82 thoughts on “Photo of The Week – Week 20”

  1. I love jigsaws. Used to watch In the Night Garden loads with munchkin…. As Bee gets older I guess I will be watching it again!

  2. Well done Z on completing the puzzle! Well almost I am sure he did finish it., to think I used to have to watch that programme maybe twice a day every day for about a year!., x

  3. Mine love a good jigsaw puzzle – looks like they are doing very well. Now just one question – are they Haa hoo’s or Haa Boo’s – never sure?!?!

  4. Amy would love this puzzle. She’s a massive Pakka fan, yes that’s her name for Makka Pakka. Rude girl calling it by its second name 😉

  5. That is a lovely picture, I love doing puzzles but A isn’t keen at all and the boys have grown out of them. Maybe I should come round to your house?

  6. The boys no longer watch it and I am quite grateful for it but i have to say that at times if I hear the song I get very nostalgic of sleepy cuddles with freshly bathed toddlers ready for bed 🙂

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