Dearest Toddler – Aged 2 and 8 Months

Hello Little Z!

Another “16th” has passed by and I realised I haven’t written this months update yet. Do you know people have started saying “He’s nearly 3”?. I keep correcting them by politely pointing out – “He’s just over 2 and a half. JUST OVER 2 AND A HALF!!!”. Why do people have to rush everything? So yes, you’re just over 2 and half. Kind of.

This month you’ve mostly been partying a lot. It was the end of fasting and you loved Eid day with all the families. I think its the first year you’ve really enjoyed it although, of course, you still don’t know that its a celebration. Everything is a celebration to you at the moment. You really loved showing new people your dance moves and you were almost speechless when you saw your brand new, 6 day old, second cousin. You stroked him with one finger and I think that was enough for you. You didn’t really fancy holding him and looked a bit nervous. You did try to squirm into your Daddy’s lap when he was holding him, which was amusing to watch. 🙂

The other day I was reading through blogs and spotted a really interesting one all about Toddler Brain Development.
Its a really good read and these two things in particular jumped out at me:

By the age of 2, a toddler’s brain will be using the same amount of energy as yours.
By the age of 3, a toddler’s brain will be using twice as much energy as yours.

WOW!!! Its no wonder parents are knackered all the time. I now feel like I should ask if you want to play a game of chess. Well, I would if I knew how to play chess. Your Daddy keeps telling me he’ll teach me and about how good it is and how its all about strategy and cunning. I reckon I could beat him. I think that’s why he’s not shown me yet.

You’re a complete chatterbox now and acknowledge everything around you. When its nap time you say bye to everything. Today that included the TV and the chips you hadn’t finished off. You have a cousin that isn’t talking as much as you yet and it reminded of a few months back when you weren’t saying much either but that little boy down the road and how he was “having proper conversations about all sorts”. I really think toddler speech is a bit like a switch. One day not so much and then one day, like magic, it just turns itself on. I don’t think your cousin has anything to worry about. If he’s anything like his dad he will be talking for England (and probably all the neighbouring countries too!).

You’re becoming less shy around new people now and have no problem following them to the toilet and asking them what they’re going to do in there. We are spending a lot of time keeping you away from there at the moment. You’re obsessed with all kinds of toilet related activities. All except actual potty training. You like to sit on the loo regularly, accompany your cousin, us, anyone really. You have a go yourself but declare you’re “ALL Done!” within 10 seconds and then want to go play. I’m not that worried really. My target is 3 years old so anything before that is a bonus. (I think?!)

One of your aunties announced she is moving to the UAE soon. Why is everyone moving?! And so far away! Actually, I can understand why and I would be tempted if it was a very short term thing. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to take a permanent plunge. I have known this particular Auntie since we were 5 years old and when you’re older I’ll tell you of all the trouble we got ourselves into. Actually I might save those stories till you’re in your twenties and you don’t want to take any inspiration from our antics. I am hoping we see them soon before they jet off for sunnier climates. Else we’ll have to follow them on holiday there!

Speaking of holidays, we might be having a bonus little break at some point soon. You’ll love it! Its not quite sorted but a LOT of arm twisting has been done. Took absolutely ages, I think I’m losing my power of persuasion. (*Does evil plan laugh*. Hmmm – better stop that unless you start copying me).

So until next time toddler…mwah!

Dear Toddler

32 thoughts on “Dearest Toddler – Aged 2 and 8 Months”

  1. Such a lovely post as ever. I always really enjoy reading your toddler updates. It really is amazing how much they still change and develop at this age. Made me laugh about the toilet! I left my eldest until he was 3 and he was the hardest to train. I felt he’d got too clever and was deliberately defying me. For boys I think 2 and 9 months is usually perfect. Sorry, I know that’s really soon!

  2. Not sure when is the best time to potty train. We left H until he was 3 and a couple of months (he’d shown virtually no interest in it earlier), but it took about 4 months to crack daytime training. By 3 and a half he was fairly reliable. Good luck whenever you decide to attempt it.

  3. Gorgeous post. My youngest is just a month older than your little boy so I can really relate to this. My hubby and I have just been saying how the speech thing is like a switch; almost overnight he’s saying so much more! It’s the same with potty training; he wasn’t interested and then within the last couple of weeks he’s just got it, so I’m sure your little one will be the same (which ties in with what Sarah is saying). He sounds like a lovely little boy 🙂 x

  4. Such a lovely post. You are quite right to say he’s just over 2 and a half. They grow so fast, why rush to the next age?! Your holiday sounds exciting, I wonder where you are off too??

  5. awwww this is such a lovely record of his life – somethign for the both of you to treasure as you get odler.
    I remember Burton going through a stage of having to kiss everything goodnight before he went to sleep – probably a tactic to delay bed a alittle longer lol. gorgeous photo at the end as awell x x

  6. I agree, absolutely hate it when people round up ages. That’s like saying I’m nearly 40 and I was only 35 this year.

    Thank you for explaining why I’m so tired all the time.

  7. Ooo, I love an evil plan. Tell us more! Even is someone watching from afar, it seems that Z has grown up so quickly. I’d love to see his dance moves. You should post a video 🙂

  8. Such a wonderful heart felt post. I hate it too when people make your babies older than they are. Its bad enough that theyre as old as they are at all! I love reading your Dearest Toddler posts.
    thanks for the heads up on why im so tired, now ive got something else to throw at the hubby when i fall asleep on sofa tonight 😉

  9. “By the age of 3 a child’s brain will be using twice as much energy as yours…” That’ll be the Theory of Mind kicking in – oh dear, oh dear…

    Toilet training – a ping-pong ball ‘target’ can be a great encouragement – Bombs Away! 😀

  10. A lovely post as always. I always look out for yours when I do mine as obviously our little terrors are so close in age. I do know what you mean about the nearly three then. I just say to whoever it is well you are near 40 or 30 or 50 then! 😉

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