Top Time Saving Gadgets – Guest Post

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Top time-saving gadgets and appliances (Guest Post)

There’s no denying it: life can be stressful and hectic. We’re all constantly juggling a number of tasks, whether it’s in personal lives, at work or looking after children. Sometimes it can feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to keep up with all our daily tasks and chores.

Fortunately for us, technology is making it easier to keep on top of everything by automating errands and speeding things up. This article has been written on behalf of LG to list some of the devices which can help to save time and so give us more time to spend doing the things we love:

Slow cooker - Copyright:

When you have limited time, or even after a busy day, you sometimes just don’t feel up to cooking a meal in the evening, no matter how easy Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals makes it seem. A slow cooker will be your best friend. The great thing about them is you can spend 20 minutes chucking ingredients into it first thing in the morning, it will cook it slowly over the course of the day and when you get home in the evening, your food is ready and waiting for you. The Morphy Richards partitioned slow cooker even allows you to cook two meals at once. Perfect if you have fussy mouths to feed! Slow cookers are best for hot pots, casseroles, stews and curries, and this book is a great place to start to find inspiration for meals.

We don’t know how lucky we are to have the Modern washing machine. Unlike our grandparents, we don’t need to spend hours and hours scrubbing clothes by hand in the bathtub, fiddling about with soap and starch. We can pop our clothes and detergent in the washing machine, press a few buttons and hey presto. There are even more functions now that save us further time: for example, the delay function means that, like the pressure cooker, we can tell the machine to wash our clothes while we’re out and come home as it finishes. Some LG models of washing machine now have a steaming function which means you can clean your clothes in 20 minutes (and gets rid of creases so you don’t need to spend time ironing afterwards, bonus!).

Sticking with the kitchen appliances (as let’s face it, we spend lots of time in the kitchen), a Coffee maker with a timer means you can prepare the night before and wake up to freshly brewed coffee in the morning. You’ll never be late for work again! If you have a baby, a blender is an essential kitchen tool as it allows you to quickly and easily puree food meals. It’s also healthier and cheaper than buying pre-made canned or jars of baby food.

Some gadgets are getting more and more futuristic and responsive to our needs. For example, the Oasis smart kitchen countertop recognises the ingredients you put on it and will give you nutritional information and recipes to try. With a small camera and projector, your counter is turned into a touchscreen surface, providing helpful images and videos of foods, timers and guidance on a step in a recipe. This will soon negate the need for cookbooks or recipe apps at all!

See it for yourself here…

To organise our day-to-day lives, a synced mobile phone is vital for people who live by their Outlook calendars. A phone that syncs multiple calendars and diaries will allow you to stay up to date (and get alerts for) family, personal and work events and appointments without having to carry around multiple diaries or devices. Likewise, apps on smartphones are great time-savers. For example, with the Tesco app you can do your grocery shopping on your phone and get it delivered without moving from the sofa. A recipe app on your phone means you can refer to it while cooking rather than scrambling around in cookbooks. The Trainline app means you can get up-to-date information on train arrivals and departures without firing up your laptop or phoning the station. The possibilities are literally endless and many of us would be lost without our smartphones, as they provide so many efficiencies through the day.
Finally, when we are on the move, a Sat Nav is an indispensable gadget. Don’t waste any more time getting lost when driving along country lanes – a Sat Nav will show you exactly where you are and the quickest or shortest route to your destination. No more pulling over at the side of the road and trying to use the streetlights to read your ripped map from the boot of your car – your Sat Nav will make you feel safe, in control, and will tell you exactly when you’re due to arrive. You can even make your journey a little more fun by receiving your directions from Mr T.

This article has been written on behalf of LG

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9 thoughts on “Top Time Saving Gadgets – Guest Post”

  1. Slow cookers always intrigue me,so many people swear by them.Maybe I should get one or failing that a fairy godmother to magic up family meals on a daily basis! #pocolo

  2. I love my slow cookers (yes I have two) but it’s getting organised enough to put the stuff in before work that’s my issue! I’m not a fan of SatNav systems because I think it makes people lose the art of reading road signs and maps, but I did test it out on the Chevrolet we had last week just once when I was lost.

  3. I like the idea of the Oasis smart kitchen counter top. That would be a very useful in my house when I try and get creative without having to go shopping again! x

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