Reasons We’re Not Ready To Potty Train

*Warning…This post mentions Wee wee a lot”.

Over the last couple of weeks Little Z has been somewhat teasing me. Luring me into a bit of a false sense of achieving a milestone. He has been leading me to believe he may be ready for potty training.

But he’s not. And these are the reasons why…

He has clocked on to the fact that anytime he mentions he would like a “wee wee” he gets to go upstairs to the bathroom. This means he will get to play with all his bath toys and maybe even have a go at the flush a few times.

Once up there he will whisk his pants down in nano seconds but refuse to take his nappy off. He will however sit on the loo and make “shhhh” noises. I think this is his new favourite thing so we do it a few times a day. There is a part of me that hopes this will magically teach him bladder control.

He’s now even started asking to go to the loo at other people’s houses. This usually results in very impressed reactions from whose ever house it is. Then I explain that, actually, he just wants to check their bathroom out.

If my fully toilet trained niece is anywhere in the vicinity then all her toilet visits are mimicked 100%. Still no wee-ing on the loo but he goes through the motions. Maybe she could just teach him eventually?

Anytime he has done a number 2 he will flatly deny it. Then run away because he doesn’t want his nappy changed.

He would much rather sing…”The wipers on the bus go swish swish swish…” whilst I change his nappy, waving his legs around as pretend wipers, than focus on potty training.

If I ask if he needs a “wee wee” he will occasionally respond “No mummy, wee wee tinished (finished)”.

As you can see, we are nowhere near but we have taken the step into potty training world. If I’m honest I am 99% not ready and, in my head, my rough plan was to potty train him around the “almost aged 3” mark. I don’t think he is either but his fascination with it all is amusing and I don’t want to discourage anything.

So, for now, I’ll continue to humour his interest in other people’s bathrooms.


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31 thoughts on “Reasons We’re Not Ready To Potty Train”

  1. He’s a little crafty one! At least he is actually sitting on the potty mine refuses to go anywhere near the bathroom unless chocolate rewards are mentioned! Boy’s always amaze me how they are happy to sit around in dirty nappies all day! xx

  2. I would say don’t push it. It only took us a week when O was 2 and a half and we did it in the warmer months so he could run around naked. Worked well because he seemed emotionally ready x

  3. We tried on Saturday after CK had spent the week asking to wear big boy pants. What he hadn’t realised though was that you’re not meant to pee in big boy pants. He thought they were an alternative to nappies and I now have very wet floors.

    1. haha uh oh …my friend tried pull ups and her boy just thought that they were another type of nappy. Think we have a bit more time to go before he’s ready x

  4. Oh yes we are in the same boat. We have had a few wee on the potty which had me thinking that he was ready to give it a go but no luck! Outright refusal to try a poo on there. I’m in no rush really.

  5. Be easier to do in mid-summer anyway, then they can just run round in pants and it saves on too much washing during the ‘accidents’ phase!

  6. I really like your approach – and I have actually read somewhere that the best time to train little boys is around the three year mark – at least he is showing a keen interest in toilets – maybe he will surprise you and decide to go for it at some point over the coming months – that’s what happened with Little A. X.

  7. Actually, I’d say he’s closer than you think because he’s actually aware of the process and things involved. Don’t rush it though, the best piece of advice I had was to wait until I was ready, because if your heads not right then the whole thing will fail. I’d also recommend getting a potty out in the room you change him in and just sit him on it at chnge time, don’t ask him to do anything but he’ll start to associate it and one day a wee might just happen by himself. The first time we sat The Boy on the magic chiming potty, he did five wees in a row just to hear the chime go off.

  8. Haha! This made me laugh! I think it’s better to leave it as long as possible really to make sure they are ready, and because I’m a bit lazy and can’t be dealing with it yet! I am going to wait until the weather is better then try and tackle it! x

  9. Sounds like you have a clever little boy on your hands who knows what going to the toilet entails even if he’s not ready for potty training. I bet he won’t be too far off. The key really is to wait until they’re well and truly ready. I managed to crack it with my daughter within a couple of weeks. Good luck!

  10. Wow, this is consoling. You may as well be writing about Emily here. I can smell her from miles away and yet “No, Mummy I not done a poo poo”. Liar. She’ll probably still be in nappies on her wedding day at this rate…!

  11. The best time to try potty training is in the summer months when your toddler can potter around the garden or uncherished rooms in your home without a nappy on. She can then see what she’s producing. As can your visitors.

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