Toddler Juggling

Before Little Z came along, the OH and I would spend Saturday mornings blitzing the entire house. Hoovering, laundry, mopping, bathroom cleaning. It would be all go for a few hours and the result would be a gleaming house.

That whole routine went out the window as soon as Little Z arrived home. We spent the first 6 months floating around like sleep deprived zombies and the house got cleaned in a blind panic as soon as we spotted someone at the window.

As he’s got older we’ve found he loves to help with cleaning. So we let him. This has helped juggle trying to keeping a house clean and trying to juggle toddler entertainment.

Obviously we don’t do this in a child slavery kind of way. We just let help with little things like letting him load the washing machine with clothes we give him, helping pass the pegs, letting him take the ketchup bottle in the kitchen and, more recently, helping me take bags in when the Tesco man arrives with the weekly shop.

There’s one more ulterior motive here too. Little Z gets very excited when the Tesco man arrives. As soon as the door is opened the poor man is bombarded with countless questions such as

“Hello Man!”
“Are you okay?”
“Look at my shoes”
“You like my shoes?”
“Where you going?”

Now it depends which delivery man arrives that particular day but their reactions can range all the way from stunned silence to throwing themselves into entertaining a very appreciative 2 year old.

So asking him to take in a loaf of bread, baby wipes, crisp packet provides a bit of relief for the more nervous delivery drivers.

It’s working really well so far. Except for the glitch we had today.

Little Z proudly presenting me with an egg in each hand wildly waving his arms around and proclaiming

“Look Mummy! Eggs!! I juggling!”


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  1. It’s lovely how they want to help, isn’t it? Mine argue now as to who gets to do the washing up, or carry things. Eggs, milk and glass items are always carefully monitored… although we’ve had a few juggled eggs from the chicken coop. I can just picture the panic on the delivery man’s face!

  2. Such a brilliant post, it’s great he’s helping with the chores. I’m hoping for your sake he didn’t get to juggle with eggs! I’m sure little Z and POD were separated at birth! POD greeted the Tesco delivery chap with “Hello man” then “look I have a bogey”. Nice.

  3. things could of been so different if he had actually juggled with them! i so remember our saturday clean ups too!! .. i miss them! lol

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

    1. I thought he was going to throw them at me! I managed to get them off him. Then later wrote the post, took pics of eggs on the counter and about 10 mins later he’s got it in his hand again. Argh! They’re now in the fridge 🙂

  4. This post made me smile! 🙂 Hope your eggs survived. Bob used to love helping with the shopping delivery too but this morning the Tesco man scared her and she hid in front of Peppa Pig instead. x

  5. I see nothing wrong with a little child slavery, my little boy loves helping with little jobs around the house and also loves it when we get a food delivery! As for the eggs, sounds like you just about avoided a full on disaster!

  6. Hahaha love toddler juggling!!! Your Z sounds very similar to mine… I love the cheekiness of a toddler… and it’s still going strong here at 4 and a half 😉

  7. Ah its so cute how they love helping! my z’s job is filling up/arranging the fruit bowl. He lives having his own lil job bless him! X

  8. How funny. It’s great that he likes to help. Ethan just looks at our tesco man and then decides to walk all over the food as I put it in the hall ready to take to the kitchen!

  9. Aww well, your eggs were safe in the end! My little guy loves helping around the house too. Just like you, the first year of our lives was spent surrounded by clutter!

  10. ha ha this made me laugh – whenever we have the Tesco man come my two pounce on him and ask him sooo many questions and are like thanbking him for bringing the food like he knew what we wanted and just brought it over, out of the kindness of his heart lol
    luckily though we have not had any egg juggling…….yet!! x

  11. That is so cute and the bit about child slavery made me laugh! Mads loves to help clean too, we got her a little mini dyson which she loves. And she also says ‘hello man’ or ‘hello lady’ to people. We were in Pizza Express the other day and she shouted really loudly ‘MAN can I have some ice cream?’ I nearly died! x

  12. Aw the ‘help’ those little monkeys give! Oliver is pretty good at assisting with chores, baking, cooking with us both, I just hope he stops trying to wallop his brother in the process!

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