Which Hand Is It In?

Little Z has learnt a new game. It is the “Which hand is it in?” game.

A couple of weeks ago his uncle showed it to him using a tiny toy car. His face was initially one of curiosity and confusion as his little mind figured out what to do with the two downward facing closed fists presented in front of him. This was quickly replaced by excited laughter as he picked the right hand. Cue a repeat of the game for about 10 minutes and constant laugher at winning or losing the same tiny car over and over….and over.

He has since become the host of this game and we have spent many an afternoon trying to guess “Which it in?”

He likes to mix it up a bit and so far we have won (or lost)…

1. Slightly damp smarties

2. A big wooden spoon

3. A ball

4. Various toy cars

5. Jigsaw pieces

Nothing is off limits and he laughs as the tension of his own game builds up as we think about which hand to pick.

He’s not quite learned to swap the object between hands behind his back yet though so, for the cheaters amongst you, it’s usually always in his right.

Then the other morning he caught me a bit by surprise. It was 6.30am and waaaay too early. Little Z insisted it was the perfect time to bounce around our bed and then declared “Which it in?”

Oh, err…that one.

He opened his tiny fist and presented me with my wedding ring.

I swiftly confiscated the little prize he’d found on my bedside table, and was now wearing on his thumb, and then listened to him grumpily shout “but it’s my turn!!”

Must find a new place to put that.


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26 thoughts on “Which Hand Is It In?”

  1. Aw bless him I think all kids love that game it’s like peekaboo isn’t it – simple yet effective! But yes you don’t want to find that he’s hidden your wedding ring somewhere that would be horrendous!!

    1. I can’t seem to sleep without it and I think I have weird fingers that swell and go down according to the weather! I’ve lost it soooo many times..mainly due to him swiping it!

  2. Oooooh so so cute xx
    Aaron must have led a sheltered (or boring) life as he’s never played that game, despite the fact that he’ll be three in June.
    Note to self: teach it to him tonight 😉
    Liska xxx

  3. That game rates right up there with peek-a-boo and hide and seek effective yet incredibly annoying when they want to play it for the 50th time and it’s not yet 11am! Xx

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