Room 101

I got tagged by the lovely Sarah from Mum of 3 world in this meme. All about Room 101. What would you put in it? What annoys you enough to stick it in there, lock the door and throw away the key?

At first glance I couldn’t think of anything so I’ve left it a week to ensure I have now built up a healthy amount of ranting energy. So here goes…

Now I drive within the speed limit and by no means am I a Sunday driver. So why do some people have to drive about 5 inches away from your car trying to intimidate you out of the way? They then jet down the motorway at 90+ mph? You aren’t in Fast and Furious. Nowhere is THAT urgent. Unless you’re having a heart attack I guess (but then it’s not wise to drive then really is it?). So stop it at once. Idiots.

Ricky Gervais
I used to find him really really funny. But I just don’t get him anymore. I don’t really hate him. I’m just mostly confused at his humour. Maybe I just don’t get him. I know I already said that but I don’t. Hmmm.

Parenting Police
If you only ever tend to bump into someone you know in the supermarket and you aren’t really good friends with that person, then you really shouldn’t tell someone to have another child because:
A) They’re “getting on a bit”
B) “It’s not good to leave too big a gap”
C) “It’s not ideal to have just one”

The correct etiquette is say hello, make polite small talk, compliment any children that are within the vicinity and then say you must rush. Else you should go into Room 101.

Jaffa Cakes
I’ve tried a few times to like them. I really have. I just can’t past that orangey jelly thing. Every man in my life loves them. Husband, brothers, son. *shudder*
They have to go into Room 101. Sorry.

Michael Gove
Just till Little Z finishes his education. Then I’ll let him out. That’s ok right? He can eat the Jaffa cakes.

I think I should stop there or I will go into “AND ANOTHER THING” mode!

Sooo there you have it? What would you put into your Room 101?

I tag….





Amelias Mum

And You!

Room 101

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48 thoughts on “Room 101”

  1. Too right on the ‘parenting police’ – cheeky sods! Luckily for me I never stopped having babies for long enough for them to interfere! No doubt they’d have had something to say if I’d gone on to have a fourth! Totally with you on the Jaffa Cakes. I don’t get them either.
    Thanks very much for doing this.

  2. Totally agree with tailgaters, can’t stand them too. If they want to drive fast just do it without forcing other drivers in front to do the same and Jaffa cakes well, I used to hate them to the point that I was sick very time I ate them when I was a child but now I love them 🙂

  3. Mr Gove can stay in there FOREVER!!! Idiot man. He would absolutely be top of my 101 list.
    I think you might be the first person I’ve ever come across to not like jaffa cakes x

  4. I love this but I think you are being too kind to Mr Gove, he deserves to be consigned there forever! I do wonder about the people who think it’s OK to question people in that way, it’s bizarre, isn’t it?

  5. Haha only just seen my tag and I am now very excited to write this post!!! I am with you on every single on of those things… RIcky Gervais has almost become a parody of himself but less funny. Jaffa cakes ming but I don’t think Gove deserves one 😉 And as for the parenting police – GAAAAAAAAAAH!!

  6. I’d put tailgaters in there too!! I hate them, I don’t even drive but I can’t help but snarl them in the mirror. xx PS I don’t really like Jaffa Cakes either it’s like “WHAT ARE YOU, BRING ME A REAL BISCUIT!!!”

  7. Must admit I love jaffa cakes, but I agree about tailgaters (who are they to put you and your family in danger), Mr Gove and Ricky Gervais (does anyone find him funny anymore?).

  8. Yes to Michael Gove and Ricky Gervaise, they can keep each other company, both complete weirdos.
    No to Jaffa cakes, although I’m the only one in my family that likes them! I’m also the only one that likes Marmite. Good job it’s me that does the shopping. I hate Oreos though.
    Don’t like tailgaters either but haven’t had a car for over a year now so I wouldn’t miss them.
    Finally- mental note to self – do not mention to anyone else about having more kids – I guess having so many myself makes me forget sometimes that it’s their choice.

  9. Brilliant. My hubby tailgates on the motorway. I hate it. I says the car in front should get out of the way! I really HATE it though. With you on Ricky whats his face……. All I get from parenting police now is am I trying for a girl, er no 3 boys is more than enough thank you lol. I LOVE jaffa cakes though, I can eat a full packet in one go 😉

  10. Here from the PoCoLo linky. I’m with you on the parenting police. Perhaps if they realised that a) some people might not have another child yet because they are finding it really rather difficult (yes I am), and b) being an only child isn’t actually bad (yes I am one of them too), then they may shut their trap.

    I will however enter Room 101 to eat those Jaffa cakes!

  11. Jaffa cakes are the food of the devil. Just gross. But Ricky Gervais? I think I will find him funny forever and a day. Thanks for the tag. Now to narrow down my pet peeves and try not to swear too much.

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