Things Little Z Says

As we hurricane through toddlerdom I’ve found that Little Zs speech is coming on leaps and bounds. Literally. One day it’s all status quo and then he surprises us the next by saying something that seems beyond his 2.5ish years. It’s reassuring in a way to know that once he starts preschool he’ll be able to communicate “properly” in the big world out there.

These are some of the things he’s been entertaining us with over the last few weeks:

When it’s nap time
To my dad: “I’m going to my room now to sleep. But I’ll come back. So stay here.
(His room is actually my parents bedroom which he’s now declared as his own)

Whenever he leaves somewhere
“See you To-Mo-Mow!”

Conversation between my niece and Little Z
Niece: “What’s your mummy’s name?”
Little Z: “Ummm…Mummy!”
Niece: “No, it’s Auntie”
Little Z: “O, Auntie”
Niece: “And your Daddy’s name is Uncle”

That night…
To his dad: “Hello uncle!”

When I’m crying from chopping onions
Little Z: “What’s the matter mummy?”
Me: “My eyes hurt”
Little Z: “Wash it wash it! Wash it with bubbles”
Me: “Okay then” [pretends to wash eyes]
Little Z: “All better now?”
Me: “Yep thank you baby”
Little Z: “Welcome. Hug?”

Anyone who asks the following annoying question: “Are you Mummy’s baby or Daddy’s baby?”
Little Z: “I Mummy baby AND Daddy baby!”
Well trained

And about his new absolutely favourite shoes ever. In the whole wide world.

Little Z: “Look at my Thomas. Do you like my Thomas?”


43 thoughts on “Things Little Z Says”

  1. Great isn’t it? I find it hilarious listening to them as they can make up the funniest things, or have impressive insight into something you didn’t think they even knew existed.

  2. Oh how lovely!! The Boy has just discovered that Mummy and Daddy have names. I thought I’d lost ‘mummy’ altogether for a moment when he heard my parents call me by name. He called me “Jew-dith” all day, in the same sort of way that he calls me by the name of his latest favourite character. Thankfully I was back to Mummy thenext day…

  3. It’s great when they start stringing words together and it never ceases to amaze me how many they know. I love the way they casually drop new words into conversation as if they’ve been using them for ages! 🙂

  4. This is so lovely! It is great that he is using all his language skills to make sense of the world around him. I can’t wait to understand what L is saying. Lots of baby talk and babble in my house so we insert our own jokes!

  5. That is just too cute! I love the eye washing, that is hilarious! It’s funny how they pick up these funny little phrases.

  6. Aww I love it when they start to talk it’s so cute! Also love the Thomas shoes 🙂 My youngest loves Thomas 🙂

    I am linking up via the Wots Do Funee this week x

  7. Awww he is so adorable! I love this stage when they’re starting to talk and it’s all so confusing yet exciting for them. I LOVE his Thomas! x

  8. so cute! the little gems they come up with only continue. I’ve started writign them down so I won’t forget. Also, my 7 year olds want to hear the silly things they said when they were “babies”. they crack themselves up with their own genius.

  9. Very cute 🙂 I think the different names thing for other mummies and daddies must be so confusing! We’ve had a couple of incidents like that, though not with family members, just other kids calling their mummy, mummy!

  10. That’s so incredibly sweet! He sounds like quite a character. I wish I’d written down what my two girls said when they were younger – it’s so quickly forgotten. Helen

  11. That’s so sweet! My twins have just turned 4 and I wish I kept more of a record of all the little funny things they have said. I have a few written down that I will use in a post one day! Little ones are so hilarious aren’t they? Love the slippers x

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