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Before Little Z came along I’d never been much of a caffeine worshipper. I’d gladly take a glass of water over coffee and whilst I like tea, I only ever used to have one at breakfast and that’s it.

Then a newborn baby came along and I quickly discovered he liked to sleep all day and party all night. He was like a little bundle of night owl energy.

Bam!! Awake!! Every 2 hours!! Feeding then coo-ing and wanting to make happy baby noises no matter the time. Sleep was deemed boring and if he wasn’t sleeping then neither were we. The OH went off to work most days sporting the zombie look and our theory on him getting a train seat most days was that he probably looked quite scary to the human public who had had sleep.

Meanwhile I sported the zombie look indoors and at baby massage classes. How the hell were these other mums so alert and so bright tailed and bushy eyed? I barely made it through the door on time, my body already aching from yet another all-nighter.

This is when I succumbed to the magic of caffeine. A few cups kept me going through the day and gave me enough energy to last till about 6pm when I’d literally hover around the front door in time for OH to come home. It was like sheer relief when he walked in. Simply because, in those early extremely overwhelming weeks, it was another adult going through it all too.

“I’m SO TIIIIRED!!” was usually included in most of my conversations. Followed by a lot of self doubt as a new mum and genuine concern about whether Little Z would EVER sleep.

He did do. Eventually. It took about 18 months but he did!



30 thoughts on “That Drink”

  1. Haha I know that feeling well. My wife and I went through the same thing (as did most new parents I assume).

    Of course now it has been replaced by aching bodies from so much physical activity with the toddler! I still need the coffee to keep up

  2. I function mainly on strong tea but I need a shot of coffee too occasionally. At some point I was drinking decaf tea, merely because it happened to be all I had, after a couple of days I felt weak and headachy, I craved caffeine!!!

  3. I’m a huge caffeine fan too, a love that has grown over my years of being a parent! I love that you were so tired that others seemed “bushy eyed”!! Glad that Little Z eventually became a sleeper….has the caffeine addiction remained?

  4. The caffeinated saviour that is a hot brew. Many a mother has been rescued by it.

  5. Oh, I had one of those. Amy didn’t start sleeping through the night until she went to school full time. My 14 month old sleeps beautifully through the night, however five years of getting up every 2 hours, I can no longer sleep at night.

  6. I don’t drink tea or coffee as I don’t like the taste, but during the days of lack of sleep with a newborn I did wonder whether I could force myself to like at least one of them, just to get the caffeine hit. I’m glad you get your sleep now though!

  7. I still crave a cup of coffee first thing – never really drank it before the kids were born…Remember that sleep deprived stage so well, even though it was a while ago. The kids are pretty good now, but I’ve become such a light sleeper !

  8. I’m not a huge coffee fan, but recently I’ve partaken in the odd cup or too. I panic that I’ll end up with a hyper baby though if he passes to him through my breast milk. I do love a nice cup of tea in the afternoon though.

  9. Must admit I rarely drink coffee (but am a bit of a tea fanatic). I much prefer my coffee in cake form! Defo need something to get through the day after a sleepless night though.

  10. Coffee hates me so I’m a decaff girl. My eldest is not a great sleeper (gluey ear does not help one bit) but my second is pretty good and is generally a chilled dude…I think it’s second child syndrome-we’re more relaxed so he is!

  11. I love coffee, can’t stand tea or any other hot drink. In fact, the coffee has to be a cold coffee, like a frappucino! And I never ever drank them before I had The Boy! Haven’t had one yet today and I’m flagging already!

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