Toddler Backseat Passenger

As parents we pass on many a nugget of wisdom to our children. Things like talking, eating, playing. Sometimes it’s not even things they need right now. But the earlier the better, right?

One such skill I seem to be passing onto Little Z right now is the art of driving. Or rather, how to be a backseat passenger.

Little Z is very used to the car, and long journeys and as my childcare (aka my parents!) live 40 minutes away, it’s a journey he’s become well accustomed to.

Lucky for me he loves it and will sing along to the radio and enjoy pointing out things like “doggy” or “twee!” and other such things and means he’s well entertained throughout.

Recently though I’ve noticed he’s turning into a bit of a backseat passenger.

Whereas once he would fully trust my driving skills and judgement, he has now started telling me what I should and shouldn’t be doing. We have spent many a few minutes debating whether I should drive through a red light. To date I have been fairly insistent that the car will remain stationary and can only go when the light turns green. Little Z disagrees and insists “let’s go!!”. I’ve now had to resort to saying “ok then lets go” (whilst remaining stationary) and hope he falls for it. He doesn’t.

He’s also started commenting on other drives cutting in. Ok, this one is my fault. I may have, just once (or twice), exclaimed “Oh man! It’s a 50 zone, not 20….speed up!!” to the car in front. Little Z instantly tried to copy it all, was only half successful, and will now randomly shout “Oh man!” whenever we’re in the car.

He has decided my sat nav, and my knowledge of the roads, aren’t that reliable. So, instead, he will now point out “Mummy it’s this way!”, to some interesting looking road that’s not on our journey. The easiest is to just say we will go down that road in a minute. He’s not sussed yet.

Control of the radio is now shifting. Whilst I still hold power of censorship, Little Z is becoming more in charge of what we listen to.

He now knows I hold the power to rolling the windows up and down. I spend 10 minutes every single day opening and closing these whilst he wants to hug and kiss my mum, dad and brother. Through the open window.

Does this mean I am officially a chauffeur?

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36 thoughts on “Lessons In How To Be A Good Toddler Backseat Passenger”

  1. I know!!! My toddler is terrible not. He shouts ‘left, no right, not this way, mama’, and had been known to sob if I don’t follow his instructions. Bossy little things, aren’t they?!

  2. LOL! When I drove down to my Mum’s recently, Z told me all the way down “Mum, slow down the speed cameras are flashing on the sat nav!” Must be a man thing cause whenever I drive my OH has to comment on my driving too. And don’t get me started on the radio.

  3. Haha, that’s what mums do isn’t it – chauffeur!!! My daughter is a backseat driver too, in the front seat though!

    CJ x

  4. Just wait until he’s 18 and can drive himself – my twin daughters are always commenting on my driving skills, or lack of them!

  5. Indeed you are! That’s the way it is I guess. Combine all the directions and instructions with 500 questions about general things out the window and you got yourself your own talk radio – except you have to be interactive! x

  6. Oh yes indeed it does! I am only allowed to listen to actual radio if it’s my birthday. Otherwise it’s Australian nursery rhymes (at the moment). Oh, and we all know what you really mean when you talk about dodgy drivers. Well done though for not resorting to the f i and c words 😉

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