UGG Boots – A Review

The Classic Tall Ugg Boot

I have always been a bit of an admirer of UGG Boots, especially the Classic tall Ugg boot that goes halfway up your calf, but not owned a pair before thinking they were fairly expensive for what the price gave you. For a few years I had a pair of similar looking tall boots by another company and they served me well so I would admire Uggs from afar and then move on.

I was recently asked if I would like to review a pair of UGG Boots and chose the Classic Tall ones in chocolate brown and of course I jumped at the opportunity to see what all the fuss was about and to find out why they were so popular.



First impressions

I opted for the Classic Tall boot in a chocolate brown colour and they arrived pretty quickly and very nicely packaged. The black looks lovely online too but I have a thing for brown at the moment, and as my coat and bag and everything else is brown, I knew these would go with it quite nicely. I think the first thing that struck me about them was how they are visibly of very quality and have been put together with a lot of care and attention. Even the packaging the boots came in was beautiful and had been well thought through. The stitching is a running feature in the Classic Tall Boot and contrasts nicely against the chocolate brown colour. The inside is lined thickly with sheepskin fur and also a chocolate brown colour to compliment the rest of the boot.


It is instantly comfortable and I was surprised at how warm they were. They will be perfect for winter and you know they will last for years to come. The inside is just SO comfortable and I know, from speaking to friends, that they make very good walking boots. Time will tell but I was so pleased with how they look and feel on my feet. I think its rare to find a pair of boots that are instantly comfortable and don’t need breaking in.

UGG Classic Tall

I also liked how the UGG logo is visible but not overbearing. If you examine the boot closely, you will find it is stamped and stitched on in various places but it’s discrete and gives it the authentic stamp. (As opposed to some of the knock offs you can see dotted about in markets).

UGG Soles


They are a gorgeous pair of boots that I think I will really enjoy wearing. If you are after a pair of sturdy long lasting boots I would highly recommends them. They are very versatile in terms of creating different looks too and I love how practical they are without looking chunky or bulky. I think they will serve me well through the next few years.

Do Uggs last?

I’ve come back to update this review three years later and can honestly say they are still my nost favourite pair of boots. They have weathered so well through all the seasons and, living where we do, we get a good helping of snow each year on our big hill. They are my go to safe pair in both cold and cool weather. Of course they are way to warm to wear on summer days so they do get put away for a few months whilst I don my flip flops and sandals for a while. They are on the pricey end of the boots spectrum but I think they’re really worth it as I think I’m going to get a fair few years out of them yet. I think a proper pair do remain stylish and they keep their shape so well so they are definitely worth the buy.

I received a pair of UGG boots to review. All opinions are my own

15 thoughts on “UGG Boots – A Review”

  1. Ooh they look lovely. I have never had Ugg boots either but they do look very lovely and with our lovely English weather, you won’t have to put them away either

  2. I quite simply love my Ugg boots. I got a pair last year, just as the weather starting turning cold and I’m so very glad I did. I lived in them and was known on a couple of occasions to keep them on all day. I never thought I would be one of those woman who wore boots of that style, but they are so comfy and warm, I just went with it. I will be getting myself a new pair this year; a mummy-gift-to-myself.

  3. Oh I love mine 🙂 I have the chocolate ones with buttons and wore them all winter when out and about with the kiddywinks.

  4. I am SO jealous of you getting to review these – they look gorgeous! My friend from Aus gave me a pair a couple of years ago but sadly she bought my exact size and I think you really need to go up a size in Uggs….I have had to pass them to my daughter. So painful! These ones even match your cushions 🙂

  5. I chose UGGs for The Boy and he adores them, I must say that I’m slightly jealous of the fact that a (not quite anymore) three year old has a pair, but I’m also not sure I have any outfits that I’d wear them with. Enjoy them, great photos!

  6. Did you know there’s actually 3 heights? Tall, medium, and short. The short ones only go up the leg by 1 inch and look like slippers. Honestly, the tall ones only look good on long legs. They make girls with short legs look like 12 year olds trying to look grown up. As for colour, what colour jeans do you wear? The pale boots don’t look good with dark pants, the chestnut ones work with any pant colour but everyone has them, and the black ones.. ehh I’m not a fan personally. Hope this helped!

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