Last week my parents announced something really shocking. They wanted to completely redecorate my old room. They gently requested I go through my old stuff and take whatever I wanted so that they could throw the rest away or give it to charity.

I knew it would come one day and whilst I haven’t lived there for years I was kind of treating my old room as storage space.

So I reluctantly sat in my old room one day going through all my old text books, note books and old birthday cards, getting lost in old memories and of times gone by.

I came across one particular very old book that took me back to my teens.

When I was a youthful teen I didn’t really know what I wanted to do career wise. I knew I wanted to do either something medical or something with computers. I wanted to be either a Paediatrician or someone that worked within the big bad world of business. I also had a vague plan that I’d like to be married by my very very early 20s and have 3 children by the time I was 30.

By the time I reached college I was heavily leaning towards computing and one fateful day in A Level Maths I decided I absolutely hated the subject. I could of course drop it and do English Lit instead. But I knew if I did that I was making a big decision; I would be deciding to do Computing at university once and for all.

It wasn’t something I lost sleep over. I loved computers and eventually decided that’s what I wanted to do.

I got into my uni of choice and it led me to meeting the OH who I eventually married. My life plan turned out somewhat different to what I expected though. I only have the one child and got married in my very late 20s. Looking back I wouldn’t change anything though. I’m a strong believer in “what’s meant to be”.

It turned out Maths found me in the end. I ended up having to do modules on both algebra and statistics as part of my degree.

And the book that brought back all the memories?

It was this fabulous thing….



38 thoughts on “Youth”

  1. Great post – and believe it or not I had a similar experience recently clearing out my old books to sell on ebay – sadly my ‘Algorithms in C++’ by Robert Sedgewick didn’t sell after the week so it went to the charity shop!

  2. Love it when the gallery is full of nostalgia!! It makes me feel like I’m not alone!!!

  3. That looks like clever stuff! I did some computer programming but have never been strong at maths so didn’t stick with it. Books bring back some great memories though don’t they. xx

  4. That book looks so boring! But it’s amazing how these things all work out as they are meant to be. Not many people are married in their early 20s or have three kids by the time they’re 30 these days. Not people with reasonable careers anyway! Damned inconsiderate of your parents to clear your room out πŸ˜‰ It’s like they think you’re all grown up or something!

  5. I love going through old stuff and recalling memories. That book looks like it would give me a sore head though. I’m not a math person even though I work with money LOL.

  6. Lovely post. Best not to have regrets, but wonder sometimes what path I’d have taken if I’d opted for different subjects. I was going to do sciences and then switched to fashion and Art, before changing to something else…God, I must have been a nightmare! x

  7. I always loved them too, I always wonder how I would have ended up if I had made plans instead of just falling into this career but actually it would probably have been the same. Odd feelings clearing out the old room, remember it well.

  8. i often look back and think ‘what if’ and ‘should i have done such and such instead’ but then i look at my 2 beautiful boys and i know i took all the right paths. as you say, what will be will be.
    great post and that must have been fun going through all your belongings that day x

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