Self Portrait – The Gallery

This weeks theme in the Gallery is Self Portrait.

The last time this came out I was a completely anonymous blogger and so decided not to do it.

Since then, I got found out by my cousin during a chance stumble across Twitter. I then got found out my family, confessed to the rest and told my friends. They were pretty shocked I had been blogging an entire year without telling anyone. I think they were more shocked that I hadn’t blabbed it sooner more than anything.

SO ….this is Me. A very very very very young 30 something. Crap plate spinner, mum of one, always in a rush, lover of food, passionate about nattering, with her little shadow, currently re-living most of my childhood through our lovely toddler boy.



66 thoughts on “Self Portrait – The Gallery”

  1. Beautiful photo! Very young indeed 😉 Ironically my family and friends knew I blogged from word go, but I try to stay kind of anonymous so that my son’s friends don’t discover us as he’s at a vulnerable age.

  2. Gorgeous lovely. Obviously I ‘know’ who you are after meeting you a couple of times now. But it is hard to come out. I don’t hide my identity on my blog but I do hide it to my friends that I even blog. I got found out by one last week and I was so so upset- even though I pour my heart out on the internet sometimes it feels almost like a diary. Since then though, I have decided I should be proud about it! I don’t completely tell people, but if anyone asks where I got something from (to review) or anything related to it, I am not going to fib anymore! x

    1. It’s a hard transition to make isn’t it? You wonder if they’ll read the entire thing, whether your blog world has changed and things like that. I don’t blog about anything controversial but it still felt really weird when people found out. Your blog is ace though so you’re definitely right to be proud, and loud! 🙂

  3. you are so beautiful Tas and this is a great photo of you and your pride and joy.
    my family dont know about my blog either (just my brother) i want to tell them but just bottle it each time i see them!! xx

  4. Gorgeous! Nice to be out in the open I imagine! I still feel like I lead a secret life sometimes… which is ok too, but hard too keep up with!

  5. It’s a beautiful photograph of the pair of you, he’s definitely inherited your gorgeous eyes. Well done on ‘coming out’, it’s a daunting task isn’t it?

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