Family Celebrations

After 30 days of fasting it was finally time to celebrate Eid last week. In our family this means the gathering of approximately 40 people all under the one roof, ranging from 60 years old to 6 days old. To say it is loud and manic is an understatement. Cousins who have not seen each for months, cousin who talk very quickly, cousins who talk non stop, cousins who attempt to co-ordinate the constantly moving stream of people around the house, cousins who have cooked up a feast and cousins who can’t wait to tuck into that feast. Its always a very lovely time, even if you leave at the end of the evening a bit hoarse and totally knackered.


Throw a crowd loving toddler into that mix and you have a day that is spent doing the following:

1. Trying to coax toddler out of his PJs by reasoning that wearing that toothpaste stained aeroplane top is a bad idea.
2. Watching him show his new shoes off (one by one) to everyone he meets. That’s about 20ish people before he gets bored.
3. Trying to get him to sit down to eat when everyone else does.
4. Attempting to chase and grab him whilst he squeezes through the tiniest gap of 20 seated people having their dinner. All shifting politely to let the toddler through.
5. Failing to grab him and wondering how he’s getting so slippery.
6. Eventually seating him on the stairs and feeding him away from all the festive distractions.
7. Realising that he has tanked himself up on Indian sweets which are made from about 70% sugar.
8. Realising that this is why it is 9pm and he is still behaving like Sonic the Hedgehog.
9. Finally accepting he will sleep around midnight. Hopefully.
10. Saying “NO TOUCHING!!” every 10 minutes each time he goes near the goldfish bowl with a cheeky glint in his eye.
11. Cooing over my brand new 6 day old nephew and realising I’ve forgotten how to hold babies.
12. Watching Little Z stroke my new nephew very very carefully with just one finger.
13. Laughing politely every time someone asks Little Z whether he would like a little brother or sister. Ahem.
14. Trying to slink out of room where question number 11 keeps getting repeated periodically
15. Genuinely laughing when Little Z shouts “No!” in response to number 11.
16. Watching Little Z bust his moves to no music whatsoever. Then explaining to people how he loves dancing and will do it whenever the mood takes him.
17. Trying to strap a screaming, on the verge of meltdown, Z into his car seat at some point after 11pm.
18. Watching him fall asleep within 5 seconds of putting my seat belt on.
19. Hoping to God he has a massive lie in on the way home.
20. Realising Day 2 of the celebrations at the In laws will probably be exactly the same as the first.

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36 thoughts on “Family Celebrations”

  1. Haha this all sounds very familiar from our Eids spent in Algeria!! I hope you all had a fab time – Eid Mubarak x

  2. Sounds like so much fun! The toddler stuff is so familiar- we had a family get together on Sunday – 20 or so of us meeting for lunch- dont think I finished a whole conversation without having to stop to chase Syd at least three times!

  3. awwww some of that sounds quite familiar to me too, my lot always get crazy and wont sleep til about midnight too excited running round with their cousins! hope u all had a great eid!

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