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We’ve found a nursery. Hurrah!! After all the hesitating and worrying we’ve found one. It was a process that didn’t take very long in the end and I think I’d pretty much made my mind up a while back. I was just reluctant in making the call that would mean I was accepting that Little Z is entering the education system till he’s at least 16. I know it’s not a prison sentence but it does feel like we are approaching the end of an era and the start of something new.

That new brings lots of new people into his life. People that will nurture him and educate him. People that will be doing the same as me. I won’t be the only one anymore. I am accepting it though. I am..yes…I am. Kind of.

Reading the blurb about what nurseries provide and all their ofsted report is very assuring and we officially “put his name down” in September. I think what I’d love the blurb to also say is all the things I truly want in a nursery and preschool for him. It’s not that much more, but all I ask for him at nursery is…

To be made to feel like the most special little boy there.

To feel wanted and cared for and like its the most fun playground he’s ever seen.

To enjoy learning through play and love going each day.

To have the most caring keyworker that genuinely likes him.

To shout he doesn’t want to leave each time I go to collect him.

To have a lovely group of friends, maybe even a best friend.

To tell me excitedly what he did that day.

To feel like its a second home.

To love his time there.

To bring home too many pictures that I won’t be able to fit on the fridge.

To bring home something made with dried pasta and too much glitter will fall apart by the time we get home.

To never be bullied, or left out, or picked on.

To scream in excitement at everything.

To love his keyworker as much as he loves his family (but slightly less than he loves me).

For me and his Daddy to still be his favourites.

To always come home smiling, tired from all the playing but content.

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  1. I think all of those things are totally possible!! Z loved nursery but was always so pleased to see me when I came to get him 🙂 Your little Z will absolutely love it I’m sure x

  2. Aww I remember when Munchkin started nursery. Sad that this really meant she was growing up but also excited as it was a new chapter for her.

    Glad you found a nursery for Little Z and hope he settles in well

  3. Aw such a lovely post! It is such a huge change for everyone but in sure that if you love it, he will love it

  4. Ah I hope this is how Iyla feels about her pre-school! She starts in a month but I do really feel like she is ready now, I didn’t until fairly recently but I really think she will love it and if I’m honest I am struggling to entertain all the time at home now. Still kind of dreading her first day though! x

  5. A lovely and very reasonable list of things to want from a nursery! When I think back to the nursery my kids were at from 6 months until they started school, they had all of those things. I really hope your nursery delivers for you.

  6. Hello there linking up via the #PoCoLo. I know when my daughter entered nursery she did really well, however my son is struggling, so much so we have had to remove him,

  7. Couldn’t have put it better myself. I’ve just been and am going through this at the moment. Mine started daycare thats what they call it here, a couple of weeks ago. I wrote a post about it because I was completely torn up about him going even though we have had his name down for a year. It’s still really hard to leave him on the days he goes even though he is perfectly happy. I totally feel for you. Big hugs x

  8. My son loved nursery, I almost feel guilty that my daughter won’t be going. It takes a while to get used to giving someone else that responsibility but I bet once he gets there he will love it and you will love seeing how much he learns!

  9. Popping over from the blog hop.

    We’ve just finished with preschool. My youngest will be heading into kindergarten in September. Enjoy the preschool/nursery years. I really can’t believe how quickly it all goes.

  10. aw it is daunting sending them to nursery. however mine have thrived there. they have both loved nursery. 🙂


  11. I think nearly all of those things are reasonable and very possible. My son has only benefitted from pre-school. He starts big school in September and whilst there is a pang in my heart for my little baby lost, it is exciting to see him grow and learn and flourish in that environment.

  12. My son loves going to daycare (school). He is two years old and learns so much. It is hard to find someone to take care of your precious children each and every day so that you can go to work to provide for your family. I hope that Z loves his new experience. The only thing that bugs me about daycare is that sometimes my child gets bitten. I am a patient mom and realize that things happen. It is still frustrating though, it seems like it gets worse as the child to teacher ratio increases.

  13. We used to have screaming & kicking at home time because our son wanted to stay at nursery – which yes on the first couple of occasions made my heart a wee bit jealous – but also pleased that he was in the right place. I couldn’t stimulate him as much (read entertain) as not only were there key workers but loads of other kids! x

  14. I hope all of these things come true for you!

    I have a really hard time of letting my girls go to daycare. Arrogantly I think that no-one is good enough for them except Mummy and Daddy, but deep in my heart, I know that daycare can be a wonderful experience!

  15. I remember hesitating about sending my two to nursery (even for a day!) But they love it and I really needed the time off… you clearly want what is best for your child and I think this is the best route!

  16. I am in exactly the same place with Joshua, he goes to visit his nursery for his first morning on Wednesday and i felt so guilty.

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  17. Your post brought back lots of memories for me. Finding a nursery that feels right is a big step. We didn’t get it right the first time for our eldest but second time around was perfect and having a lovely keyworker makes the world of difference to settling in. Loved the part about something made with dried pasta and glitter -so true! Helen

  18. I wish you and little Z all the best in your new adventures and I am pleased that you have found somewhere that ticks all the boxes for you, I hope he will be very happy there x

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