Aunties and Baths

As I work part time, Little Z spends a lot of time with my parents and, when she happens to pop by, my niece. They are like little partners in crime. She is 18 months older so is naturally the leader and Little Z is happy to be led. As long as he is able to skip everywhere. Its a perfect little duo of mischief.

This week this has resulted in my son deciding to call me “Auntie”, on and off, throughout the week. It is usually quite funny when its a brief slip up, but I did get slightly worried after it went on for about 3 days. I could have sworn I caught a glint of humour in his eye, meaning he was purposely winding me up, but you can never be too sure with a two year old really, can you?

Thankfully, order has been restored again and I am “Mummy” again. For now.

Meanwhile, his endless string of questions are now starting to get harder and actually require a bit of thinking before I reply. It’s hard to think a child could bamboozle an adult after a mere 2 years of existence but I fear this may actually may be the case. It is as if he has now graduated from the beginners barrage of questioning stage and moved onto next level which is harder, faster and more difficult to fudge my way through. Take this, for instance…

Over the last week or so he has been very aware that the bath water, at some point, goes down that little plug hole. But he’s always a bit perplexed about where it goes. So each night, our conversation has gone something like this…

Little Z: “Mummy, where’s the (bath) water gone?”

Me: “Umm…it’s gone down the gutter”

Little Z: “What’s that?”

Me: (Resisting talking about the sewage system / how water is recycled) “It’s down that plug hole honey”.

Little Z: “Ohh ok! Water come back?”

Me: (Knowing saying no will upset him) “Yes it will come back tomorrow”

Little Z: “Heh?” (Not understanding concept of tomorrow)

Me: (Trying to climb back out of hole) “Later, It’ll come back later”

Little Z: “Oh ok! Water all gone?”

Me: “Yes honey, shall I take you out now?”

Little Z: (Looks thoughtfully at plug hole) We watch Moo-peeps?”

Me: “Yes, let’s watch The Muppets!”


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22 thoughts on “Aunties and Baths”

  1. Haha oh bless him, it is so cute how they are interacting now. Albeit sometimes slightly annoying! 😉 Mads asks me about a million questions a day and if she doesn’t like my response she will just continue to repeat the question over and over again. Delightful!

  2. So cute! It is amazing when they start to try and make sense of the world. My friend’s two year old asked where her dinner had gone. Her mum told her her food was now in her tummy so her daughter looked down at her tummy and shouted “Give my dinner back!”

  3. It’s quite a funny but sometimes annoying age, isn’t it. The questions are endless. When I say ‘I don’t know’ to something CK asks, he stamps his feet and shouts, ‘No, I don’t know, mama’. He gets really upset if I can’t answer something but I’m stuck because I also don’t want to make up things. Oh, and he sometimes calls me by my real names as well. I find that I don’t really mind this though.

  4. Haha so adorable! At least you get called something! I get ‘ughhhhhh!!!’ And pointing to something Oscar wants! He says Daddy all the time, cheek of him!

  5. The questions are great, I love it. We answer with as much detailed information as it’s possible to impart before they run away saying “okay, I get it now”…that evil parenting act gets funnier as they get older… 😀

  6. The dreaded complicated questions that we don’t know how to answer, I tend to send all science-related questions over to Hubs as he’s the geek of the family. Sounds like you answered well though.

  7. Even quite a lot older there are lots of things that are very mysterious for them and it doesn’t get easier to explain! It’s hard to remember sometimes that they really don’t know much are all 🙂

  8. It’s amazing what crosses their minds at that age isn’t it?

    My two went through a phase of calling me by my first name, rather than Mummy for a while – I found that slightly unnerving!

  9. Bless him, that is so cute about the water! I find the same thing with Meg, I can’t answer one question without starting a whole torrent that I don’t know the answers to or can’t make simple enough for her to grasp!

    Made me smile about Z calling you auntie, I reckon he was definitely doing it on purpose!!

  10. Love it – their questions are just brilliant aren’t they? I dread the ones I don’t know the answer to though and I always said I would never resort to ‘just because’ – ha, how little I knew 🙂 Popping over from wot so funee.

  11. I have perfect the art of pre-empting where The Boy’s questioning will go, while husband has not. It means I can head him off at the pass before an awkward question whereas husband is left floundering with me laughing at him! Love the Moo-peeps, how cute!

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