Dear Michael Gove – How You Could Be Amazing

Dear Mr Gove,

You don’t know me but I now keep a pretty close eye on you. Not in a stalky way, you understand. Its more in a concerned parent kind of way. Since my son is nearly 2.5ish and going to enter the wonderful world of education soon, I like to see what changes might be coming along that may affect him. And as the minister for education you have a pretty big influence over his future.

You’re very very very keen, I’ll give you that. And you obviously have a grand vision of your end goal. Educational utopia. Intelligent children running around delighted, fully educated, with the ability to explain something to even their nice but dim mothers. I’m imagining you probably even have a whiteboard for all your brainstorming. You remind me a lot of Tigger with all that energy, proposing change so
quickly. It scares me a lot, I have to admit. At this stage, Little Z is only 2.5ish and I am starting to become very unsure about what his school life is going to look like. Are you making teachers work till 5.30pm eventually? Will you shorten the school holidays? Will he have a lot more exams than we ever did? It’s all very confusing. I won’t even mention foodbanks.

The thing is, I think, changes in education need to be made at a steady pace. Changes that are trialled and tested properly and then rolled out across the country. So we’re sure we’re doing the right thing. And with the subject matter being children, its really important its done carefully, right? Tomorrows generation. Our future.

It just doesn’t feel like that at the moment. It feels all very revolutionary.

Having said that no one can deny you think outside the box. I wouldn’t be surprised if you sleep with a notepad besides your bed at night and write down visions that come to you in the night. And honestly speaking, some of the other MPs out there could do with a bit of your energy.

You know where I think you would be fantastic? As the minister in charge of renewable energy. What a challenge that would be. All those untapped areas of the country that could generate a source of energy for us all. All those waterfalls and running water just itching to be turned into hydro power. All those areas haven’t been discovered yet. Some as far as the seas and oceans. All that wind power! Away from Education.

You could be that person. The one who thinks outside the box. The one that finds the replacement to fossil fuels. The one area that could do with a bit of revolutionising! Sounds good huh? Huh?

I reckon all you’d need to do is suggest it to Mr Cameron? I’m not sure how a reshuffle works but throwing your hat in for it can’t cause any harm. Don’t ask, don’t get, right?

Good luck Michael!

Michael Gove

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16 thoughts on “Dear Michael Gove – How You Could Be Amazing”

  1. I would like him to be shuffled out of the door. He is a scary man. Lots of power and no idea of what life is really like for the rest of us.

  2. It is a scary thought isn’t it – I certainly feel like I have entered the unknown now my son is at school and I am concerned where his future education will take him. There was nothing wrong with school when I was young don’t know why we need so many changes!

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